September 30, 2013

Tuesdays With Tag - A Few Of My Faves...

 Hi, Everybody. 
I had something completely different planned for today's post,
but you know what they say..."Fo-gedda-boud-it". hee hee

I decided instead to just a few of my favorite things this week.
These are not all of them (by a long shot!), 'cuz I like lotsa stuff.
 You may have heard that corgis are food-focused. Don't believe it for a second!
But,  I do love my Science Diet Small Bites. It's the "Advanced Fitness" kind.
(It helps me maintain my healthy and fit self.) But look at the most important 
part. There's a corgi on the label! Not as good lookin' as me, but not bad.
Another favorite thing...when I'm really PEANUT BUTTER!
YUMMY!!! Mine, all mine!!!
Well, not really, but mom shares a little with me once in a while.

Like everyone else, I also love BACON! I'll do almost anything for bacon.
In fact, I forget all about being an aloof, self-respectin' corgi when there's
bacon in the house. If you tell anyone, though, I'll deny it all over the place.
I'm a pool fool. Yeah. I know. You're shocked that this is on my list.
If I'm not swimmin', you can still find me hangin' out on my chaise
whether it's sunny or overcast. Who needs the dog beach when I've got
this oasis right outside my back door? No sand to get in my fur, either!
 When it's hot outside, I like to just sprawl out on the floor. 
It cools off my tummy and I can even sleep on TWO floors at once!
Front end on the tile. Back end on the wood floor...or vice versa.
I'm flexible that way.
 Even though this isn't my full list, I have to admit that one of my most
favorite things to do is help mom write her blog posts every night...and
then let her help me write my own posts for Tuesdays. I'm kinda fond of
all of you who leave such nice messages for me, too. I hope one of these
days we might even get to meet each other in person. Wouldn't that be cool?
'til then...
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"
See ya next week!

September 29, 2013

Making Flutterby Progress...

 It was a beautiful weekend, indeed. In addition to family time, I was also
able to set up the corner blocks for my upcoming "Flutterby" class quilt.
 I took these photos while I still had nice light in the studio, but by the
 end of Sunday evening I had finished stitching two of the corners. I'll
finish the other two today and then I'll start assembling the blocks.

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Wishing all of you a wonderful, light-filled and creative week.

September 28, 2013

September 27, 2013


 I have been busy this week working on a new quilt. It wasn't all rearranging
furniture and moving the studio around, you know. I'm going to be teaching
new classes in October, so I thought it might be a good idea to sew up the
projects ahead of time. Yeah. Nothing like waiting 'til the last minute.
One class I'll be teaching is a sweet quilt called "Flutterby" by Whimsicals.
It involves hand applique', simple piecing, and finishes under 50" square.
 I'm nearly finished with the center motif and will work the butterfly corners
 next. After they're finished, I'll work my way through the instructions to
 complete the piecing assembly. I like to go step-by-step, so that I know
 where my students might get hung up. I can work out any bugs so they
won't have to. (So far, the instructions are great and easily understood.)

I'll be working on it all weekend, so I'll give you an update on Monday.
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Thanks to all who have already entered.
I'm enjoying all the comments you're leaving for me.
 You are all so sweet, and I appreciate every single one of you.
 I'm glad that winners will be chosen by the Random Number Generator.
It takes the pressure off me. (I so wish I could give everyone a gift!)

Good Luck to all of you!!

September 26, 2013

1600th Post Giveaway...

 I'm celebrating 1600 blog posts this week, so I wanted to have a
special giveaway for my wonderful, fabulous, loyal friends.

I'm going to give away a Moda™ jelly roll assortment, along with
a piece of pre-joined fabrics from the same line. It will come with 
the pattern to make this piece of fabric into a great little snap bag.

ONE person will win this assortment.
 I also purchased copies of "Home Comforts" by the creative Brenda Riddle,
designer for Acorn Quilt and Gift Company. I have owned my own copies
for some time, and have created some of the designs from her books. I know
that the winners will love her patterns as much as I do.

