October 24, 2014

Getting In The Spirit...

"Halloween Boo!" Bench Pillow Pattern
If you follow "Brynwood Needleworks" page on Facebook, you've already
seen these patterns. One of the gals brought it to my attention and we ended up 
with a number of people expressing interest in having their own copy of this one.

Each of these patterns, when made, is meant to cover a bench pillow - and 
all are interchangeable. There are also instructions to create the actual
bench pillow, using fabric and polyfill. Applique' is accomplished using
your favorite technique, but the photos show raw edge, fused applique'.
Make more than one and can change them out for the season or holiday.
"Halloween Boo!" Bench Pillow Pattern
These, and the patterns below, are available for purchase from Brynwood.
Orders will be taken on a "first come, first serve" basis. You can either
 leave a comment below (if you're not on Facebook), or you can let me know
 on the Brynwood page in the comments section. Once I run out of these,
I can order more, but you'll have to wait until the shipment comes in again.

Each pattern is $10.50, including first class domestic postage. I'll also send
overseas, but price will depend on actual shipping cost. Once you let me know
which pattern(s) you want, include your email and I will send you an invoice
you can pay by credit card through Square. I'll post upon receipt of payment.

You're free to leave comments about the patterns, but if you want to order
of the designs, please say you want to purchase and which ones you'd like.
(Feel free to email me through the link on my right sidebar if you'd prefer.)
"Gather Together" and "Welcome Autumn!" Bench Pillow Patterns
I also ordered a few copies of each of these patterns...these in fall holiday themes.
"Whimsy Winter" and "Deck The Halls!" Bench Pillow Patterns
These are for winter and Christmas. I can hardly believe it's right around
the corner! I guess I'll be starting my Christmas gift list pretty soon. Oh, boy!
Where did this past year go? Sorry...I got sidetracked. So, if you want one or
more of these patterns, please let me know right away. I think they'll go fast.

October 23, 2014

Fascinated With Feedsacks...

 We had a special program at our guild meeting last night. Cecelia Reed
brought her vintage feedsack quilts, garments and bags to share with us.

I took over eighty photographs, but have managed to pare it down to ten to share.
 Cecelia's business is called "Pat's Sacks" after her mom, Pat who was a self-
proclaimed "hoarder" of all things related to feedsacks. Not only was Pat's home
decorated with feedsack creations, she had an entire room designated for all of
the vintage pieces she acquired over the years. Cecelia has taken over that role.
 As Pat began her program, she kept saying that the early quilts were boring and
drab. I kept thinking that I couldn't agree. Each of these quilts was an exercise
in color and frugality. Women of yesteryear saved and used every little piece
of fabric they could find to dress or warm their family members and loved ones,
and the designs were anything but boring. There was so much work in each one!
 This particular quilt is actually covered by another quilt in an 
effort to conceal and preserve the blocks beneath that were deteriorating.
Cecelia shared fully-intact sacks, as well as those which had been sewn into
aprons and other items. Even though she only brought a small selection of her 
favorites, there was still a staggering number of them displayed for our program.
Some of the nubby cotton sacks were cut up and sewn into baby (or adult) 
undergarments. Many of the original bags were burlap. Can you imagine 
wearing a pair of scratchy burlap undies every day? Those were the days!

Cecelia did mention that she sleeps on now-soft, cotton feedsack sheets.
Her quote was that sleeping on those vintage sheets is "absolute Heaven".
I was especially taken with this feedsack nighty with a crocheted bodice and 
sleeves. There was a soft, blue ribbon woven through the crocheting. I would
wear this in a heartbeat! I loved the air of nostalgia and those simple days gone by.
We all gasped when Cecelia opened up this Drunkard's Path quilt. So much work!
Likewise, this quilt was made from tiny scraps of vintage feedsacks. Many of these
 quilts were referred to as "summer quilts", because they were made with sacks on the
front and the back, with no cotton batting in between...lightweight for hot nights.
(These certainly don't read "boring and drab" to me. How about you?)
  Cecelia's mother created many of these quilts. She hand or machine pieced them
and then hand quilted them. She was a nationally recognized and awarded quilter.
Looking at her work, it was apparent that she loved creating every one of them.

Pat saved a 2" square of every feedsack she ever came across. Those squares 
were then stored in slip sheets in multiple looseleaf binders - now in her
daughter's possession. They are a definitive record of printed sacks in the United
States, and will eventually reside in an archive in Utah, where a person can
actually earn degree in feedsack expertise! She plans to hand deliver them when 
she decides that she's able to part with them. For now, she and guild members
are able to enjoy the vast wealth of knowledge Pat left in her daughter's hands.
PS. While my friend, Ellen's surgery took longer than expected yesterday, her surgeon is very happy with the results. We stayed in Ft. Myers until late day for a post-op appointment, and when the bandages came off, Ellen could see where she had previously been unable to see. She nearly cried for joy. I was blessed to be with her as we shared her happy results. I took her back home and then I returned home after 6:00. It was a long, tiring and thoroughly miraculous day. She wanted me to tell you, "Thank you from both of us for your prayers and kind wishes."


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