March 31, 2020

Tuesdays With Tag - Wanna Help Me Celebrate?...

Brynwood Needleworks - Tag's Bored

Hi, Everybody!

If I said I'm not bored, but I'd be lyin'. I've been "shelterin' in place" with Mom and Dad, which is a good thing. However, that also means, except for goin' outside to whiz, and a few fetchin' sessions, I'm mostly inside. No Boo. No guests. Hardly any cookies! What's a guy to do?

I need to tell you somethin' right now...I'm gonna be back on Friday this week for a really great reason! My Birthday is Friday!! 

Brynwood Needleworks - Focus The Dog's "How To Draw A Corgi"
Well, Mom found this on FaceBark a looooonnnng time ago and she saved it for just an occasion such as this. I'm wonderin' if you wanna do somethin' fun for my big day.
This shows you how to draw a corgi. If you're in the mood, I'd love for you or your kids or grandkids to draw a picture of a lowrider just like me! Maybe you could email it to Mom through the link in the side bar. It would be really fun for me.
Mom said she'd share 'em all on Friday to celebrate my birthday. I sure hope you wanna do this. It would be the best Birthday ever!!!
By the way, tonight is the last night to enter Mom's 11th Blog Anniversary Giveaway. You don't want miss that, do you?
I'll see you again in seven on Friday. 'til then...
"Just Do It...but not on the rug."

March 30, 2020

Restful Contemplation...

Brynwood Needleworks - Wooly Stitching
So many things going on right now. I don't need to mention them to you. I'm sure you have a list of your own. If nothing else, being home is a time for thoughtful contemplation and finishing projects that were set aside. 
It's a time for long distance talks with loved ones, and for opening up to new possibilities. Even as the world is forced to build barriers, there are instances where walls tumble down. I sit and think on these things as I continue to embroider my border panels. Did I mention that there are so. many. leaves.? sigh

I'm going to keep working and contemplating. I hope you've found a project to keep your hands and mind occupied as we move into a new week. I'll be right here if you're looking for me. You can count on Tag to be back tomorrow.

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March 29, 2020

Sunday Scripture...

Brynwood Needleworks - Isaiah 26:20 via Toby Mac on FB

March 28, 2020

Cookies Delayed Are Not Cookies Denied...

Brynwood Needleworks - Chocolate Chip/Hickory Nut Cookies
I finally got around to making those chocolate chip cookies. Check out my "Recipes" link in the menu bar to find the recipe I used. The only changes I made to the original recipe were to chill the dough for a couple of hours before baking, and I upped the oven temperature to 380º. 

I'm very happy with the results, and they were a definite hit with Handsome. I'm (no-contact) dropping a container for Andy and Shelly today, because it's always good to share cookies! I'm thinking that it's about time to make more hickory syrup, too! I'm going to add that to my list for the next week or two.

Brynwood Needleworks - Tag Fetching
Of course, I'm still stitching on my borders, but Tag's been a little stir crazy as I've been preoccupied with other things. So, first thing yesterday morning, I took him out to stretch his little legs a bit. He was happy to be fetching, but not as enthusiastic as when Bella's around.

We were out for a little while, and then he settled nicely in the house. It was good that I got him out, too, because it started raining last night and is expected to continue all weekend. He's not so thrilled about fetching in the rain. I think it will be just right for him to sleep at my feet while I'm stitching the whole weekend.

I read something yesterday that I really liked. Don't look at staying inside as punishment. Consider it a treat that you're able to take some time for yourself and your family. Slow down. Reflect. Count your blessings. We're all going to come out on the other side. Think of this as a little time out. Not the punishment kind. The kind where you can be the best you when it's all over. 

Stay home. Stay healthy. Stay strong.
I'm praying for all of us.


March 27, 2020

Making Great Progress...