THREE people will win their own copy of  "Home Comforts".
 I'm also offering Brenda's "Simple Things, Small Joys".

THREE people will win their own copy of this book.

Here's how to enter...
• Leave a comment telling me that you're a "follower" of my blog
for one entry.
• Leave a separate comment telling me which gift you like most
for a second entry.

 That's it! I'll choose a winner (via Random Number Generator)
one week from today...Friday, October 4th at midnight. You can
find out the winner's names in my post on Saturday, October 5th. 
Make sure I have a way to reach you if you're a winner!

Thanks to everyone for being such great friends and visiting 
Brynwood Needleworks over the last 1600 posts. Here's to the next 1600!

September 25, 2013

The Calm After The Storm...

 Rebecca sits at the top of my new shelf unit. She's calmly stitching away having
witnessed the storm that was "Me", cleaning and rearranging my creative space.
This is the first thing I see whenever I enter through the door of my studio.
 My cutting table is clean and waiting for me to start the next project.
All Most of my laces are arranged on tubes and hang from the tension rods
I placed between the legs on my table. In this place, they're handy and ready
to use without sorting through loose pieces in boxes or drawers. I need to roll
a few more pieces I found while cleaning, but this is what's sorted so far.
 When I'm in the studio, I look to my left and see my machines, ready and 
waiting on their tables. Miss Ellie is set up on a larger table so I don't have
to move her to use the embroidery feature anymore. I just have to add the 
embroidery arm, set the design, thread her up and go. Handsome picked her up
 to move her out of the room during the "storm" and commented on how heavy
 she is. I'm infinitely happy that I can just leave her on the table to use now.
 If I stand behind Prissy (my Babylock Espire), and look back toward the door,
you can see what I see from here. My stand, holding a little more fabric (I know),
my storage cabinets on the right and my cutting table on the left. My acorn ornaments
all hang from a tension rod suspended in the window, and a few of my favorite pieces
of needlework hang on the walls. (Those are my completed "Sweet Stitches" panels
hanging on the door.) You can also see some of my small quilts hanging in the hallway.
 I've organized future projects in their own plastic storage boxes under
the cutting table. This way, they're kept together, clean and organized.
 These are my storage cabinets. I'm not going to open the doors because one
of you might fear for my sanity and call the authorities. I have fabric on bolts
behind four of those doors, and more plastic containers with current projects
inside the last one. Each one has the project name on it so that I can just pull the
one I want instead of having to sort through every one to find what I'm looking for.
 Each shelf on my new wall unit has a display of some of my favorite things.
This shelf has British tins, a small English figurine and, of course, a corgi. It was
a sweet gift from a generous blog friends TerriBoog and her dog, Bittabit, who
sent along a few other corgi things (see post here to see all the goodies she sent).
 This shelf has a watercolor painted by Sharon Chapman; a tiny treasured bear
handmade by a dear friend in Wisconsin (which sits on another gift from a Florida
friend about twenty years ago); a small creamer with beautiful little violets from Mom
(Grace); and one of my two Susan Pilotto creations (Mouse Droppings Fine Folk Art).
 Another shelf holds my own "Harris" the Tweed Rabbit pincushion; another
gift (the sweet, heart-shaped dish) from Terri; the incredible needlework beetle
I won from Lee from Notes From Under The Mountain blog; my own button
heart art piece; a crocheted floral mat from a friend who no longer sells them; and
my beautiful card from one of my family members in England. It's my "sweet" shelf.
 Pincushions and wool animals are front and center on one of my shelves.
That top pincushion with the lace and seam binding was made by dear friend, 
Dawn Edmonds of The Feathered Nest. She really has a way with canvas,
and seam binding. She's creates the loveliest sachets and pincushions.
 Of course, you knew I'd have a shelf dedicated to acorns, didn't you?
The leather case in the back hold a pair of antique binoculars. I hope to
someday create a steampunk piece with an embellished bird sitting on
top of those field glasses. For now, it looks just right with my acorns.

