September 22, 2013

Letting Go...

 Right this very instant, it looks like a bomb went off in my studio.
This happens from time to time. You know those old-fashioned toys
where you moved little, square tiles around until all the numbers were
in order? That's how I feel in the studio sometimes. Too much stuff and
not enough room. I bring things in and take things out and still there are
too many things in the finite space where I create. So, I'm going to try again.
 This time, I've decided that one of my "old friends will have to move 
out of Brynwood and on to another home where she'll be appreciated.
 I emptied my little armoire out. All the contents are spread on my 
work table, sewing cabinets and on the floor. I've had her since I
had my needlework shop. She was used to display items that I sold
there. She's served me well all these years, but I really don't have
enough space in the studio - and she doesn't go with the decor in the
rest of the house - so I'm setting this sweetheart free. I'm letter her go.
 I know someone is going to love having her. She's so useful, and
 she's pretty, too. She's painted white, with Cheri Blum images
 decoupaged on each door. She might like a little rework, though.
Don't we all like a new outfit and makeup from time to time?
She stands 69 1/2" tall, is 39 1/2" wide and 14" deep. 
There are four shelves and a single bottom drawer.

If you live "local" to me and would like to purchase her,
please let me know. I'm asking $125.00, and plan to list her
up on eBay on Wednesday. If you're interested, don't delay.

Breaking up is hard to do, but letting go makes space for the creative spirit.
I'll just keep telling myself that.

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Leeanne said...

Oh boy I wished I lived closer! New Zealand is a bit far away to 'pop over'!!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Letting go is hard...but I know this piece will be loved wherever it ends up!

Createology said...

Donna your studio is sew very impressive and inspirational. It is good to purge and reorganize from time to time. Your cabinet has served you well and will now go to a new home to be loved. Looking forward to seeing how you put your studio back together. Creative Bliss Dear...

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh man! I wish like everything I was able to come get her! She's a beauty! Twyla

Claudia said...

I'm going to send this link to my sister, she may be interested. I'm sure it's hard to say goodbye to your pretty cabinet.


DeeDee said...

You are so brave. I get so attached to my older things..especially wood furniture.. hard to find furniture like this... bid her farewell and now.. where does all this stuff go now??? we got a new idea??? cannot wait to see.. I watch everyday your daily happenings.. just do not get to comment often... awaiting a new room.. hugs :D


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