Brynwood Needleworks - Wooly Border Details

Not only did I work on setting up the borders today, I also began stitching on them! These are three of the four flowers located in the center of each side border. In addition to the blanket stitches, I also added Colonial knots and bullion stitches to the centers. I love how they're turning out

Brynwood Needleworks - Setting Up Wooly Critter Borders

The three borders that remained to be fused are complete, except for a single vine at each corner. I can't add those until the seams are all joined to the main quilt. Once that's done, I can fuse those final parts and stitch them, too.

Brynwood Needleworks -  Bottom Border Center

This is the center motif on the bottom border. After I finish one of the side borders (detail in the second photo), I'm going to go to the bottom border and embroider all of this.

Nothing quite calms my nerves like needle dancing, so this is how I intend to spend my weekend. I'm hoping to be able to add the borders to my quilt very soon.


March 26, 2020


Brynwood Needleworks - Wooly Critters Sampler Quilt Pieces
I got all the pieces cut out for the rest of the borders for my quilt. I admit I didn't even start on this until late day. I can explain.
When I'm stressed, I respond by sleeping. I'm not afraid. I'm not worried. I'm just stressed. So, yesterday morning I got up, and had my morning coffee; did a few chores around the house. I spent some time talking with Handsome, and then went upstairs with the intention to shower, make those chocolate chip cookies, and then get in a little studio time.
I got to our bedroom, sat down on the bed, and before long, I was under the blankets. I didn't wake up again until nearly 6 pm. I slept the entire time. Not having dreams. Not tossing and turning. Just a deep, restful sleep that had eluded me the past few nights. I regenerated.
When I got up, I took the shower I meant to take earlier in the day, went downstairs and fed Tag, and then prepared dinner for Handsome and me. We watched a movie together, and then I went upstairs to finish prepping all these pieces.  

I'll make those cookies today, and then see about setting up the other three borders for my quilt. Seems there's no particular rush. I mean, we're not planning to go anywhere. The project will wait for me. In the meantime, I'm going to concentrate a bit more on much-needed self-care. I do not want to get sick. No siree!

How are you spending your days? Working, playing, or resting? Each option is good if it works for you. Whatever you do, try not to stress. I'll try to do better, too.


March 25, 2020

I've Got A Plan...

Brynwood Needleworks - Still Cutting Pieces

I've got a plan. Rather than cutting pieces as I go, and set up my borders piecemeal, I'm going to cut out all the pieces at once, and assemble all the borders. Then, I can just sit down and stitch.

So far, I've cut out all the rest of the berries, flowers, and forty of the leaves. Aren't they colorful?

Brynwood Needleworks - More To Cut
But, I still have more to go. I have at least twenty eight more leaves, and four more stems. I also have the flower pot motif on the center of the bottom border to trace, fuse and cut. Then, I can begin the fun part. 

I should have all the pieces cut out, and fused to the border fabrics today. I'm hoping to end my day with needle in hand...all that, after I make a batch of "chase away the clouds" chocolate chip cookies.
Stay Safe and Healthy, Friends!


March 24, 2020

Tuesdays With Tag - Takin' Precautions...

Brynwood Needleworks - I'm Takin' Precauctions

 Hi, Everybody!

Last week I was "social distancin'". This week, I'm takin' more precautions.
I'm not bein' an alarmist. I'm just bein' careful, along with Mom and Dad.

Brynwood Needleworks - This Week's Look
I'm washin' my paws on a regular basis. I'm stayin' indoors, unless I've gotta relieve myself. (See my signature? Doin' otherwise is frowned upon around here.) I'm not goin' off our farm property, to be sure I don't bring a bug back in the house.
I'm not afraid. I'm not worryin'. I'm not howlin' at the moon (well, sometimes I howl at the moon, but for a different reason). I'm not invitin' lots of people in to party. I'm just bein' smart. We can all get through this together if we're smart.
Just remember...
Corgi On. Corgi Strong.
We're Americans. We've got this! 
I'm pullin' for you.
I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...
"Just Do It...but not on the rug."