Today, I'll be in the studio. I have a little catching up to do, now that I'm all
reorganized. I have two class models to make for the shop in Venice. It was
nice to enjoy the calm after the storm, but no time to sit around on my laurels.
You'll want to be sure to visit tomorrow. 
I'll tell you all about my 1600 Post Giveaway!

September 24, 2013

Hurricane Dee...

 I really never realized just how much "stuff" was crammed into my sweet,
not-so-little armoire. Boy, was I surprised as I moved things around and 
tried to straighten up the studio again. Half of the room still looks like
Ground Zero for Hurricane Dee! I'm exhausted, but still have all of this to go.
 This is where one of the Lack Wall Shelves from Ikea was installed. (The other 
one is in our living room, and it looks fabulous in there, too!) I've placed all the 
special things that were scattered around the room onto these shelves to clear 
my sewing tables for those things that have to be close at hand when I'm working.
(I'll share close-up photographs of my shelves when I have good (no-rain) daylight.)
 So, this side of the room is cleaned up. I now have a table wide enough for 
Miss Ellie so that I don't have to move her when the embroidery unit is attached.

I also moved the television lower on the wall. I haven't been able to camouflage
the cables attached to it yet, so lowering it leaves less cable showing. I also put
acorns on the corners of it. They were created just for me when I had my shop.
 I still need drawers for some of my ribbons, tapes and fabric and these are perfect.
Many of the contents are set to be used in the near future, so they're visible and 
close at hand when I'm ready to pull them to sew. They're also pretty to look at
through the clear plastic drawers and inspire me to start sewing them right away!
So, even though I still have a way to go, I can see the end of the storm.
I think I might just have to sit and look around for a while when I finally finish.
Hurricane Dee will pass and it will be smooth sewing from now on!
 I just realized that this is post #1600. I think it might be time for a
giveaway for my faithful followers friends this week. Stay tuned!


September 23, 2013

Tuesdays With Tag - A Corgi Story...

Hi, Everybody.
Today I want to tell you a story. Like in the storybooks. 
I hope you like it.
"A Corgi Story"
Brynwood's Taggart Liljegren
 One beautiful day, an incredibly handsome and dashing corgi went for a ride with
his mom. The corgi adores car rides and didn't even care where they were going.
 When their arrived, he was very, very happy. He realized right away
where they were, and he couldn't wait to see some of his favorite ladies.
 As soon as he went inside, they all greeted him, saying, "HI, TAG!"
They scratched him behind the ears and called him "Good Boy".
These are just a couple of reasons that he loves visiting these ladies.

He sat down and visited with Miss Kathy and Miss Nora, and he was a
 very polite boy. He didn't interrupt them when they talked to his mom.
He was very quiet and didn't "arrrroooooo" or anything! He
even took a little nap. He rested his head on one of their chairs.
 He said 'hello" to Miss Joni and Miss Brenda, but he wondered why
Miss Fay was not there. The ladies told him that Miss Fay was home
that day. The one lady that he always kissed wasn't there anymore,
but he was happy to see all the other ladies that came into the shop.
One lady was really funny. She said she had a corgi at home, too! She got all
happy and chirped at him that he was so cute. He had to sniff all over her to see if 
she smelled like a corgi, and guess what? She did! Right down to her feet, 
where it's easy for a dog to sniff. It was really fun for him to sniff her toes.
 He had a really fun visit and then it was time for him and his mom to go home.
He said goodbye to all his friends and then he went outside and jumped right
back in his truck to ride home. It was a nice day to ride with the windows open.

He asked if he could drive, but his mom said his legs were just a teeny, tiny bit
too short to reach the pedals. He told her that maybe they ought to think about
getting one of those "mini" cars. He likes corgi-sized cars like Mini Coopers or
Volkswagen Bugs. She just laughed and laughed and they drove home together.
"The End"
I hope you like my first story. I had a lot of fun writing it for you.
I think next time there should be kids in the story, too. Don't you?
'til then...
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"