May 31, 2014

Sunday Scripture...

Image from Next Step Editing

May 30, 2014

Over The River Is Home Again...

She's home again!
When I opened the box, I was expecting the judges critique sheet, but there
were other treats tucked inside, too! Are you ready to see what came back?
I received a National Quilting Association quilt label for my quilt. It 
records that it was included in the "Going Green" show this year.

I'll be putting a fabric border on the label (just like I did for the one that's 
already on the back of my quilt) and then sew it on above my regular label.
I also received a program for the show and a ribbon as an "entrant" in the show.
It's already hanging up on my ribbon frame along with the few others I have.
I promised I'd share the judges' critique sheet when it came back.
Well, here it is. I'm happy with the comments and will remember their
feedback as I create future quilts and other sewn and quilted projects.
Overall, the most difficult part of participating in the NQA show was boxing
 up and shipping off my quilt. That was nerve-wracking for me. I was so
concerned that it would be lost in transit, and I most relieved when I found
 the box delivered to our front lanai when I got home yesterday morning.
 The extras in the package were icing on the cake. Really. I am happiest just 
having my quilt back and hanging up in its appointed place in our home. I can
 stop fretting and be content to  run my hand over the fabric on my way by.
I think "Over The River" will just stay home from now on. Yes. I think so.

May 29, 2014

Look What I Found...

When recently combing through boxes in a local antique shop, I came across 
a treasure trove of these little beauties. They're thread spools, used (I think) in
a factory setting. They have a fabulous patina and are in great shape, so I knew
that I had to have them, but I also knew exactly how I would use them at home.
The first step when I got them back to the studio was to cover the beautiful wood
with scraps of cotton batting. Wood can damage fabric over time, so this is a step
I took in an effort to protect what I would store on the spools to keep them safe.
Then, I went into my stash of beautiful, printed twill ribbons and began rolling 
the wide tapes that I have onto the spools. Each tape is 2" wide, so you can see
how large these spools are to be able to hold three different ribbons on each one.
I think they're beautiful to look at even when I'm not using them, don't you?
In fact, I may have to go back and purchase more spools. (Yup. I have more tapes.
I can't believe it's already Friday again. I guess it's true...
"Time flies when you're having fun"!
Speaking of time...It's time to finish my knitting project. Gotta run!

May 28, 2014

A Mild Diversion...

  I'm still knitting, but took time out to select and cut fabric for an upcoming event.
I'll be attending our Disconnected Piecers Quilt Guild retreat the first weekend in
June. Arleen is the chairman for our getaway, and she selected a nice handbag as
our group project. We're asked to precut and pre-quilt our fabrics ahead of time.
These are the fabrics I chose from my stash. My main fabric is on the far right,
and the other two fabrics will coordinate on the inside and outside of the bag.
The cutting is complete and the quilting will take place before I pack to attend.
I'm not planning exotic stitching patterns - probably choosing a cross-hatch
quilt pattern to secure the fabrics. I think this will be a fun handbag to make,
but it will be fun to use, too. Once I've made this one, I'm sure I'll make more!
 I also wanted to let you know that Adele was back with our Paneras group 
last night. This was her first time back since her nasty fall. She broke her
arm that night and is mostly frustrated that she can't crochet. She was using
a loom last night! That gal just never gives up and it was great to see her.
We also discussed a name for our group. Since we have knitters, quilters,
crocheters and embroiderers, I put forward the name "Fiber Divas". They
loved it, so henceforth we shall be known by this name. They want me to
 create a sign that we can place on our meeting table each week. We went 
around the table and giggled, prefacing each of our names with "Diva".

"Hi. My name is Diva Donna and I just put another project on my list."
I'll keep you posted on that one.

May 27, 2014

Flying Needles...

  It's so wonderful to be spending a little time knitting again. I'm working on a
special project for a new, little someone. I've made a lot of progress since this
photograph was taken yesterday, and it will be finished in no time at all.

My arthritic thumbs are protesting, but I'll have none of that right now.
There really is something satisfying about creating the "fabric" that
becomes the finished piece. I think about things like that while I knit.
There shall be needles flying again today as I work toward completion.
I love this creative process. Whatever I do with my hands and heart brings
happiness beyond measure. The only thing equal to it is when it's given away.

May 26, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - Old Dog; New Tricks...

  Hi, Everybody!
  Lots of you tell Mom how clever you think I am,
so today I want to prove it! I taught Mom a trick!!
Dad recorded what I taught her, so I'm going to let the video speak for itself.
It's less than a half minute long, but you'll get the idea. I'm really proud of how
quickly I was able to teach her this trick. She calls it, "Taggart Gives A Paw",
but I call it "How I Trained Mom To Give Me Treats"!
(The direct video link is:
Wasn't that fun? Mom is a quick study, don't you think?
You CAN teach an old...ahem...nevermind. 
I'll see what else I can teach her and when I do, I'll be sure to get Dad to record it.
We'll find somethin' new to share next week. 'til then...
"Wag Like Ya Mean It!"

May 25, 2014

May 24, 2014

Sunday Scripture...

Image from KubikDigital on Etsy
Deepest gratitude to all who gave the ultimate sacrifice...
and the families they left behind.

May 23, 2014

Posh Pocket Class And Visitors...

