September 30, 2023

Every Koi Needs A Pond...

Don't you agree? I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday morning in search of a bud/fish bowl so I could create a miniature koi pond for my wee fish. I headed straight to the floral section and found not one, but three different sizes. I opted for the middle size, declaring it "just right".

I also found a jar of fine gravel (or coarse sand, if you prefer) to place in the bottom of my bowl, but was unable to find small plastic greens there. I ended up getting those in the fish section at PetSmart. Before I left HobLob, I grabbed the supplies to put resin into my fish pond rather than water. I paid for my purchases and scooted home.

The bowl looks cloudy because (apparently) the resin off-gasses as it cures. I was able to test rubbing it off, and it will, so once it's completely set, I'll clean the inside of my bowl before placing my koi on top of the "water".

I was thinking I should do one more layer of resin that would fill about half of what's left, but Handsome thinks this is enough. I probably should have turned the bowl so you can see that there's a clear area around the other side for me to lay my fish. This side is where most of the greenery sits. He thinks the fish will look good nestled in the water plants, as a live one might do. Is he right again? 

It will take at least forty eight hours before I'll even attempt to place the koi in the bowl. Before then it will be tacky, and I don't want it stuck permanently to the surface. I will want to be able to remove it from time to time. I'm not going to put a pin back on my koi, either. Instead, I'll just have a flat back on it so it can sit flat on the surface of the resin/water. 

I spent about an hour last night releasing my fish from the hoop and ground fabric. It's finished and just waiting to take it's place in its own pond. Once it's all done, I'll show it to you again so you can tell me what you think. Oh, and let me know if you think Handsome is right, or whether you think I should add about another inch of resin. If I'm going to, it will have to be done today.

My last class session for Clara's class is this afternoon. I can't wait to share my completed fish, as well as my finishing technique. I hope they like it! 

September 29, 2023

That Went Well...

I completed my Koi piece yesterday afternoon. It went faster than I expected, and I managed to take multiple "Tag" breaks, too! Every time I stood up to take a breather, I took Tag outside and we walked around for a while.  He sure liked the program, and I got a chance to stretch, too.

If you compare Clara's koi with mine, you can see where I chose to insert my own personality into it. I changed the fibers used on the top of the head, and I completely changed up the tail. I decided that the tail is actually a fin, too, so I gave it the same treatment as the side fins. 

I have to admit, I'm pretty chuffed over how it turned out, and now it's time to pick up the things I'll need for the way I want to finish it. Handsome and I are running out this morning just to look for supplies. 

Saturday is our finishing class, and as I said earlier, Clara asked for other finishing suggestions. I'm hoping that I'll be completely done by Saturday so I can show her how I finished mine. 

Handsome and I are going to take care of the dogs (and I'll take care of the cats), and we'll make our shopping plans over a cup of morning coffee. Then we'll be off on errands. If I get this done today, I'll share the results with you tomorrow.

September 28, 2023

Time Flies When You're Having Fun...

I just had to finish my koi's head yesterday. Then I added pearl purl to the fins and tail. I'll be filling in the fins and tail next, and then I'll be ready to add detail to the body. 
This is actually working out a bit faster than I expected, but I can say that I have approximately twelve hours into it so far. The eyes were especially fiddly. I'm only aware of how long I've been sitting once I try to get up. It takes me a few minutes to straighten up and wake up my legs. I think I need to set a little timer to remind me to get up, walk around, and air out Tag. We can both benefit from the break. Indeed, Time flies when you're having fun.

September 27, 2023

The Stitching Has Commenced...

It may look pretty bare so far, but believe me when I say I already have hour upon hour into my Koi at this point. I'm becoming more and more a perfectionist as I work on these pieces. The materials are not inexpensive, so there's that. More importantly, as this is a class in technique, I want to be able to show improvement from class assignment to class assignment.

All the padding was completed on Monday, and I did the body outline and details late day yesterday. Handsome and I had much needed hair appointments early afternoon, so that took a chunk out of the day, but there was still enough daylight for me to sit in front of the dining room windows to work on my little fish once we got back to the farmhouse. Besides, we both really needed those haircuts. 
It was humid enough yesterday - and I was baking a surprise batch of cookies for Handsome while he was at rehearsal - that my too-long locks curled up so much I looked like a high school gym teacher from the '70s. (You can laugh. Everyone does when I say that because we all had a gym teacher who had really curly hair, so everyone knows what I mean.) I'm back to a shorter style, although not as short as when we were in Florida. I feel like me again.

