January 31, 2023

Tuesdays With Tag - It's Cold In These Parts...

Hi, Everybody!
Look! The sun is shinin'! I'm not exaggeratin' when I say it seems like forever since we've seen the sun. Even when it's cold outside - and it is cold outside - havin' the sun shinin' onto a strategic rug in the back hallway really can warm up a guy's bones.

We had quite the romp outside yesterday, but Mom insisted on takin' a couple pictures. Truthfully, it was all I could do to sit still for a little while. I was afraid my privates were gonna freeze to the ground! Thankfully, when all was done, I managed to make it back to the house with all my important parts intact.

Of course, Mom also wanted a photo of Bella Dog to send to Dad and to share with you. Even though she's had a couple of brain farts, it seems that most of her aggression is on the way out of her head. We still can't be loose together in the house, but it would seem that bein' outside and runnin' around together is just peachy with her. Go figure. Either way, Mom's bein' extra careful to make sure neither of us does damage to the other.

While we were out runnin' around, Mom notice something interestin' in the east field. Looks like somethin' has been makin' regular treks from the treeline in front of our house to the pine trees over yonder.

Here's a zoom into what I'm talkin' about. I'm sure if Mom walked over to the head of the trail she'd be able to tell whether it's coyotes or deer, but she said it was too cold to look. Maybe it will be better tomorrow and she'll take a little hike. We'd gladly hike over there with her, but we're fast, and by the time she got there, we probably would corrupt the tracks.

I can tolerate some of this cold weather because of my luxurious coat, but Bella is freezin' her keester off. She ends up standin' by the back door with one paw or the other lifted off the ground. Mom knows it's time to put her back in the house right away so she doesn't get frostbite. Me? I'm good. Even so, we hope it warms up again soon. 70º would be good right about now, thanks. Who can I call about that?

Mom is still workin' on her booth stuff, but she's promised we're goin' on an adventure after the show is over. I don't really care where we go as long as it involves a ride in her Explorer. Dogs Love Trucks (or SUVs or rides of any kind)! She can just give us treats until then and we'll be good to go.

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then... 
"Be A Good Dog."

January 30, 2023

A Bear, A Baby, and A Perfect Day For A Party...

I spent more time outdoors and busy making this little bear than working on bags last weekend. It's okay. I'll be back at that today. For now, I thought you'd like to peek into yesterday.
For starters, I made this wee bear for my niece - who turned two last week. The party was Sunday afternoon, and in pure Donna fashion, I waited until Saturday evening to figure out a gift for her. This pattern is from DeerDarlingDolls on Etsy. 
I always follow patterns and recipes to the letter...the first time. I make adjustments to suit my taste after that. The tummy embroidery is my own design, but the next time I make this pattern (which is simple, by the way), her arms and legs will be "beefier". Turning these out after sewing nearly killed my hands, and they're still sore as I write this.
Great-niece loved her new stuffie, and she toted it around in her new little shopping cart - another gift form another relative - the rest of the afternoon. It was adorable.

Great niece is my sister, Diana's great-grandchild, so she and my brother-in-law came down from MN to celebrate, too. Her grandson, Ethan is the Birthday Girl's daddy, along with her older sister and this new, precious, little boy. He's only a month old!

Of course, this great auntie held him for more than a little while, and he was alert, strong (lifting his head up to look around quite often), and content. He's a true pleasure to be around. Of course, I needed to get a photo of him with his "GiGi".

This last photo is of me, with Di and my youngest sister, Jan. We had such a nice visit, and it was great to spend an afternoon with both of them. I'm the eldest of all my sisters and brothers. I have one more sister, who is closest in age to me, who couldn't attend. She's been very ill this past year and has been on and off the recipient list for a donated lung. We all pray that that will happen soon for her, fully understanding the loss of a loved one in another family that would make that possible. For now, she stays safe at home, rarely attending family functions anymore.

I got home around 5, and the critters were glad to have me back. It was past their dinner time, after all. I was glad to be back, too. I'd spent an hour and a half clearing snow with our yard tractor before getting my act together to travel north to the party. When I got back home, I took care of the dogs and cats, changed into a comfy set of sweats and made my evening tea. I dozed off in the chair shortly after.

All in all, it was a very great day and I'm so glad I went to the party. Tag will visit with you tomorrow, and I'll be back on Wednesday with more inventory progress.

By the way, I realized that I neglected to write a post on Saturday. I guess I got so busy making that little bear, I completely lost track of time. I actually didn't finish her until 2 am, and then went straight to bed. Two demerits for the neglectful blogger. giggle I know you understand and will give me a pass. Thanks!

