December 15, 2013

Kitchen Goodness...

 This year's batch of vanilla extract is bottled and "brewing". I'll be
giving them as gifts for the girls at Paneras, and I'll even tuck a bottle in
here or there with other gifts I've already selected for family and friends.
 Each four ounce bottle has one and a half vanilla beans inside.
They've already "brewed" nearly two weeks, but won't be fully
steeped until February. All the recipient needs to do is shake the
bottle once a week, and resist the urge to use the vanilla until then.

I've written about how to make your own vanilla before. If you'd
like to try to make your own batch, here's the link to my "how to" post.
I purchase the bottles from Specialty Bottle online. Here's a link to
purchase the 4 ounce bottles, but their 2 ounce bottles would be great, too. 

I purchase the vanilla beans from Arizona Vanilla Company. Their
company name is the link to purchase beans for your own use. I prefer 
their Madagascar beans, but they have Tahitian and Mexican, too.

I'm almost finished with my projects for this year. Woo hoo!

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Createology said...

Your Vanilla brewing and bottled looks quite professional. Sounds very yummy. Mr. C and I were at an outdoor market in St. Lucia and saw some bottled vanilla. A little old toothless lady came to help us and asked if we wanted to taste it. Of course Mr. C said yes! She picked up a bottle (no two were alike) and took the cork out and let us taste it on our fingers. We bought it and it was delicious. I have always wondered how many people tasted from that very same bottle (and I do not like germs!) No wax sealing or plastic shrink wrap at all. Just good old hand made and sold!!! Thank you for the links. Happy gift giving dear...


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