March 23, 2020

So Many Leaves...

Brynwood Needleworks - Wooly Critters Top Border Detail
Well, this has been taking longer than I expected. So many leaves! (I have a lot more to go, too!) I added a pair of hearts below and between the lovebirds, and I'm really happy with them.

Brynwood Needleworks - Wooly Critters Top Border
I admit there were other things on my agenda last week. We decided to self-quarantine, so I deep cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms. It's critical that I keep myself and Handsome healthy as he recuperates. He cancelled his physical therapy appointments for the near future, so he's even more committed to his own rehab for now. 
I also got all our tax preparations done for our accountant (even though the deadline has been extended). I like having that job out of the way. There were a few other tasks that I needed to accomplish, too, so it took a little longer to finish this first border.
I'm going to set up the side borders next, as they'll have to be attached to the main quilt first. Then the top and bottom will be attached. Yep. More leaves! sigh I'll keep you posted.
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March 22, 2020

Sunday Scripture...

Brynwood Needleworks - Philippians 4:6 via Facebook

March 21, 2020

Keep Calm...

Brynwood Needleworks - Some of my British Cottages and Tins

I'm in my studio, contemplating how so many of our friends and family are concerned by the daily news. Being in the farmhouse and my studio is a happy, safe place for me. I'm happy when I'm creating, and knowing that Handsome is here in the house with me is very comforting. But I realize that not all people have creative outlets, and this may be a stressful time for them. 

Brynwood Needleworks - David Winter Cottages and British Tins

I have a corner in my studio with a few of my David Winter cottages, including two clocks (I have more, still packed away). Even though they're showing nearly the same time, both of my clocks are currently stopped and in need of new batteries. The one on top is my favorite because it's a mill house, and my dear, departed grandpa actually built and maintained a working mill on his property years ago.

The small cottage in front is called the Crofter's Cottage, and was a gift to me from Handsome and the boys shortly after we were married.

While I have other British tins, these three are favorites. Under the Mill House clock is a Cadbury Chocolate Fingers (cookies) tin. Really, who wouldn't love those? The tall tin was filled with delicious British biscuits, and I actually chose to share this corner with you today because of the Union Jack tin on the far right.

Brynwood Needleworks - My Cottage Corner

Yes, my friends. "Keep Calm and Carry On" was the wording on a motivational poster in Great Britain from 1939, when the British government was preparing for World War II. It was meant as a morale booster for the British people.

As in 1939, these words are as relevant today. We've all been asked to stay home, and away from other people. Many have heeded those words, while some have not. Our compliance is not required, but it might be a good idea.

The Missing Match Meme

There are online movies, classes (including FREE Master Cooking Classes HERE!), free book downloads, and even free daily Facebook watch parties through zoos (like the Cincinnati Zoo) and museums. If you don't bake, knit, sew, crochet, paper craft, or engage in "crafty" pursuits, there are more options than just staying in bed or being afraid. Stretch your brain. Exercise (eek!). Clean house (double eek!). 

You're not doing it just to protect yourself. You're also helping to stop the spread of the virus. You're protecting your elders, who may not have the immune system to ward off something worse. You're protecting loved ones who have compromised immune systems from chronic illnesses like Crohn's or COPD. 

I'm not being an alarmist. God is watching over and protecting all of us who believe...and even those who don't. Handsome is still healing from his surgery. He's cancelled his physical therapy sessions and will stay home with me until early April. Then he'll resume his formal PT. In the meantime, we have a list of his at-home exercises, and we'll work on helping him progress in his recuperation. We've decided to err on the side of caution. There's really no reason to do otherwise.

In the meantime, I talk with family; I keep in touch with friends through private messages, emails, and even Facebook. I've quit watching television news because it raises my blood pressure, and I've turned to music or movies while I'm in the studio.