January 29, 2023

January 27, 2023

Making New Ensemble Bags...

This photograph is to remind you what my Brynwood "Ensemble" bags look like. I use cork fabric for the side pockets and bottom. The rest of the bag is made from slub canvas, stabilized decor fabric or denim. These were sold last year, but I'm making more for my booth.
These are the fabric combinations I chose (along with another denim set). The lining fabric is on the left and the exterior fabric is on the right. If it's a quilting cotton weight, I use 3-4 layers of stabilizer to give it the same weight as my cork fabric, and for added strength for the bag.
I'll be cutting and assembling these bags today and over the weekend. Tomorrow is Craft Day in Portage, and I'm planning to attend barring bad weather. There's a family Birthday party on Sunday with the same caveat. Neither are all day events, so I'll sew when I get home. I expect to share photos of the finished bags on Monday. Wish me luck!

January 26, 2023

New Flooring In The Studio...

I went to town yesterday in search of a rug to place under my chair and tables in the studio. I had two main reasons for doing this. One is that the floors in this old farmhouse are cold in the winter, and I sew either in socks or barefoot (depending on the season). Two is because these office chairs rub the finish right off the hardwood floor - even though it had a heavy duty urethane finish. Note to self: Find those rubber rollers to replace the hard plastic wheels on this chair.

I went to the Menard's in Fond du Lac and found this carpet remnant with bound edges. Looking at the photograph, it appears dirty. It's not, but the shadows in the room are really playing with its appearance. I also purchased a pad to go under the carpet so that its backing wouldn't damage the floor in here, too. The room already feels warmer! The fact that it was a remnant also meant that it didn't cost an arm and a leg. It was actually less than $50 for a 6' x 9' rug.

I knew the new rug wouldn't reach to the area in front of my cutting table, so I looked for other options. I found a package of these (bright) 18" foam tiles that fit together like a puzzle, and picked them up for $14.

Once I got home, I rolled my machines out of the room and wrestled the pad and rug into place. Then, I placed the tiles and moved the machines back in. Enough of that moving stuff for a while!

I went back over my list of projects to sew in the next two weeks. I'm in pretty good shape, actually. My day will begin today with animals, and then I have a little book work in the office before I get back to studio work. I'd better have breakfast first. It's going to be another busy day.

January 25, 2023

Finished By Dusk...

There's a term bagmakers use when they've sewn the exterior and lining pieces. All that's left to do is turn everything right-side-out. It's called "birthing the bag". Well, yesterday I birthed all seventeen bags. 
To tell the truth, my hands are sore after all that tugging and twisting. Everything is turned out through a small hole I leave in the lining. Once that's done, I sew the hole shut, push the lining into the inside of the bag and smooth out all the elements. I am chuffed over how they all turned out. I have four others that were in inventory prior to this marathon, so I'll have a total of twenty one Kirby Crossbody Bags available in my booth in a few short weeks.

I'm going to run a few errands this morning, and then cut out pieces for the next project. I'd tell you what that will be, but I haven't decided yet. We'll find out together. Come back tomorrow to see what's on deck.

January 24, 2023

Tuesdays With Tag - I Need A Hobby...

Hi, Everybody!
Do I look stiff in this picture? I should, 'cuz I'm bored stiff!
Honestly, this is what happens when Dad's away and Mom's workin' toward a deadline. She lets us keep her company and stuff, but there's not a lot of runnin' around outside or extra cuddles. I miss Dad. At least he takes us outside for long walkies and throws dummies for us.
Mom set up my bed in her studio, so when it's my turn to hang out with her I have a nice place to snooze. She also fixed up some gates downstairs so Bella (or I) can be contained to rooms, and not just to our kennel when it's our turn in "solitary".  

Mom took this picture of Bella when it was her turn to be in the studio. Cheeky girl got right up onto her lap so she could look out the window and down the road! Funniest part is that she actually believes she's a lap dog! She didn't get to stay there very long. Mom was workin', after all.

Mom actually sent this picture to Dad so he could see his WMBBD (He calls her "World's Most Beautiful Black Dog"). I think she's okay, but WMBBD? meh

I really don't mean to complain. She's doin' the best she can under the circumstances. She told us that once she's finished makin' inventory and gettin' through the quilt show, she's gonna do somethin' really special with us. We don't know what that is yet, but maybe it will be a trip to Petsmart to pick out new toys, or even go somewhere with lots of good smells to explore.

