December 31, 2013

Welcome, 2014...

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 I'm working on my list for 2014...
What will I be creating?
Where will we be traveling?
What are my personal resolutions?

I'll be sharing a few of them with you in the upcoming days.
Enjoy the first bright, shiny day of 2014. 
I'll see you tomorrow.

December 30, 2013

Tuesdays With Tag - Happy New Year...

Corgis LOVE a good party! (Tag's 2013 year-end rear end.)
 Hi, Everybody!
Mom, Dad and I are plannin' to party like rock stars tonight!
I don't even know what a New Years Eve party is, but I know
I'm gonna like it. My friend, Stout is comin' over and we'll have
fun visitin'. I don't know if I'll be able to stay up until midnight,
but I do know that I'm gonna give it my very best effort.
 I'm lookin' forward to 2014 and all the adventures we're gonna have
together. I just wonder what the next twelve months hold for us.
Guess we'll just have to wait to find out. 'til then...
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"

Have A Safe and Happy New Years' Celebration!
See ya next year.

December 29, 2013


 I made headway on my needlework last weekend, but I was so easily
distracted. I preferred to harass the Corgi, cheer on a Packers win
 and spend time with Handsome instead. Really. Can you blame me?
Instead of stitching "Make Merry", I was actually merry-making. 
(You can see, I did make some progress from my last update, though.)

It's a new week, though. I want to finish this piece because it's time
to start the "Wooly Critters" BOM for January. I don't want to start
the new year "behind", after all! I will finish this needlework today.
I'll show it to you tomorrow. I will. Promise. Cross my heart.

December 28, 2013

Sunday Scripture...

This entire verse was recited during our wedding ceremony. (web image)
Today is our wedding anniversary.
Happy 29th, Handsome.
A.B. & A, A.M.L.

December 27, 2013

Almost Time...

Block One - Chickadee & Sunflowers
 The gals in our Coffee Club are going to be creating a new monthly for 2014.
The first block is "Chickadee & Sunflowers". I'm planning to do mine in wool.
Cover Image
 Although we're set to begin in January, there may already be some
work in progress. I'm looking forward to finding out if anyone else
is going to work in wool, or which fabric combinations are planned.
Supply List and Design Details
 This is the back page of the multi-page pattern. You can see what we'll
need for fabrics, and I wanted to make sure that you could see all the
pattern information in case anyone else would care to join us on our
year-long project. Patterns can be ordered here on Brandywine's site.

If you're looking for me this morning, I'll be at Sandy's Quilt Shop
with the Coffee Club. I've missed my girlfriends and am anxious to
see them again. Funny how a few weeks can seem like forever!

I hope all of you have a fun weekend. 
Rest up before the New Year celebrating begins!

December 26, 2013

Feeling Better By The Day...

 I felt well enough to pull out my Sweet Stitches "Make Merry" kit.
It features the Jolly Ol' Elf himself, so I would like to finish it while
Christmas is still in the air. I figure I have until Sunday to get him done.
 After Sunday, I think I'll need to look forward to 2014, like the
rest of you. I'd much rather be stitching than out in the stores.
I like the idea of getting back to my regular routines, too...
just in time for the new year!

How are you spending your time between now and New Years Day?

December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013...

Liljegrens 2013
Our weather was perfect, friends gathered and we spent time
catching up with our sons and their families, too. We're so blessed.

Christmas Day 2013, captured for our family album.
I'm barefoot again. Most appropriate since I rarely wear shoes at our favorite back yard spot - next to the swimming pool.

We hope that your celebrations were memorable, and the 
holiday spirit continues to fill your days into the new year.

December 24, 2013

December 23, 2013

Tuesdays With Tag - Christmas Eve...

 Hi, Everybody!
Guess what day it is!!! No, not Humpday.
It's Christmas Eve!!!
Santa comes to all good boys and girls and dogs tonight.
 What do you think? I was mostly good this year, right?
(OK. We won't count last week when I was a jerk at Miss Pat's house.)
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and that you get all
the things you asked for this year. We're grateful to be your friends.
Merry Christmas 
God Bless Everybody!

December 22, 2013

Meals on Wheels...

 Denise G. and I have known each other for thirteen years...and we've become
good friends without ever having been in the same room together. The 
Internet is a wonderful thing, indeed. We have always exchanged gifts for 
special occasions, but we often trade with each other for no particular reason at all.