I'll be working on more of my fish today. My goal is to have all the needlework done by the next session on Saturday, so there's no time to dally. I best get back to it so I'm not rushing at the end. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I'll be back tomorrow to show you how far I got today.

September 26, 2023

Tuesdays With Tag - Don't Call 'Em Barn Cats...

 Hi, Everybody!

It's rainin' today. Mom and Dad are happy because it's good for the garden (and Dad doesn't have to drag a hose over there to water plants). The furry residents? We're not so fond of it. Wet paws, wet coats, and we have to stay off the furniture.

Anyway, that's not what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about these two. Mom calls 'em "barn cats". Dad calls 'em "welfare clients". Bella and Carly call 'em "exercise for Labradors", and I call 'em "trouble". 

Actually, Claudette and I have an agreement. She quits rubbin' up against me, and I'll quit walkin' away from her. Crystal lets me walk pretty close to her without her hissin', so I guess that's an agreement, too.

So, every night, Crystal crawls into the cat house Mom made out of the dresser (yes. It's currently on the porch). Every mornin', Mom calls her and she comes out the little front door of it. When Mom checks on her and Claudette last thing at night, Mom opens the big door and Crystal is on the upper level in her bed - cozy and safe.

Claudette, on the other hand, still prefers to sleep in the covered basinette next to the dresser. Sometimes both girls are in there, but usually Claudette prefers to sleep alone. Mom gives each of them a little pettin' and then tells them to stay on the porch overnight where they're safe. It seems to work for 'em.

First thing in the mornin', Claudette waits patiently for breakfast, and they're usually fed before us dogs get to run around outside. Once Claudette has her mornin' snack, she likes to come out into the field with us, and she rubs against Mom's legs while Mom holds my long lead so I can run around. I'm sure we look pretty cute out there.

Of course, the last thing on the agenda for what I'm now callin' the "porch pussies" is to try to get in the house. If Dad's not gonna be home for a little while, Mom lets 'em in to hang out inside a bit. If he's home, they're tough out of luck. Mom will sit with them and have her mornin' coffee or tea, but they have to stay outside.

Pretty soon it's gonna get cold enough that they're gonna have to move to the barn. On nice days, they'll still be on the porch (or sometimes in the house), but once the snow falls, Mom will be drinkin' her mornin' cuppa in the barn with these two. 

I don't get it one bit, but for some reason she really likes them. Oh, well. Her heart's big enough for all of us. As long as I get regular snuggles and three square, I'm good.

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then... 
"Be A Good Dog." 

September 25, 2023

Weekend Projects...

Session One (of two) for the latest Clara Warshauer (@clarastitching) class was Saturday afternoon. This project is to create a koi brooch, but Clara is looking for suggestions from her class on other ways to finish it. When it's finished, it's a bit larger than I'd wear a brooch, but I have a few other ideas in mind that I'll share later.

Our class was two and a half hours long, and they're Zoom classes so we get to meet other classmates and interact with Clara while she's teaching. She also records the sessions so that we can watch them later, if needed. Her classes are always fun, and two of the other students have goldwork certificates from the Royal School of Needlework, so I value their shared information, too.

Our second (and last) session for this class is next Saturday, and Clara would like to see our work at that time, so I will be stitching mine this week. She also encourages students to use their imaginations when assembling their own pieces, so you may see that mine will have a few variations when I get to that point. I only took notes on Saturday, so I'll be busy getting caught up, and will share my progress as I work on it.

Handsome and I did some more canning this weekend, too. The result of our labor is twelve half pint jars of pizza sauce, and eight pint jars, plus one twelve ounce jar of salsa. This time we used Mrs. Wage's Pizza Sauce Mix, but only half of the 5 tablespoons of sugar it called for.  The salsa is also a Mrs. Wage's mix that we've used before and love.

One thing I'm doing differently since learning it from my aunt, is that I'm not blanching and skinning the tomatoes prior to processing them. After washing and removing the stem and core, she cuts them into quarters and chops them up with her stick blender. While I have one, I chose to use my Cuisinart™ food processor instead. Once everything is chopped up, the skins just about disappear in the mix, and as they cook, the chopped tomato skins don't rise to the top as larger pieces usually might. They're well and truly incorporated into the tomatoes, saving so much extra time and effort. They also add just a bit more texture to the cooked tomatoes, which Handsome and I think is a plus. We'll continue to do them this way.

