May 13, 2014

Ready For Class...

 I decided to create a simple round pincushion to enhance the 
embroidery stitches I'll be teaching later this week at Crazy Quilters.
 I even had fabric in my stash with the same flowers as the embroidered
 leaves. (I know. You're shocked right?) I didn't even plan for that!
I added a handmade cording to the seamline, leaving a loop at the
end for a charm, or even a little embroidered strawberry emery!
(I can always add one later.) I chose a thread spool for now.
I'll be teaching my students how to do the following stitches:
• satin stitch
• stem stitch
• back stitch
• French knot
• lazy daisy
• running stitch
• how to make cording
This class is part of my "Back to Basics" series: Beginner Embroidery.
I think that's enough knowledge to try to pack into a one-session class.  
Now that I've finished this model, I think I'll do a little quilting today.
See you tomorrow!

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Minimiss said...

That is one of the prettiest pin-cushions I have seen. I'm sure you students will be inspired by it.

Buttons said...

Oh, I wish I was sitting in. Beautiful! :)

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Beautiful! I know everyone will enjoy your class. So fun to stitch and chat. :)

Jacque. said...

Beautiful pincushion, Donna! I think your students will be very pleased to be taking this class. Have fun qulting! xo

Elsina said...

Your pincushion turned out so beautiful! Also love your redecorated craftroom!
A hug to Tag :)

Createology said...

Very elegant "Back to Basics" pincushion and embroidery. Of course you had the perfect leaf fabric in your stash. Your students are super fortunate to be learning from you my friend. Creative Teaching Bliss...

Miss Mary said...

Girl, you need a like button. :)


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