January 31, 2015


I finished one of the commissions on my books yesterday and then delivered it to a happy client. The order was for a matching set of mug mats for a family reunion next week, and each will be a gift to one of the family members.
I used Moda™ French General fabrics and bird design twill tape from LillaLotta. The bindings are attached in the traditional method; machine sewn to the front of the piece, turned and hand sewn on the back.
My client was happy, not only with the fabric choices and design, but also that I got them to her ahead of my deadline. Her words were extremely gratifying, and I appreciate her order (and friendship).
I also wanted to show you my new biz card design (in the photo of the mats). I've simplified the text, while also focusing my mission. "Designer • Educator • Needle Artist"...that's me!  
I'm taking the day off today. I may make my way into the studio later to select and cut out more wallets, but I may not. Tag is due for some serious grooming, so he'll be my priority for the day. He wants to look his best when he shows up next Tuesday, after all.

January 30, 2015

I just received my newest twill tapes from Anna of LillaLotta. I wanted tapes that could be folded, and these fit the bill perfectly.

On one roll of tape, my logo and and website information was printed in black and white. The other roll features my logo in full color, with the website in black for the back of the fold.
Anna always puts such care into her work, and I'm extremely happy with the way these turned out. I'm looking forward to using them very soon.
She recently created new artwork for her business images. The little bird is so sweet, and her title suits her well..."illustrator and goodness maker". I admire her creative style and sense of whimsy.

Although her Etsy shop is on vacation, she is active on FaceBook. (This is a link to her FB page.) If you'd like to order custom tapes, it's best to send a message to her there.
She also created these luscious tapes that I'll be sewing on today to finish my special order. After I sew the tapes to each piece, I'll sew on the binding and this order will be complete. All that will be left to do is deliver them to my customer...and kick back for the weekend with Handsome and Tag!

Handsome doesn't have a concert this weekend, so we'll really be relaxing. I'd better get this project finished. The sooner is done, the quicker I play! 

Happy Weekend!

January 29, 2015

I Remembered My Camera This Week...

My Wednesday students are really getting comfortable with the machines now. We began by reviewing some of the machine and sewing basics, and then progressed to explaining how to measure and cut fabrics for their class project.

I love the intense concentration as they work through all the steps. Hailey was sewing lines on paper in this picture, to get used to her new sewing machine. She did a great job! It was time to move to fabric.
Hailey's mom, Jennifer is also a sewing novice. The first step was to get them over their "machine intimidation". Miss Ellie is like a gentle work horse. Once I turned down her speed control, she just purred along, helping Jennifer gain confidence.
Our class was two hours long last night, and by the end of this session, each of the ladies had a sweet, new pillowcase to take home with them. We used my Pillowcase Tutorial as the pattern. (You can get it HERE. Scroll down through the "Downloads" Widget until you see the "pillowcase" folder. When you click on it, it will download to your computer.)

Don't they looked pleased with their finished projects? They should be. They did a great job! (I warned them that they'll have a strong urge to make more of them now.)

All three of us are looking forward to next week. In the meantime, I'll have fun planning their next project.


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