This week, in addition to my needlework assignment, we're planning to make applesauce. I still have canned mushrooms and canned potatoes on my list, but that won't likely happen this week. I'll be needle dancing instead.

I hope you're planning something that makes you happy for the next few days. If you're in the mood to share, I'd love to know all about what you'll be doing. 

September 24, 2023

September 23, 2023

More Goodness From The Farm...

Although we're still having warm weather, it's getting cooler each evening. I still have lots of blossoms and green tomatoes on our plants but I know many of them will not have time to ripen on the vine. Recently I found a recipe for canning green tomatoes (to become fried green tomatoes in the future), that was so simple, I figured could do this while Handsome and I baked bread. Yes, we finally got around to baking bread.

There are only three ingredients: green tomatoes, lemon juice, and boiling water. The tomatoes are cleaned and sliced and then placed in wide mouth canning jars (that of course, were clean and hot). Add a teaspoon of bottled lemon juice to each jar, and fill with boiling water, leaving a 1/2" headspace. Clean rims with vinegar, top with a prepared canning lid and ring. Place into a water bath for 40 minutes (45 minutes at our altitude), and then let sit 24 hours. You can see that raw packing (not precooking the contents) frequently causes the contents to float, rather than sit top-to-bottom in the jar...

but by bedtime, the tomato slices had mostly settled in the jars. I'll likely do more as the season winds down, but I'm hoping some of the 'maters will still ripen so I can process them for other things. Even so, it will be lovely tasting summer in the depths of our Wisconsin winter. All the work now will certainly be worth it come those blustery days.

As I said, we also made bread and rolls, but I figure you're probably getting sick of seeing bread photographs, so I thought I'd spare you this time. No promises in the future, though. lol

This afternoon I'll be taking another class with Clara. This is for her koi brooch class. I probably already have this technique down, but I do so enjoy her classes, and well...I'm sure there's more than a little I don't know. I mostly take notes, so I can't promise I'll have anything to show you of our first session. If I do, it will be on Monday. In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

September 22, 2023


It's complete!
 I'll be mailing it out in the next day or so. 
Click HERE to see the video I posted on Instagram and Facebook.
On to my next project! I'll share soon.

September 21, 2023

Mounting Next...

The embroidery is complete. The next (and final) step will be to mount it onto a beautiful box I received recently. Once that's done, I'll be sending it off as a gift for a friend.

You'll be pleased to know that this is all I really accomplished yesterday. Handsome did the lawn on his own, when I would usually have helped. Instead, I stayed indoors and worked on this piece. Then, last evening he went to watch our younger son (another drummer!), who had a gig about forty five minutes south of us. I opted to stay home with the dogs this time. 

Today, my plan is to finish this gift and then send it on its way. Depending on Handsome's level of enthusiasm, there may be breadmaking in the plan. We'll see. Otherwise, I'm going to grab some supplies and begin another needlework project. (I have a short list of gifts right now.) I'm flexible.

September 20, 2023

It's A Good (Safe) Tired...

Before you worry, I've been behaving. Handsome does all the heavy lifting (bless his heart), and I do what I can safely accomplish without risking my recuperation. Most of our tomatoes have gone to the freezer to process later, but a friend who lives up the road had an overabundance of tomatoes that she graciously shared with us. I decided we should process these right away because they were just that gorgeous. BTW- we bartered some of my canned goods for the tomatoes. Everybody was happy with that arrangement!

I've been revisiting our pantry to see what I typically purchase that we could replace with our own homemade version, and one of the things I found were cans of Rotel Tomatoes and Chili Peppers. I usually add this to our enchilada dishes or other Mexican fare. I found a great recipe from THIS website
and we ended up processing 25 cups of tomatoes (run through our food processor), 8 jalapeƱos (also chopped), and the rest of the incredients called for in the recipe.