We're all going to be fine. Just remember to breathe, and above all, Keep Calm and Carry On. We can do this. I pray for you and you're in my daily thoughts. This, too, shall pass, and I pray that when we come out on the other side, we'll all be a little kinder to, and considerate of each other.
I'd love to know how you're coping. Leave a comment, if you're so inclined - or send me an email. I promise I'll reply!


March 20, 2020

Giveaway Time!!!...

Brynwood Needleworks - 11th Anniversary Giveaway Contest Prize
As promised, I'm opening a Giveaway Contest today to celebrate my ELEVEN years of blogging!

The prize will go to one (or maybe two) lucky winner(s). It's a gift certificate for $85.00 to use in my online shop. Anyone can enter, but if you live outside the US, you'll be responsible for any VAT (or other taxes) imposed on your end.

How To Enter:
• Go to my online shop - HERE
• Come back to THIS POST ONLY and tell me what you'd choose if you won

That's it. You can only enter once, and only on this post. It's that simple.
Contest will end on March 31, 2020. I'll announce the winner(s) on April 1st (No fooling!).
Thanks again for visiting with me for another year. I'm oh so grateful for you!

Good Luck!!

March 19, 2020

You Don't Have To Run To The Store...

Brynwood Needleworks Farmhouse Bread
All of you know by now that I've taken classes at our local technical college to learn how to make a wide variety of breads. My recipes and techniques range from artisan loaves to sweet dough recipes that can take anywhere from three - 24 hours to make. My larder is always full of the supplies I need to make whatever we need, but not everyone has the time nor the inclination to spend hours from mixing to proofing to baking. 
Now that we're being asked to stay in our homes and away from non-family members, I know some of you are concerned about providing for yourself and your loved ones. What if the stores run out of bread, too?
For that reason, I'm sharing two recipes I came across yesterday, to give all of you hope that you can actually make delicious bread for your family in the event the shelves are empty at your local (or not so local) store. These are simple and require only a few ingredients.

White Soda Bread - image property of A Fanciful Twist Blog

The first recipe is from Vanessa Valencia of "A Fanciful Twist" blog. It's called Easy White Soda Bread. Not only are you given a recipe, but Vanessa also offers tips and substitutes for you, including non-dairy alternatives. You can find her recipe HERE.

Navajo Flat Bread - image property of Nauvoo Mercantile

If you're a fan of Na'an/Navajo Flatbread/Tortillas, you'll love this recipe, too. Thanks to Dena Kennedy or Nauvoo Mercantile, you can serve bread to your family in less than two hours. Click HERE for the link to her post.

I'm going to try both of them this weekend. If you give 'em a go, please let me - and the original contributors know what you think! I'm glad that Handsome and I are relatively self-sufficient. In fact, this summer, my plan is to plant our own 2020 version of a Victory Garden! If only I knew how to grow toilet paper! lol
PS. I'm going to include the link to this post on my "Recipes" page in my menu bar (up top), so you'll know where to find it again later.

March 18, 2020

I Took A Little Ride...

Brynwood Needleworks - Primitive Gatherings Wool Box #8 Peek

Monday, the Sewcial Sisters got an email letting us know that our Tuesday Sit & Stitch was cancelled in favor of keeping everyone safe. While we were all disappointed, we certainly understood. 
Even though we wouldn't be getting together at the warehouse - and the shop is closed right now - the staff is still working. They let us know that those of us who pick up our Wool Boxes could contact the shop to arrange pickup. All we had to do was prepay, call when we arrive in the parking lot, and they'd leave our order on the outside of the shop door so we could grab and go.
Remember that I need more Farmhouse Flannels to complete my Chenille Four-Patch lap quilt? Well, I called ahead and they added it to my order. I picked up everything yesterday afternoon. Easy as pie! The weather was gorgeous, so it was a nice day for me to take a little ride with Tag. Handsome stayed home, working his exercise regimen. We were back almost before he knew we were gone. 

