September 19, 2013

Back To Basics Class...

 This is the piece I created for the "Back to Basics" class I taught yesterday.
It's a sweet, cheerful mug mat that will be just right for a special someone
to place on their desk at work. It's a bright spot to rest her morning cup of
coffee or tea, with room on the side for a mid-day snack or lunchtime meal.
 This mug mat is a perfect way to teach a new quilter how to make 1/4" seams,
practice a little meander or straight line quilting, add a ribbon embellishment, 
and then finish the piece with traditional binding (sewn to the front, hand sewn
on the back). My class began at 10 am and finished at 2 pm, and by the end of
the session, the only thing students had to complete was the hand sewing.

They had so much fun that some of them thought they might make these as gifts
for their friends, and a few for themselves. It's a small project with a big impact,
especially when it's made in the recipient's favorite colors or theme. It leaves lots
of room for the maker to try new techniques and spread their own creative wings.
WARNING: No one can make just one.

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Createology said...

This is such a lovely mug rug. Your students were very fortunate to be able to take lessons from you and your beautiful sewing techniques. Great idea for gifts...

Buttons said...

Super cute and item to learn. Love mine! Trick is to keep it clean. Sleepy mornings = tea/coffee spills!

Nancy said...

I still use mine from the mug mat swap you hosted. I really like it as it absorbs the water on plastic diet coke cups from McDonalds--my drink of choice.


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