When all was said and done, we had nineteen 12 oz. jars of beautiful homemade rotel fresh from the water bath canner. It's already on the pantry shelf now.
Andy and Shelly found a sweet corn stand and shared some of their corn with us. We got a call when they went back to see if we wanted more, so I asked them to bring three dozen ears for us. Over the weekend, eighteen ears were processed into creamed corn (We already have canned sweet corn, but if I want to make corn casserole it also calls for a can of creamed corn). The cream and butter are added to these jars when it's time to cook them, not in the canning process. You can see we ended up with seven and a half pints.

We also did another batch of Corn and Black Bean Salsa with some of the remaining corn, and ten cobs were blanched and then vacuum-sealed for the freezer. We're set with sweet corn for the winter now!

Today Handsome and I will be baking bread, but I'll likely can sliced green tomatoes, too. I found a recipe from the same site as the Rotel copycat recipe to can the green tomatoes so they can be used later for fried green tomatoes! As I seriously doubt that many of the remaining tomatoes will ripen on the vine, this is a perfect solution to enjoy them all winter long!

By the time our day is done, we'll have four loaves of bread and multiple jars of sliced green tomatoes. I'll share photos tomorrow. I know when we're though, I'll be a really nice tired, and be very grateful for my dear husband who helped every step of the way.

September 19, 2023

Tuesdays With Tag - PSA #6...

Hi, Everybody!
Time for another Public Service Announcement from your favorite, of course! 
I save my PSAs for the most important information, so listen up!

Mom's been seein' lots of dog people askin' about shavin' their dogs...huskies, corgis, and other "shedders". First thing she always asks is, "Well, didn't you know your dog was goin' to shed?" We're dogs, after all. It's almost like the first thing on the list of "What We Do"!

When we lived in Florida, I'd laze around in the yard even in the hottest weather. Of course, I knew I could cool off in the pool when I'd had enough, but my double coat kept my body comfortable year round. I could lie around right on the hot driveway! Same here in Wisconsin with the snow and cold. We were meant for this because of our extra layer of insulation.

When people want to chop our fur off, they remove that protection and can actually cause us to get overheated and sick. Mom's suggestion is to buy a good "pet purpose" vacuum cleaner, clothes the color of your dog (didn't work for Mom and Dad - she bought light colored clothes for me, and then Dad got the black Labradors), get good at dog groomin', and then just resign yourself to the fact that there's gonna be dog hair in your life. If you can't take that certainty, then get a stuffed animal or a breed that doesn't shed (if there is such a thing). But, in the meantime, you'll be missin' out on gettin' to live with some pretty awesome dog breeds!

Well, consider this your lesson and public service announcement for the week. I'm gonna leave you for now. I've got some serious sheddin' to do. lol Oh, say Mommmm!

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then... 
"Be A Good Dog." 

September 18, 2023

More Flowers...

I'm still stitching flowers. You can see I've made some progress, but still have more to do before I'm ready to add leaves. I am getting lots of rest, and when I have to do something, Handsome is there to help. He's the best!

I'll continue working on this piece over the next few days, and I'm planning to complete it by mid-week. We'll see if I can meet my self-imposed deadline. 

Thanks for all the comments on my Saturday post. I've been reading them, and will respond today or tomorrow. I am planning something for everyone who commented, so if you've left a note for me as "Anonymous", please go back and add your name or a link to your profile so I can communicate with you to get your address, if I don't already have it. 

I hope you have a great week ahead. I'll be doing more of the same, along with coming up with something nice for everyone who left a comment for me on Saturday. Tag's here tomorrow, so I'll be back on Wednesday. 

September 17, 2023

September 16, 2023

Here's What Happened To Me...

Let me begin by saying that this is a rather delicate issue, but I want you to understand what the past three years and multiple surgeries has been about. In the process, I may help another with similar issues avoid the problems I've had. Mainly, by imparting some information that can be used to get the right person for the job. I'm hoping that where I seem a little vague (for modesty's sake), you'll understand what I'm trying to say.

In June of 2020, I went to the same orthopedist Handsome had gone to for his knee replacement. Once he looked at my knee, he suggested physical therapy to which I responded that I had an issue common in women, fearing I'd be a wet mess if I tried to do anything too physical for my knee. He recommended I see his colleague and friend - a urologist - to see about getting some relief. So, I left his office and made an appointment with his colleague.

Handsome attended the appointment with me, and I discussed a possible solution might be to install a "sling". I'd talked to multiple girlfriends who'd had the procedure, and they all swore by it. He agreed and scheduled me for surgery. 
Now, before I go further, I now know that he should have done a series of tests first to assess just how bad my condition was, but I didn't know that at the time. He scheduled me for a surgery on July 23, 2020.

