December 27, 2013

Almost Time...

Block One - Chickadee & Sunflowers
 The gals in our Coffee Club are going to be creating a new monthly for 2014.
The first block is "Chickadee & Sunflowers". I'm planning to do mine in wool.
Cover Image
 Although we're set to begin in January, there may already be some
work in progress. I'm looking forward to finding out if anyone else
is going to work in wool, or which fabric combinations are planned.
Supply List and Design Details
 This is the back page of the multi-page pattern. You can see what we'll
need for fabrics, and I wanted to make sure that you could see all the
pattern information in case anyone else would care to join us on our
year-long project. Patterns can be ordered here on Brandywine's site.

If you're looking for me this morning, I'll be at Sandy's Quilt Shop
with the Coffee Club. I've missed my girlfriends and am anxious to
see them again. Funny how a few weeks can seem like forever!

I hope all of you have a fun weekend. 
Rest up before the New Year celebrating begins!

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laurajane said...

Love this Donna,would like to join along.I will have a look at the shop and see if I can get the pattern shipped to England.xx


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