Tuesdays With Tag

Tag at 13 weeks old...the day he came to live with us.

I've collected all of my posts about Taggart in one convenient page.
I hope you enjoy reading about our newest little corgi boy.
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Tuesdays With Tag
Getting Along With Kes
Taggart The Fearless 
He Loves Birthday Parties
A Play Date 
Clickers and Snaps 
Please Vote For Me
Toy Time 
Too Big For His Pants 
Williamsburg Play Date 
Growing Up On The Road 
It's Official 
We Have A Winner 
He Cracks Me Up 
The Fetching Fool 
Halloween Trick 
He's Got Style 
Twice In One Week 
Off To Boot Camp 
First Day of Camp 
Postcard From Camp 
Taking A Break With Me
It Runs In The Family 

Week Five At Camp 
House Manners 
Scripture Sunday - Love 
Graduation Day 
Beach Bum
My Camo Throw 
Doin' My Part 
Heart Day 
Best In Show
Tag the Tenacious 
Takin' A Walk
Guard Dog 
It's Party Time (Tag's 1st Birthday)
Little People
Don't Say That Word Again 
Good Corgi. Bad Corgi. 
The Wanderlust 
At The Terraport 
My Girls 
A Frappin' Good Time
Black Dogs 
He's My Brother 
Traveling Corgi 
My First Public Service Announcement 
Stupid Camping Cat 
Baby, It's Hot Outside 
He's Immune 
Livin' The Good Life 
My Fabulous Weekend
My Favorite Doctor
Good Dog 
Check This Out 
World's Best Dad 
Goin' To The Store 
I Love Elmo 
Remembering 9/11 
Chasin' Monsters 
Public Service Announcement #2 
Thanks, Aunt Marion 
My Stay-cation 
Pure And Simple 
Photo Shoot 
Get Out The Vote
Gettin' Blurry 
Talkin' Turkey 
Family Time 
Musical Corgi
Sunrise, Sunset 
Merry Christmas 

Tag - Christmas 2012
Happy New Year
Just Hangin' Out
Raoul, The Pool Boy 
My Latest Trick 
About Gnomes 
I Wanna Ride 
Valentine's Day, Early 
D.H.M. (Dental Health Month)
Learnin' Is Fun
Corgi Art Show
My Own Blog Book 
Hydroponically Speakin' 
I'm Exhausted 
Party Time 
A New Neighbor Doggie 
My Florida Girlfriend
Lookin' Up 
Call My Lawyer 
Yard Workin' 
A Dog's Life 
My Bags Are Packed 
Mom's New Walkin' Boots
Mom's Helper
It's Huge
Public Service Announcement #3 
Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again 
Zip, Zero, Nada 
Corgis and Kids 
An Afternoon At The Opera
Camping With Ceri 
She's Gone 
My Not-So-Little Girls 
It's A Wrap
Public Service Announcement #4 
Lizard Hunter 
A Corgi Story 
A Few Of My Faves 
A Great Day For A Tour 
Workin' For A Livin' 
Pullin' For Ceri 
Spooktacular Halloween 
A Lesson In Home Defense 
I've Got A Real Problem 
Giving Thanks 
Happy Birthday, Mom 
Oh, Poo 
Countdown To Christmas
Christmas Eve
Happy New Year 

I'm A Nonconformist 
The Dreaded "Droid" Wielder 
Valentine Giveaway 
Valentine Giveaway Winner 
I've Been Better, Thanks. 
Bidin' My Time
I've Been Maimed
Life Lesson #1 
Because Ya Got Ta Have Friends 
Gimme Somethin' Good
I Wanna Ride
It's Time to Partay! 
Walkies and a Winner 
Doin' The Corgi Sprawl 
Works Every Time 
One Is Not Amused 
Live A Great Life In 10 Easy Steps 
Old Dog; New Tricks 
Nothin' Serious 
Hangin' Around 
Rollin' Down The Highway 
Leavin' Meadville Today 
Family Time 
I've Still Got It
My Next Door Neighbor, Holly
In Search of The Faeries Of Breezy Hill 
A Dandy Dog Walk 
My Friends 
Hit The Road Jack 
Surf and Selfies 
I Was Born A Ramblin' Man 
Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone
Rain, Rain, Go Away
Here We Go Again 
Bolt and Daniel 
This Guy Doesn't Say Much 
Hunt Tests At Dempsy Ranch 
Missin' My Girl 
Now You See Me...
Public Service Announcement #5 - Thanksgiving 
Gifts From Quinn 
A Guy's Gotta Eat 
Lions and Tigers And Bears, Oh My...

Guess What Day It Is
Saturday Play Date 
Some People's Kids 
Storm Watchin' 
Bein' Random 
Feelin' A Little Artsy Fartsy 
Patrollin' Is Fun 
Standin' Guard
My Work Is Never Done
Uh, Oh 
I'm Baaaack
I Like Mike
 A Video Message
Taggart Celebrates Four 
Birthday Presents
She's Here 
Puppies Are Jerks 
Enough With The Fertilizer 
A Revoltin' Development
Bella (No) Flops
I'm Still In Charge 
Um...Not Really 
Public Service Announcement #6 
Patriotic Pups 
I'm Single Again
I'm Such A Good Guy 
Rain, Rain, Go Away
Yummy Treats
Silly Selfies 
We Got The Look 
Beauty Rest
Bella, Coming of Age
I Really Like Her!
Workin' Hard or Hardly Workin' 
Bella's Doin' Great 
It's About Time 
Bad Dogs, Bad Dogs, Whatcha Gonna Do
I'm No Halloweiner 
Hangin' Around
She's A Runaround Sue 
Decoratin' Bella
I've Been Good, Santa 
Shoppin' With Mom 
Today Is Special

