July 22, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag -

Hi, Everybody!
Time for another installment from the road. The weather has been
great and I've been spendin' a lot of time outside with Mom and Dad.

We really like it here at the campground, and I get to meet lots of 
great people and dogs. In fact, there's one livin' right next door to us!
This is Holly. She's a little beagle and the people she lives with
are seasonal campers. That means that they keep their camper here 
all the time, rather than tow it around like Dad, Mom and I do. It's
pretty cool. They have a deck outside their camper and everything!

Holly is pretty vocal. She bawls when kids ride by on their bikes or on
those pedal car things. She bawls when people walk by with another dog.
She bawls when she sees me outside, 'cuz she wants me to play with her.

I'm a friendly guy, so I like to say "hello". We run around in their yard,
and her tie-out is so long that she practically barks in our front door!
Only problem is...shhhhh...she's a butt sniffer. That's right.
There I am "tendin' to my own knittin'" as Mom would say, and next
 thing ya know, she's got her nose up in my business! Well, hello! I'm
goin' steady, ya know! (Don't worry, Quinn. She's not my type!)

I snap and growl at her just to tell her to back off. I'd never think
 of bitin' her, but I draw the line at this sort of behavior. I've heard
 of networkin' before, but this is not what I had in mind at all.

Once I set the ground rules, we got along just fine. Just pay attention
to my front end and there won't be any problems at all. No butt sniffin'!

I've been workin' on somethin' really special that I hoped to have done
in time for today's post, but it's gonna take just a little while longer. I
don't like to rush perfection, ya know! I'll just have to save it until next
time. Hope you're havin' a great summer. We sure are! So, 'til next week...
"Wag Like Ya Mean It!"

July 21, 2014

Family Weekend...

l-r: Uncle Dick, Rob, Lina, me, Aunty Margaret
  What a wonderful weekend we had. I ran errands on Saturday and then joined
Uncle Dick, Aunty Margaret and friends from Canada, Rob and Lina for dinner 
at the Backyard Grill in Fond du Lac. Afterward, we all went back to Aunty and 
Uncle's home for tea and biscuits. It was a perfect night to catch up again.

I met Rob about forty years ago. It was so great to see him again, and to meet his
 lovely wife. When I first met him, I was a senior in high school! Although we both
have grey hair now, he still has the great smile and sense of humor I remember. 
When it was time for me to leave, he said, "Based on our track record, I may never 
see you again!" We laughed, but agreed that it won't be another forty years before we
 get a chance to visit. We exchanged email addresses, and I said that if they return to
 Wisconsin in any July in the future, we're bound to cross paths. (Fair warning! lol)
Handsome went over to Elkhart Lake for the Vintage Car Races with #1 Son and
his family. Of course, my dear retired photographer husband has no pictures to
commemorate the day, so I can't share any with you from his day at the track.
 Sunday evening, we joined #2 Son and his family for cookies and ice cream
after dinner. Grandma played cards with our daughter-in-law and grand-
daughters while Grandpa visited with their Daddy in the other room. We always
 have fun with them, and they were more than happy to pose for Grandma.
(This is the picture where they weren't making rabbit ears and too silly faces.)

Today, we're getting ready for Handsome to leave me in Wisconsin this week
as he heads to Lincoln, Nebraska for the summer Windjammers Convention.
He's going to spend the week making music and catching up with our musical
friends, while I get to visit with more friends and family here. Tag and I will
see my BFF, Lee tomorrow and Mom on Wednesday. That's just for starters!

Tag will be back tomorrow to tell you what he's been up to. I can divulge that
he's been an awfully busy Corgi since we got here. His next post will be fun!
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 Have a great week, friends. 


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