You know the rules. I can't share the contents until we get notice that everyone on the mail order list has received theirs, so I'm just going to share a peek for now. (Aren't I a tease?) I can tell you that the contents this time are the most AWESOME so far!!

Now, one more thing before I go today...Did you think I forgot about my 11th Blog Anniversary Giveaway? I didn't forget! I'm going to announce my Giveaway gifts on FRIDAY of this week, and you'll be able to enter through to March 31st. So, if you're too busy to come back tomorrow, be sure you come back on Friday!! See you then!


March 17, 2020

Tuesdays With Tag - Social Distancin'...

Brynwood Needleworks - Tag, Under The Guest Bed

Hi, Everybody!

I'm glad you're here to visit this week. Today, I'm gonna chat with you about a really important subject...Social Distancin' and your pets.

I'm actually under the bed in this picture, not because I'm hidin', but because this is Boo's favorite spot, and I'm missin' her. Even when Mom vacuums, I can still smell my favorite girl on the rug. We all miss her, and look forward to bringin' her back to the farmhouse.
Brynwood Needleworks - Deep In Thought

Anyway, Mom and I have been readin' about a local animal foster/rescue group that's gettin' lots of people wantin' to turn in their dogs over fear of gettin' this new sickness from them. It breaks our hearts that anyone would want to give up their pets - for whatever reason. We know that we're with Mom and Dad from "birth to earth". They made that promise to us.

There's a new post Mom just found that should put everyone's mind at ease. Click HERE to read what the CDC has to say about it. It's great to know you can keep your dogs and not worry about gettin' each other sick. 

Seriously, if you won't promise to keep your pets forever, please get a stuffed toy instead. They all deserve your best, includin' keepin' them for their whole lives.
Brynwood Needleworks - Clingy Boy

So, while Mom and Dad stay here at the farmhouse (with me), we can carry on our normal lives. I'll be my usual clingy self when Mom's sittin' in her chair...

Brynwood Needleworks - He Also Serves, Who Sleeps And Waits
...and I'm never far away when Dad's relaxin' and takin' care of his new knee. We're savin' a spot for The Black Dog's return, and there's even more room for the puppy we hope returns with her. 
Just know, we're family, and we'll spend our time together, the way it's supposed to be. Sendin' all of you our prayers and good wishes for health and happiness. We're all strong. We're gonna be okay. Take care of yourselves and each other. Have faith. Don't be afraid.
I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...
"Just Do It...but not on the rug."

March 16, 2020

Planning A Busy Week...

Brynwood Needleworks - Stitching Borders
Over the weekend I baked five loaves of bread, transformed six loads of dirty laundry into clean clothes, and worked on my Wooly Critter Sampler quilt borders.
My plans for the week - which include PT for Handsome - are to finish these borders, and get them attached to the quilt. I'm also hoping that our Sit & Stitch for this week hasn't been cancelled, as I'm really looking forward to it. If it is, I'll still be traveling to Menasha to pick up more Farmhouse Gatherings precuts, and the current WoolBox!

Tag will see you tomorrow. I'll let you know on Wednesday whether or not I'll see Lisa B., Kathy D. and the rest of the Sewcial Sisters ladies at Primitive Gatherings. 


March 15, 2020

Sunday Scripture...

Brynwood Needleworks via Pinterest (without attributes)

March 14, 2020

Still Stitching...

Brynwood Needleworks - Au ver a Soie (Soie d'Alger) Silk Threads
As I continue to embroider the wool appliques' for my Wooly Critter Sampler quilt, I'm also thinking about creating the vignette for my completed RSN Butterfly. Don't you think silk stumpwork flowers would be a perfect accessory for my Red Spotted Purple?

I ordered these from a brick and mortar shop via their website, and they arrived yesterday. I'd better keep after my quilt so that I can start this as soon as my critter quilt is finished! As my friend, Susan Greening Davis always says, "Still Stitching!"