Another Reason To Party
Back Seat Drivin' 
Shoppin' Day 
Public Service Announcement #7
Farmer Tag 
I'm Not Amused
Mark Your Calendars 
The Birthday Girl 
Let's Talk Lizards 
Let Sleepin' Dogs Lie
Gettin' Out The Vote
Pickin' Pine Cones 
I'm Almost Five
Tag's Saturday - My Birthday Party
I Got A Present 
Goin' To The Birds
Family's Comin' 
Family First
My Latest Video Is Live 
"M" Is For The Million Treats She Gives Me 
A Rascally Visitor
Same Stuff, Different Day
Rainin' Cats and Dogs 
Round 'Em Up, Corgi 
I Wanna Run 
Better Late Than Never
A Holiday Message From Tag And Bella
Bella And The Lizard 
Gifts From Aunt Marion
Sick Puppy 
Where In The World
Just My Size
Still Campin'
Big Bone Lick State Park
A Bella Day 
Florida Votes
Boo Under The Bed 
Booful Dreamer
We're Lovin' The Farm 
Farmer Tag  
The Crazy, Big Box 
Apples, and Punkins, and Goats, Oh, My
Keepin' It Short
A Hair-Raisin' Experience
Happy Halloween
Election Day
The Eyes Have It
Bella's New Perfume
Packin' My Bags
On The Road Again 
Snow Day
Christmas Eve At The Farm
Boxing Day

Nightly Routine
Corgi Butts
Washa, Washa, Washa
Yummy For My Tummy
Baby, You Can Drive My Car
I'm Published
I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face 
Bella Shakes
I Will Survive
It's Gettin' Real
A Day At The Ranch 
Random Stuff 
Utter Chaos
One For The Road
I'm Six
Farm Boy
Watchin' The Black Dog Run
Dandelion Dogs
Spring Explorin'
Field Day
Hickory Hill Farm Turkeys
Good Mornin' Sunshine
Settin' Up Our Camper
Eli's Comin'
It Ain't Easy Bein' Me
The Drive-In
Farmhouse Visitors
Independence Day
Bed Hogs
Country Walkies 
Under The Apple Tree 
We Wanna Run 
Spa Day 
Prayin' For Texas
Fetchin' At The Farm
Don't Tell Bella 
Silly Selfies
Mom's A Genius
This Is How We Do It 
I'm A Poet
Call Me Green Foot 
I'm Bluer Than Blue
Loose Ends
The Frost Is On The Pumpkin
I Can't Talk Right Now
Summer In Fall
Close To You
Decoratin' The Yard
Christmas Has Officially Begun

A Winter's Nap
My Winter Attire
This Is Gonna Be Quick
Guess Where I Am
Maybe It Was Something I Ate
Bella's Whiskers
Dashin' Through The Snow
We Love Babies
It's A Dog's Life
Bella's Guest Post
Hangin' Around
Spring Break
Happy Birthday To Me
Somethin' In The Air
Dear Mother Nature
Under House Arrest
I'm On Break
Dandy Dog
My New Nickname
Hot Dogs
Tag (And Bella) And The Beanstalk
Another Reason To Hang Out In The Yard
Paving The Barn 
My Newest Pals 
Sunday Surprises
Not Again
Tell Me, Have You Seen Her?
Takin' This Week Off
Saturday Night Campfire
Lazy Days
The Sky Was Falling
The Garden Helper
Peek A BOO
Rainy Days And Tuesdays
Moochin' In The Kitchen
Bein' A Beggar
Fall At The Farm
My Primer For Dogs
Something Feline This Way Comes
Gettin' Ready For Winter
Yard Work
Takin' Off For Election Day
Our First 2018 Winter Snowfall
Cuddle Bugs
Harvest Time
We're Pooped
Now, Just A Doggone Minute
You Don't Have To Be Lonely
Merry Christmas

Whizzin' In The Sand For New Year's
Walkin' My Baby Back Home 
Perhaps A Ball Boy
Aunt Roxane 
Playin' At The Ranch
Slip Slidin' 
My Day With The Dogs 
February Follies
Special Edition
My Bristly Brushing Stick 
After-Party Animal
A Good Day, Indeed
Early To Bed
Please, Mother Nature, Make Up Your Mind  
Come On, Man
Watchin' & Waitin' 
This Is Awesome 
What Can I Say? 
Playin' Tag 
Settin' Up For Summer
We're On Duty
She Gave Me No Choice
It's Gonna Get Excitin' Around Here
She Threw Us A Curveball
Deer Here
It's That Time of Year Again
Meet The Brown Dog
Yeah, Well
My Weekend
Somethin' Smells Funny
It's About Time
Wednesday - Public Service Announcement #8
Watchin' and Waitin'
Well, It's About Time!
Meet Rigby
My Boo Is Back
I Was Duped!
Oh, Say, Nurse
I've Got Sunshine
A Bella Update
The Hills Were Alive
It's Me Again!
Do, Do, Do, Lookin' Out My Back Door
Practicin' For Halloween
Runaround Boo
Lucky Dogs
Happy Birthday, Mom
Cool Pictures
Happy New Year's Eve

New Year, New Signature
I'm Back
It's Rough For A Short Guy
Squirrel Watchers
What's The Smell?