The surgery was a day procedure, so I knew I'd be going home that afternoon. We got to the hospital first thing in the morning, and when it was getting close to checkout time, the nurse said I needed to void on my own before I could leave. I realized then that I had heavy bleeding - unexpected by anything I'd been cautioned about pre-op - so I asked the nurse why? She told me that the doctor would explain, but there had been "complications".

I didn't see the doctor before leaving, but Handsome had the whole story, which he told me on our way home. When the doctor went to tighten the sling, it broke. So he cut the anchor attachments (leaving them in place), removed the sling, and proceeded to install a second one - even though he said he knew it would cause me some trauma.

When he went to tighten the second sling, it also broke. Soooo, rather than quit there, he informed Handsome (after the fact) that there was one more sling in the hospital. He again cut the anchors (also leaving them behind), removed the second sling, and then installed a third one...which he didn't tighten because he was afraid it would break. At that point, I have one loose sling and six anchors in place...and he sent me home.

I was soon in great pain, taking the medicine he sent home with us, but the pain grew worse and persisted. We called multiple times and he said to continue with the pain meds and he'd see me in two weeks. In the meantime, I was unable to sit up straight at all. I had to shift from one hip to the other, or be completely prone.  I spent most of my time in bed. The pain was akin to what you might remember from childhood if you ever fell forward on the bar of your bicycle - times ten. It was excruciating.

We saw him after two weeks, and he said I was "healing nicely", but he may have to send me to a specialist to determine why I was in pain. This persisted for seven weeks, until he finally referred me to a urogynechologist in Green Bay.

When the specialist examined me, he said he could palpate the slipped sling and one of the anchors, and the best thing would be to remove everything, get me out of pain, and start at square one. We scheduled that surgery for September 11, 2020. When I came out of the surgery, I was immediately out of pain. He told us he removed five of the six anchors (one was high up and he didn't want to risk doing more damage. It could stay safely where it was), part of a remnant sling that had been left behind, and the slipped sling. So, everything except one anchor had been removed. 

Rather than go into every sordid detail, I'll fast forward a bit. The sling had done more damage than just pain. It had been resting on my bladder nerve, so I now had a spastic bladder and permanent damage to the "piping". It means that whenever I moved it was like priming a pump, and there was no function to stop the flow. I essentially went from a couple light days to 9-10 heavy weight pads a day, and overnight coverage as well.

When that first specialist had medical issues of his own that kept him out of the office for months, I was referred to a female specialist in Milwaukee-area. She was also wonderful, and was candid that the first guy really messed up...a fact that the first specialist agreed with. Nevertheless, we went through tests, and multiple procedures in an effort to find some relief for me. This condition was stealing my life from me. I couldn't go swimming, hunting with Handsome, or even shopping. I'd be wet through to my clothes before I could get back home - even if I made stops along the way. I tried to deal with my condition with humor, but truthfully, it was stealing my joy every minute of the day and night.

Procedure (Surgery) #7 was to install an Interstim unit to try to control the bladder spasms. It's a battery-operated unit installed in the back of my hip with a lead wire that runs along the nerve for my bladder. It definitely worked, but it was causing me to get cramps in my leg, and the dang battery unit pinches if I move wrong. I'm always aware it's there. Note here that Surgery #3-6 were to try other options. A different sling, a bulking procedure to narrow down the "piping", etc.

When I found out that my first specialist was back to his practice, I contacted him. He spoke with the Milwaukee specialist and they compared notes. More than anything, he wanted to do his best to reverse the damage done by the urologist who did the first botched surgery. I made an appointment for more tests and then he sat down with Handsome and me for a discussion. He told us I was an enigma. Everything he and the other specialist had done should have helped me at each stage of the process, but it hadn't. I had one viable option left to me.

We decided that he would perform another surgery - to install an obstructive sling. That means I was agreeing to a procedure that would likely require that I self-catheterize for the rest of my life...but I'd be dry. I could take control again. Handsome and I discussed it and we agreed to go ahead with the surgery. That's the procedure that was done on August 29th of this year...just over three years since The Troubles began.