So I guess I should find a hobby for myself for days like these. Have you got any ideas for me? Don't say somethin' outside, 'cuz you know what happens if I go outside unsupervised. Who knows where my nose would take me! If you have ideas, leave a comment. I'll make sure Mom sees 'em.

Speakin' of Mom...She said to offer up her apologies for not postin' yesterday. She's up to her ears in cork and threads right now. She's still not finished with the Kirby bags, but should be by tomorrow to show you what they all look like. Then she'll be right on to the next thing, but I'll let her tell you about that. 

I'm gonna see if she'll let me raid the fridge or somethin'. I'd say I like to eat when I'm bored, but truthfully, I'll eat any time I can get at food. It's really only a matter of bein' able to reach into the cupboards or open the door on the fridge. Seein' as how it's not likely I'll be able to do that, I guess I'll just take another nap. sigh 

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then... 
"Be A Good Dog."

January 22, 2023

Sunday Scripture...

Ephesians 2:10 via BillyGrahamLibrary.com

January 21, 2023

I Can Explain...

Needlework of Chloe Giordano

"When my body speaks, I listen."
I had a really great day yesterday, but alas, there was no sewing after my trip to get my hair cut. I had a productive morning, took my shower and got to my appointment with time to spare. My visit with Wendi was great (It always is.), and after, I ran a couple of errands as long as I was out.
When I got home, I aired the dogs, made a cup of tea and then sat down in my chair to enjoy my cuppa. I finished it and promptly dozed off in the chair. When I woke up it was well after six, so I fed the dogs and barn cats, made dinner and took the rest of the evening off.
I'll be making up for my sloth today. I've been invited out to dinner for our dear neighbors' early anniversary celebration, so I'll stop early. We'll see if I'm still on a roll when I get home. I may go back to the studio. I may not. Either way, I'll share the finished bags with you on Monday - with apologies for being a slacker. 
I hope you have a restful and wonderful weekend. I'll see you again tomorrow with my Sunday Scripture.

January 20, 2023

Seventeen Kirbys...

I have a hair appointment right in the middle of my day, but there are seventeen Kirby Crossbody Bags that will be assembled by the end of the day (fingers crossed). 
Prepping the projects always takes longer than I expect and it involves pulling hardware, cutting all the exterior and interior pieces as well as straps and making sure I have all the supplies I need to keep sewing once I begin. I load up multiple bobbins for the sewing machine, and pull out the extension leaf on my sewing table. Then I'm ready to begin. Nothing quite like a little production sewing to turn out some impressive results. 

I'll begin my day by getting Tag and Bella outside to stretch their legs a bit, and then feed the cats. The dogs have to wait a bit because they've been romping around (like waiting an hour after swimming), but I'll feed them after making my morning cuppa and having some fruit for breakfast. Then, it's time to head back to the studio. I'll set an alarm today so I have time to grab a shower before heading out to see Wendi for my haircut.
I'll head back home and let the dogs out again, and then you'll find me in the studio until these are finished. It's a great way to end the week, and I can spend tomorrow planning the next lot for sewing.
Happy Friday!

January 19, 2023


The next time you receive something in the mail from me, it's likely to have my BW brand on it. Yesterday I received my order for branded bubble envelopes and paper packaging tape. I love how they turned out! 

My sister turned me on to Sticker Mule, and I took advantage of their wonderful (deep) discount offerings. Once you sign up for emails, they send offers to your inbox with prices that are hard impossible to resist. My first order was for stickers featuring my strawberry design, and this was my second order. The best thing is that you don't have to have a business to take advantage of their products. 
They produce labels, stickers, packaging, magnets, t-shirts and more, so you could use them for return address labels, family reunion t-shirts and things of that nature. They also include a bottle of their signature Mule Sauce with every order. I haven't opened the bottle yet, but I plan to soon.

If you'd like to check them out, HERE is a link to get a $10 discount on your first order. Full disclosure, I'll also get a $10 credit toward my next order if you use my link. If you see something you like, I'd be so grateful if you used it.

I can hardly wait to package up my next order! I set up a little shipping station on my big Ikea cutting table with all the drawers. It was so heavy and big that I've left that in the former sewing studio. I'm looking forward to trying that mule sauce, too!

I'm back in the studio today. I cut out a lot of Kirby Crossbody Bags yesterday and will sew them together today. It started snowing last night, and is forecast to continue throughout the rest of the day. It will be a perfect day to stay indoors.

