December 10, 2013

I Knew It Would Be Perfect...

 My Coffee Club girlfriends celebrated my Birthday last Saturday.
It was my turn to receive a collaborative wall hanging from the girls.

They chose one of the few French General fabric lines that I don't have.
(They know how I adore Kaari Meng's fabric lines!)
 They fussy cut the coffee mugs and tea cups, satin-stitched
the appliques' and chose the most wonderful quilting designs
to finish the piece. I love every little detail. There's so much to see!
I can't tell you how delighted I was to see my gift. The fact that I
 received the wall hanging wasn't a surprise...we make one for each
member of the group on their special day. I knew it would be perfect for
me, but they really outdid themselves! These girls really know me!

To Kathy, Nora, Brenda, Joni and Fay:
Thank you. I'm so blessed to call you friends.
I'm looking forward to more happy days and years
of shared projects and experiences with each of you.
Love you all to bits!

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Natalie Santini said...

Happy belated Bday to you Donna! Love the coffee mug wall hanging, what a great gift. ;)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Happy, happy birthday, Donna, love how you celebrate!

Createology said...

This is such a happy wall hanging made by your coffee club friends. Happy Continuing Birthday Dear...


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