Since the surgery, I've been doing everything the doctor told me I need to do. No lifting over five pounds (almost everything weights over five pounds!), rest, and concentrate on healing. I came home with a supply of catheters (I'd been trained to use them two years ago), and prepared for my new way of life. 

Imagine my surprise - and confusion - when I found that I didn't need to catheterize. Did something go wrong? Did I do something I wasn't supposed to? Was this another failure? Then I stopped to assess. There was no leaking. THERE WAS NO LEAKING! Oh, I forgot to tell you. The Interstim was turned off for the surgery, and the doctor told me to leave it off to see how things went without it. There were no spasms in the ensuing days either.

I saw the doctor yesterday. I wore a dress to our appointment - a fact that didn't go unnoticed by his nurse. She also commented on the big smile on my face, when all our other appointments had been tearful. We went in to the exam room and she asked how everything was going, and I told her. The first thing she said was, "Well, I won't be doing the "Don't worry. It's too early to tell yet." speech." Now she was smiling, too. She left the room and came back with the doctor.

He had me sit in the "funny chair" so he could do an exam and remove my stitches/staples. (ouch) Then, we talked. He's cautiously optimistic, but what Handsome and I realized was that this is what he'd been hoping for all along. While I was focused on having to self-cath the rest of my life - he'd given me the worst-case scenario. What he didn't tell me was that things might return to normal and none of that would be necessary. So far, that's the case.

I'll see him again in eight weeks, and in the meantime, I'm going to continue to do exactly what I've been doing since the surgery - minding my "p"s and "q"s, and following his orders to the letter. I may have only one proceedure left - to remove the Interstim, which still hasn't been turned on, and he said I should leave off for now. As I continue to heal, we'll find out whether or not I need it at all in the future. Another point: If you've looking to have a procedure like this - which I'd still recommend to anyone going through what I was at the start - PLEASE go to a urogynecologist...someone who specializes in women's issues.
I seriously can't stop smiling. I'm hoping that if optimism and a sunny outlook affect healing, that they will help carry me to the best possible resolution to three years of hell. 
Now, if you're wondering...yes. I spoke with multiple lawyers. We agreed that we had a case, but after Medicare got repaid, the lawyers took their cut, and incidentals were covered, there may not be anything left for us. Wisconsin has a cap on malpractice awards, and adjudication may take up to another three years of my life. We agreed not to sue.
Instead, I've filed a complaint with the Wis. Medical Board, who will do a thorough review of the entire first surgery and how that doctor conducted himself. He should have done tests first. He didn't. He shouldn't have used the type of sling he chose (according to the two specialists), he never should have installed anything after the first sling broke, and he left me in pain way too long without relief. These are the things that will be reviewed by the board, and from what I was told by our lawyer, he's going to feel like he's gone to a proctologist with large, rough hands. 

As for me, I'm going to continue to heal, live my happy life here at the farmhouse, and have faith that God and a gifted surgeon have given my life back to me. I hope this hasn't been a TMI post for you. Truthfully, it's been cathartic for me to write about it. What little modesty I had before all this started, completely disappeared over three years of being poked, prodded, examined, and tested. I guess the fact that I'm even putting this into words is proof of that. 
I'll likely know as the weeks go by whether or not I continue to improve, but I'm looking forward to having a bona fide confirmation in eight weeks from my now favorite doctor. I have a feeling this is the fix we've been praying for. As always, I'll ask that you continue lifting healing prayers for me. Thanks for reading to the end. I feel like I should have a prize waiting for you just for slogging through this entire post! (Maybe I'll have to do something special for anyone who comments. You just never know. Stay tuned.)

September 15, 2023

Update and a Sale...

I'm healing really really well. The doctor was extremely happy with my progress, while being cautious as we're only two weeks post-op. I'm going to continue to follow doctor's orders and, for those of you who want to know exactly what this is all about, I plan to tell you all the sordid details tomorrow. 

While I'm healing, I've decided to have a "Get Well Sale" in my Etsy shop. So, from now until OCTOBER 1st, you can save 35% an all purchases $30 or more. Just type in "BWSAVE35" at checkout and your savings will be reflected in your total. Click HERE or the link in my sidebar to go to my Etsy shop. ----> 

If you don't want details of the past three years, I'll see you back here on Sunday. Otherwise, for anyone who's interested, I'll tell all tomorrow. Happy Friday!