January 18, 2023

My New Studio Space...

It's not finished yet, but this is my new studio space. It's on the southeast side of the house, so it will have lots of light during the day. I haven't switched out the contents of all the closets - or finished cleaning up Handsome's room and the sewing studio - but it's close enough so I can get back to sewing. It's going to be nice having everything in one room.
All the fabric shelves are placed and anchored to the walls, and all the fabric is back in place. The machines are placed where they'll be full-time, but I'll still add the rug in the area under those tables and where my chair will roll, to protect the hardwood floor. I have a hair appointment on Friday, so I'll do it then.
In the space above the bookshelves, I'll be hanging my studio television. That will wait, too, for now. I'll share photos of my bedroom space tomorrow. The sewing studio will now be a guest room and needlework room, but that has a lot more work before I can share photos of that. I promise I'll show that space once it's whipped into shape.
I'm cutting out more fabric and will be sewing all day. I'll only stop to air the pups and grab a bite to eat. I'm ready to roll now! See you tomorrow.

January 17, 2023

Tuesdays With Tag - PSA #5...

 Hi, Everybody!

No, you're not seein' double. Mom was so busy that I didn't get a new picture this week. Plus, I really stink at takin' selfies...No thumbs, you know.

First of all, Mom promises to answer all your comments on the last two posts, but usually by the end of the day right now, she's bushed. You won't believe the mess! Bella and I decided we're just gonna stay out of the way until it's all done.

So, here's my new Public Service Announcement.

If you have a dog (or maybe even a cat), I'm sure you've thought at one time or another, "Gee. I bet Spot would love a companion. Maybe we should get another dog/cat to keep him/her company?"

Trust me. Your dog isn't thinkin' that.They like bein' an only dog. They like hogin' the attention all to themself. They like not havin' to share treats, or the bed, or the sofa.

Take Bella, for instance. She's been tellin' me that since the beginnin' of December...and she repeats herself every day. Frankly, I'm startin' to think she's lost her memory. I keep tellin' her, "Alright, already! I got the message!" 

Yeah. She's still doin' it. Mom's gonna call the vet today to see if there's some kind of doggie downer we can give her to snap her out of this. The stuff she's been takin' from the vet for the past two weeks isn't makin' a dent in her attitude. But back to the PSA.

Mom and Dad also aren't fans of dog parks. We keep readin' stuff from our friends on Facebark about how a dog got poisoned by somethin' he picked up on the ground at the park. There are other stories about dogs that get hurt by other dogs.

Trust me. Your dog doesn't care about anythin' except spendin' time with you...their pack leader. Take 'em for walkies. Let 'em sit on the sofa and share a tuna fish sandwich with you. Keep us...ahem...them safe from moody b@tch!s and they'll be happy as clams!

There! I've said my piece for this week. Hope it's given you a little food for thought. Speakin' of food...I think I hear some bein' offered! Gotta run!

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then... 
"Be A Good Dog."

January 16, 2023

Whoa, Nellie...

Seven hours of working with my nephew and the bedroom and fabric room are reversed. I'll move the sewing machines into the "work room" later today, after I make a quick trip to town in search of a large piece of commercial carpet (tight weave and short nap) to protect the floor.
Once I get back, I'll tackle this "overflow" area and put things back in order. Tag will be visiting with you tomorrow, and I'll show you the results of our hard work on Wednesday. It sure looks different around here! For now, I'm off to get this move finished. See you in a couple days!

January 15, 2023

January 14, 2023

Playing With An Idea...

I have these beautiful sheets of printed vinyl that I'd like to use to make something for my booth in February. I'd like to create something inexpensive, but useful...and of course, still quality. This is a prototype of an idea. I'm calling it the Brynwood Cutie Pie Key and Cash Carrier.

The hardware doesn't match on this one, and I'd like to line the inside. I'm still working on that part. I might need to take a quick trip to HobLob this morning to see if they have something - not cork - that might work. Perhaps a solid color fusible vinyl would work? What do you think of the concept?

Wait until you see the other three prints I have. They're so cute! Tomorrow's going to be crazy busy, so I'll have to get them done today.I'll work on this a bit more and share what I come up with on Monday.

January 13, 2023

Rolling Into A Jam-Packed Weekend...

Putting words into action this weekend, as I prepare for the show while moving two rooms into one. I'll be taking my tylenol before I get up each morning, so I can stave off the sore muscles I'm sure to have after each day. Either I'll be sore from sitting at my sewing machine(s) for eight hours a day, or from moving things out of the way so bigger things can be moved by my nephew...the strongest man I know.