Denise is much more organized than I am this year, so her gifts arrived way
ahead of her receiving mine this Christmas. She always includes goodies from
 Vermont, but there is always something completely, uniquely, perfect for me.
 This year, tucked in among the maple candies, home-grown holly and special
syrups, I found a new book entitled, "Meals on Wheels". She found a book
written specifically for trailer campers in her friend's antique shop! WOW!
 Although it looks nearly new, this little gem was written in 1937.
I couldn't help but smile when I looked at the illustrations.
I might just have to transfer these to fabric, stitch one or two and
make pillows for the Flying Cloud (and Denise) when they're done!
 I've already read the book cover-to-cover and loved every bit of it. There's 
information ranging from "Housekeeping" to recipes, but one of the chapters 
that was most fun for me was the chapter on "Cooking Equipment".
 Handsome and I are always aware of the amount of weight we add to our
tow package, so you can just imagine how I giggled reading this list. It's 
actually much, much more than I would ever pack onboard for traveling. 
When I turned the page, there were more items that they considered
"optional", like a waffle maker, pressure cooker, or roaster. That's crazy!

I showed the list to Handsome, suggesting that I tend toward 'underpacked'.
He laughed. I don't blame him, either. While the book is loaded with useful
information, they definitely are willing to add more frivolous weight than we are.

Denise suggested that this might be a good addition to our travel library. You are 
so right, my friend! Thank you for everything you carefully chose for us this year. 
I'm looking forward to "tucking in" to all our goodies. Your package will be
 on its way this week. I hope you and Neil enjoy what I've chosen for you, too!
Merry Christmas hugs across the miles.

December 21, 2013

December 20, 2013

A Season of Giving...

A thoughtful gift from Sherry at Createology blog
 While I'm recuperating, I have received beautiful Christmas gifts from
dear blog friends. While I have gifts of my own all ready to send, alas
they have not yet been wrapped and packaged. This is taking a little longer
than I expected and it's a bit frustrating that I have no energy right now.
I'm so grateful for those who have taken the time to share their Christmas
spirit with me. Sherry sent this beautiful charm fob (already installed on a
favorite pair of embroidery scissors). It's decorated on both sides of the charm!
 Marydon outdid herself again this year. Look at the beautiful combination
of fabric yo yos and buttons that came together into a sweet little ornament.
She also included a chandelier crystal that I'll definitely use in a future project.
 Marydon always includes a taste tea bag attached to her greeting cards.
One of these days, she and I will sit and share a cuppa in the same room.
I'm looking forward to that. She and I will have a lot to chat about, for sure.

Thank you, Sherry and Marydon. Your gifts are appreciated more than you 
know. I hope you like the surprises I'll be sending your way soon. xoxo

I'm not clear to visit with my Coffee Club chums yet...not 'til I'm stronger.
Today is another chance for me to accomplish a few lofty, pre-Christmas goals.
Wish me luck, will ya? I sure could use it right about now.

December 19, 2013

A Quilt For Handsome...

Stunning long-arm work by Pat Alderman
After my hair appointment yesterday (I have to look good for the holidays,
right?), Handsome took me to Parrish to pick up his finished quilt from 
Pat Alderman. (I'm not cleared to drive myself yet.) He hasn't see it, as it's
his Christmas gift this year, but I just know he's going to be completely
thrilled when he unwraps it on Christmas Day. I know I'm over the moon!
Perfect quilting for a masculine design
Pat accented the Princeton plates without making them too girly. I love how
 every decision she made creates movement without being over the top. She
used a washable wool batting, so the quilt has the most wonderful drape, too!
I'm loving the final result!
I'll be binding the quilt in just a few days and then it will be ready to
place beneath our Christmas tree. Thank you, Pat, for another splendid
quilting finish. I'll be entering this one in our quilt show in February, too.

I think it's nearly time to sit back and relax! Just a few more packages
to ship and then I can enjoy the entire holiday with loved ones.
There really isn't anything better, is there?

December 18, 2013

Nearly Time To Rest...

  Two sets of Grammie's Jammies are finished, with only one set to finish.
I'm only going to share sneaks and peeks so I don't give away everything.
Little snippets of tops and bottoms, glistenings and gleanings of surprises to
come. Gifts for good little girls will be winging their way northward today.
Packages wrapped with love and hugs tucked inside, arriving in time for
another Christmas Eve. As I fold and roll, I imagine smiles brightening the
faces that make our hearts sing...the faces that hold our family's future.
 The last set of jammies are nearly finished, and they'll ship today or tomorrow.
A surgery has put me a little behind schedule, but I won't miss my Christmas
deadlines. I'll just have to pace myself a little better. I'll rest when my work is done.

I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures...and all those gifts will be on their way.
Now, where are those elves again?