December 17, 2013

The Unexpected Tenant...

 A couple of years ago, I was gifted a beautiful, handpainted gourd by
Aunty Margaret. When I brought it home from Wisconsin, I installed
it in the large magnolia tree that lives in our front yard where I could enjoy
 it every time I found myself outside. It's been unoccupied until recently.

Last week, Handsome suggested that I check out the newest tenant in our 
yard. I walked to the magnolia tree and found the most unlikely occupant.
 One of the local tree frogs decided that this would be a comfy place
to set up housekeeping. Sunny, safe digs during the day and a nice
warm place to sleep after an evening of chirping and eatin' bugs.
 I especially like the pose. He/she looks just like an old lady watching the
neighborhood from her front porch. I think it looks like it's just leaning on
the edge of a window sill, don't you? We're happy to have this little frog
 live here for a long as it cares to. If I thought other froggies would move
 in, I'd add a few more gourds just for that purpose. They make me smile.
Thanks for the get well wishes. Recuperating can be difficult, but I'm doing
better by the day. I'll be back to normal very soon, and will take it easy over
the holidays. I only have one more project to finish and hope to be
 able to work on it today so it can ship. I really appreciate your prayers.

Goodness. Christmas is just around the corner!
I hope you're able to celebrate the reason for the season and
not feel like you're caught up in the trappings. We'll be looking forward
to special times spent with family and friends. That's what's important.

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Createology said...

How very sweet. I am surprised he/she posed for a photo. Usually our frogs all hop away and hide. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Taking it easy and enjoying the reason for the season with Family and Friends will be joyful dear.

linda said...

He is just adorable! He looks quite at home; he made me smile.

carolg said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, Donna. I'm just finishing up my organizer - hope to send you a pic soon! Snowy hugs from Quinn!

Sharon said...

Your pictures of the tree frog are so funny!

Glad you are feeling better, Donna. Hugs to you and Handsome II.

Patty said...

I agree the frog does look like it's leaning on a window sill. Feel better soon.


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