It's actually a good thing that Handsome is away, as I'm setting things in his room upstairs so they're out of the way as we play Tetris™ with studio and bedroom furniture on Sunday. I'm keeping what I need to reach for my sewing projects handy until then. You've seen photographs of my sewing and fabric studio rooms before now, so I'm just going to spare you the chaos and wait until the move is complete to post new pictures.

I'm up early this morning. With Handsome off the premises, I'm responsible to get the trash out to the driveway for pickup today. I'll take care of the Barn Girls before I come back in and tend to Tag and Bella. They'll get to run around the yard for a while before I bring them in and rest them before they get their breakfast. Then, I'll be able to sit down to my morning cuppa and plan the rest of my day. Things are definitely easier (and better) when Handsome is home. 

I'll be back tomorrow to share anything I manage to create today. Otherwise, in the spirit of keeping it real, and tell you all about my day today and how my plans were dropped into a cocked hat. Wish me luck!

January 12, 2023

Brynwood Needleworks - Bedroom Set For Sale/Sold...

Less than twenty four hours after listing our Paul Bunyan bedroom set for sale on Marketplace, the new owners were in our drive and ready to load up their purchase. When I saw the van and short bed truck coming down the road, I was skeptical about whether or not the set would leave in one trip.

I'm pretty proud of the fact that I have the gift of being able to puzzle pieces together so they fit. I moved out of my first apartment in a remarkably packed VW Beetle. This would be a piece of cake.

I measured the length of the truck box, height of the armoire and length of the large chest of drawers. Yes. With the possible exception of the headboard, it was all going to fit.

Happily, the side chests, bedrails and footboard fit into the van with no room to spare. The wheel well held the footboard in place, so I knew it would travel well. This load was secure and stable, so nothing would be damaged on the hour long drive home.

In the end, the headboard fit snuggly between the armoire and chest of drawers. Multiple cargo straps later, the sun came out and the caravan headed out of the driveway and northward home.
The armoire was an afterthought, so I took photos and measurements and texted the buyer to see if they wanted that piece, too. When he said yes, I told him I'd charge him half of what I actually wanted for it because it was clean and empty, but still upstairs. He still wanted it, so I held my breath as I watched them carry it down our narrow and steep farmhouse stairs and straight out of the front door.

Like a good blogger, I took photographs. Like a good grandma, I directed this young man to text me once he was safely home. He was so cute. He'd come with his wife, mom and two other young (strong) people. They all helped lift drawers, cannonballs, and the heavier pieces. I helped with a few of the smaller pieces. 
About two hours later, my phone signaled a text message. Yes. He sent a photo of the bed set up in one of their bedrooms. The room where it will end up is currently being painted, but he actually said he'd send another photo once it's in the final installation.

I was happy. They were happy, and the first month of 2023 already has a major grouping decluttered from our environs. Talk about multitasking!
My longest and dearest friend is in Wisconsin from Georgia to attend the funeral of one of her mum's oldest friends. She called me and is coming today for a whirlwind cuppa tea and visit before turning back for home.

Tonight is our planning meeting for our 50th Class Reunion. As I'm the chairman, I'll have a little prep work to do before our dinner gathering. Not much will happen in the studio today, so I'll be busy tossing things that won't be moved this weekend in our "switcheroo fest". Sewing will have to wait until Friday.

Don't fret that I'm doing too much. I spend a lot of time sitting with my feet up to compensate for these short bursts of exertion. I know I'm still healing and am taking great care not to cause any new issues. I promise not to overdo it, but I know how blessed I am that you're concerned for me. Thank you for that.

January 11, 2023


This isn't a recent photograph. I took it when this bed was still in my room. The reason I moved it out was because it was quite a hike to get up (much) onto it every night, and I was spoiled by my farmhouse bed, which is lower. Then I spotted the bed with the acorn and oak leaves motif and I was hooked. The big news is that I'm going to move my studio from two rooms to this larger room so we can have a guest room. 
This bed has been in the garage until today, when it's going to a new home, along with the matching dresser and side tables. Once the gent arrives, I'll ask if he's also interested in the matching armoire (which is still upstairs). If he is, he and his buddy will have to carry it downstairs, but I'll offer it to him for a steal that I hope he can't resist. I have a few surprises for Handsome that I want to accomplish while he's in Florida, and that armoir disappearing would be a big part of the plan.