Apologies for a blurry photo. Laughing + iPhone = fuzzy pic.
 Two happy students created their own Posh Pockets (formerly
"Fancy Vinyl Pockets" tutorial) in the class I taught at Crazy Quilters 
yesterday. We had a fun time and shared a lot of laughs along the way. 
They left with completed vinyl pockets and instructions to make more.
 I made one along with them and this is what I turned out.
Of course, it's a silly, corgi theme, using printed twill tape, an
 image I printed out on fabric, fancy yarn and metallic thread.
 This is the back of mine. The little blocks were done by a guild
 member and included with a fabric offering on our "giveaway"
table at the last meeting. I liked the gold floral design, and smiled
 when I saw the two small blocks tucked between the fabric folds.
This was the perfect opportunity to use them.
I did change the name of this pocket for my class, so I went back to
 this post and adopted it as the new name for the project. It appears in 
my "BW Free Patterns/Tutorials" link in my menu bar.  Once you get the 
hang of working with vinyl, you'll want to make a whole lot more.
 A nice ending to our evening was a visit from Domino's owner.
He dropped off eight bottles of a lovely moscato wine to thank 
me for keeping Domino safe when he ran away from home.
I told him I was surprised that he remembered where we lived,
but he said he wrote the house number down as soon as he went
back inside after I returned his dog to him...and he'd kept my
voice mail so he knew how to call ahead to ask to come over.
Handsome and I got to meet his two daughters and girlfriend.
Such lovely people. Thanks for the wine, Andre! We'll say a toast
 to you and Domino when we put up our feet over the weekend.

May 22, 2014

Welcome To The World, Little One...

 Meet Baby Jace.
He was born at 4:25 pm on Wednesday afternoon, and he's less than
twenty four hours old in this picture! He looks at least a week old to me!
 My niece, Stephanie gave birth to my newest great-nephew on May 21st.
(6# 14 oz., 19 1/4" long, in case you're wondering.)

This is a picture with his Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother.
Everyone is happy, healthy and getting to know each other.
 I'm looking forward to meeting the newest member of our
family when we next travel north. What a sweet, little face.

"A baby is God's way of saying the world should go on."
                                                                      - Doris Smith

Welcome to the world, Little One.

May 21, 2014

Happy Anniversary, Baby...

Last night, our Disconnected Piecers Quilt Guild marked it's 20th Anniversary 
with a party. Handsome was kind enough to take a group photo of our group.
(Well, except for the snowbirds, who have mostly returned up north.)
Our current President, Karen M., is  in Arizona helping 
family, but I know she felt sad about not being able to attend.
l-r: Peggy N., Anne D., Pat K., Joan B. and Charter President Jackie F.
These are our past guild presidents, minus Karen M.
Jackie F. and Pauline B. were both charter members of the guild.
Pauline C. is our Historian, and she gave an informative and humorous
history of our guild. We all paid close attention as Pauline updated us
from our humbl3 beginnings. She did a fabulous job. Thanks, Pauline!
Barbara M. showed her own creation - a quilt tote.
Kathy W. recently finished a baby quilt top.
Isn't it adorable?
Marti has been busy creating a new piece. I've shared her
last creation - and I think she gets better with each piece.
Mary Agnes M. made a beautiful scrappy quilt to show.
Pauline B. made this king size Split Rail Fence quilt top.
Vice-President, Pat K. shared a class project she completed.
Susan S. shared this beauty, too!

After our Anniversary Show & Tell and story telling,
we all shared snacks and anniversary cake. It was a
wonderful night with quilting friends, old and new.

Here's to the next twenty!

May 20, 2014

Camera Face...

 I finished both of my Headstart quilts to take to our guild meeting last night.
Of course, I had to get pictures of them before they went on their way. Tag was
more than happy to help, and Handsome was in charge of taking the pictures.
 I finished the "camouflage" baseball appliques' to cover the crease,
so now the back looks as good the front. I embroidered "Play Ball"
on the top baseball, with the row of balls below to create motion.
I think some little guy will be happy to own this one.
 Of course, Taggart wanted to try it out to make sure
it would be comfortable for afternoon naps, but I said
he'd have to settle for just making sure it was nice and soft.
 I finished the boy's quilt on Monday, and then set about
finishing the little girl's quilt on Tuesday. I had the top
done ahead of time, so I only needed to quilt and bind it
(and add the label) to have it ready to travel to the meeting.
 I love how cheerful and colorful this one is. Tag
said it was too "sweet" for him, so he headed out to
explore the yard instead of hanging around with us.

Now, I bet you're wondering about the title for this post.
Having been married to a professional photographer for over
 thirty years, I learned to get comfortable standing in front of
  the camera. Whether in large group pictures or portraits, I just
decided long ago that I didn't want to be the one person who
wasn't prepared for the shutter. To make sure, I developed
my standard smile whenever I'm aware that there's a camera
around. Handsome has taken to calling it my "camera face".
When other people are around and he's taking the picture,
he now just looks at me, smiles and says, "C.F." and I know
that he's teasing me because of my canned expression.

He told me President George H.W. Bush has a camera face, too.
(He's taken photos of the Bush family often enough to know.)
I'd say that puts me in pretty good company! lol