September 14, 2023

Thursday Smile...


via Smile & Shine on FB

I'm heading to my doctor's appointment this morning to get my stitches/staples removed. So far, I couldn't be more pleased with how my body is acclimating to this latest procedure. I don't want to jinx anything by being too optimistic, but I'm really optimistic.

I'll be resting and stitching once we get back to the farmhouse, and continuing to follow doctor's orders for complete (successful) healing. Thanks to all who send me regular messages filled with prayers and goodwill. I'm going to be sharing some recent surprises I received with you tomorrow. 

For now, I'd better get moving as I have a bit of a drive ahead. Wish me luck, and I'll be looking forward to new updates tomorrow. (I hope you liked the image I'm sharing today!) hee hee 

September 13, 2023

A New Project...

I know I've been asleep much of the month so far, but it's still hard for me to believe it's already September 13th. I wanted to show you what I began over the weekend. It took me two days to stitch this little bit. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. I'm still healing and get tired quickly. 

I've been following doctor's orders and will get my stitches and staples out tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that. I did miss Adrienne's wedding on Saturday, and although I've seen photographs of their wonderful day, I truly regret that I couldn't celebrate with her and her new husband, Joe. I'm hoping I can see them next craft day later this month.

I have something special I'll be embroidering for their wedding gift, but this is going to be a gift for another friend. If you can see the faint white lines on the linen, you'll see that it's not particularly large, but I want to fill much of the area with embroidered flowers. I think it will be lovely, so I'll keep stitching as I'm able and hope it meets my vision for the piece.

I'm drinking decaf tea these days - it doesn't aggravate healing the areas involved in the surgery - so I have my morning cuppa, and sometimes another at "tea time". It's time for that morning cuppa and then I'll try to stitch a little bit and hope I can stay awake. If I get tired, I'll be lying down again. I know you want me to concentrate on getting better, and I assure you I'm really paying attention to my body and doing what I should. I'm doing everything by the book. I really never want to have another surgery. I'm hoping that that fond desire will be achieved with my adherence to the rules right now. Trust me. For me, that ain't easy!

September 12, 2023

Tuesdays With Tag -

Hi, Everybody!
It's been a little cool and cloudy around here these days, so we usually only go out on the porch for Mom and Dad's mornin' cuppa coffee or tea. I don't really mind this weather, though. I've got a nice double coat that makes me comfortable whether it's hot or cold outside. I have to admit, I do like sunshine - even when it's cold.

Today's post is a little sad, so I'm givin' you fair warnin'. Mom's purpose in goin' outside first every mornin' is to make sure there are no gifted remnants from those two stoopid cats. Mom feels bad when she sees what they've brought onto the porch for two reasons. One is that it means they terminated somethin'. The other is that most of the time, she has to clean it up.

I usually sit back and stay out of the way so I don't get hollered at. You can understand how Mom gets upset by this, and whenever Dad says somethin', she tells him that if he'd let her bring the girls inside, this wouldn't happen anymore. So far, they're still livin' outside, but Mom's persistent and will continue to gently lobby to bring them in.

While Mom is always sad, she was especially upset to find a wee weasel on the porch last weekend. We didn't even realize they lived around us, so it was a surprise, too.

If you don't know about weasels, they're actually the smallest true carnivore, and they'll eat everythin' from mice to young rabbits to bird eggs. They also produce a lot of young, so there are likely more around the farm. Knowin' how fierce they can be, I suspect this one put up a fight before appearin' on our porch. You know Mom would have helped it escape if she'd known. 
She helped a chipmunk get away yesterday. Claudette brought it up on the porch while Mom was havin' her tea. Mom distracted Claudette until the chipmunk ran off the porch, and then she put Claudette in the garage for a timeout, until she was sure the chipmunk was safely back in the woods. Mom was pretty tired after all that excitement, so she sat down for a bit and then let Claudette out of the garage about 30 minutes later.

Anyway, even though the weasel is a little predator, too, we're sad that the cats got him or her, and of course, in pure Mom-fashion, there was a proper burial for the critter. Mom will redouble her efforts to get the cats indoors so stuff like this doesn't happen again. Thankfully, findin' such things on the porch hasn't even been a weekly occurrence around here. I mean, Mom feeds these two just to avoid these extra curricular activities. We hope that this doesn't happen again, for sure.

RIP, little weasel. 

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then... 
"Be A Good Dog."