I'm going to go out and dust off the pieces I know this man is going to purchase, and then give the armoire a dusting, just in case. 

Help is scheduled for Sunday to get the fabric room emptied and move my shelves and cutting table into the front room. Then, we'll reset my bedroom set into the newly-vacated fabric room. My plan is that the sewing room will be the guest bedroom (with the built-in cabinetry for now), and I'll also move my comfy chair in so I can sit and stitch there, too. With my nephew, Dan helping, it should go quickly and I won't be lifting all the heavy stuff. When I asked him to help, he didn't hesitate contingent only on whether or not his bride has something planned for their family that he doesn't yet know about. So, with my fingers crossed, I'm hoping the in-house move can proceed as planned.

The Barn Girls are back outside. They're not quite happy about it, but I need my sleep and those two romp around (mostly on me!) all night. I had also bought new litter for them that was better than the clay they were used to. On a recommendation by a few people, I bought a 40# bag of pelletized horse bedding for them. It smelled better and wasn't as messy as clay either. I was happy. Crystal was happy. Claudette was not. I found a nasty surprise in another room when I woke up, and that was that. Outside, thank you very much! (The dogs are happy about this new development, too!)

I know Crystal isn't disappointed. Although she's very cuddly inside, she really prefers the outdoor life. Claudette, on the other hand, was quite put out. She sat on the porch rail looking in the house most of the day. I let her in for a bit of a visit after dinner, and then gave her a cuddle and kiss and told her to go find Crystal as I put her out. At least she wasn't sitting and wailing to be let back in. I admit, they're spoiled.

After the bedroom set leaves today, I'll be back in the studio. I'm going to cut fabric for the sewing/stitching organizer I want to make for the show. I'm hoping to make about a dozen of them by Friday, so I'll get everything lined up and then I can concentrate on sewing without having to go back and forth from the cutting table to the machine. I always look forward to getting the cutting out of the way. It really is my least favorite studio task. Gotta go now. Lots to do. I'll see you tomorrow!

January 10, 2023

Tuesdays With Tag - Countdown...

Hi, Everybody!
It's been unseasonably warm around the farmhouse the past few days. It gets cold at night, but it was actually sunny again yesterday, and we really like that. That's why I decided to use this picture from last fall.

The reason I used "countdown" as my post title today will be apparent in the next couple of pictures. They've moved in. Bella and I aren't really happy about it either. These two belong outside, but Old Soft Touch (Mom) went out to the barn last week to find MORE CATS! She figured the only way to make the interlopers go away was to take up the food and water and make it more inhospitable out there.

This ottoman seems to be Claudette's favorite perch. It doesn't matter if Bella or I are roamin' around the house or not. She can be found here most times of the day. (At night, she's upstairs prowlin' around for non-existent mice.)

Crystal, on the other paw, prefers hangin' out on Mom's bed. I'm not happy about that either. But when I'm not with Mom, I'm in my crate - because Bella is still on a rampage as far as I'm concerned. She or I are in our crates while the other of us is out. It's just safer that way - for now. Believe me, Mom and Dad are still workin' with our vet to figure out a solution to that. In the meantime, felines are takin' advantage of the situation.

Anyway, I always hear Mom talkin' in the middle of the night, and when I asked her about it, she said this little wench is always wakin' her up. She starts lickin' Mom's face and tryin' to chew her hair. Plus, Crystal jumps on and off the bed all night. Who knew the bloody things were nocturnal? (I guess you're probably laughin' about now. Of course, everybody knows they're nocturnal, but Mom never thought about it before invitin' them in. She's thinkin' about it now!)

This one is scarce when Bella is out, but whenever she sees me, she's all cuddly and stuff. As you can see, I'm not much of a fan of this sort of harassment.
While Claudette would happily be a house cat, Dad will never tolerate that...and Mom wouldn't make Crystal live outside alone. The kid prefers to have more freedom than to be an indoor kitty. So Mom is workin' hard to work on evictin' the new squatters. (So far she's seen two of 'em.) She's hopin' she will have pursuaded them to move on in the next week. (I'm guessin' it's gonna be somethin' loud and scary.) Like she doesn't have enough on her plate already right now.

If you have any suggestions I can pass on to her, please leave a comment. I'll make sure she sees it. In the meantime, Bella and I are the downstairs critters, and those two cheeky felines are the upstairs critters. We need to change that toot sweet. I'm missin' sleepin' on the bed with Mom! Paws crossed she figures it out soon.
I'll see you again in seven. 'til then... 
"Be A Good Dog."