September 30, 2013

Tuesdays With Tag - A Few Of My Faves...

 Hi, Everybody. 
I had something completely different planned for today's post,
but you know what they say..."Fo-gedda-boud-it". hee hee

I decided instead to just a few of my favorite things this week.
These are not all of them (by a long shot!), 'cuz I like lotsa stuff.
 You may have heard that corgis are food-focused. Don't believe it for a second!
But,  I do love my Science Diet Small Bites. It's the "Advanced Fitness" kind.
(It helps me maintain my healthy and fit self.) But look at the most important 
part. There's a corgi on the label! Not as good lookin' as me, but not bad.
Another favorite thing...when I'm really PEANUT BUTTER!
YUMMY!!! Mine, all mine!!!
Well, not really, but mom shares a little with me once in a while.

Like everyone else, I also love BACON! I'll do almost anything for bacon.
In fact, I forget all about being an aloof, self-respectin' corgi when there's
bacon in the house. If you tell anyone, though, I'll deny it all over the place.
I'm a pool fool. Yeah. I know. You're shocked that this is on my list.
If I'm not swimmin', you can still find me hangin' out on my chaise
whether it's sunny or overcast. Who needs the dog beach when I've got
this oasis right outside my back door? No sand to get in my fur, either!
 When it's hot outside, I like to just sprawl out on the floor. 
It cools off my tummy and I can even sleep on TWO floors at once!
Front end on the tile. Back end on the wood floor...or vice versa.
I'm flexible that way.
 Even though this isn't my full list, I have to admit that one of my most
favorite things to do is help mom write her blog posts every night...and
then let her help me write my own posts for Tuesdays. I'm kinda fond of
all of you who leave such nice messages for me, too. I hope one of these
days we might even get to meet each other in person. Wouldn't that be cool?
'til then...
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"
See ya next week!

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Minimiss said...

Funny, we have a few favourite things in common Tag. Maybe not the doggie bites but the peanut butter, pool time, lying about when the weather is hot. I also have to agree that you are a far more handsome corgi than the one on the doggie bites bag. xxx

Createology said...

Tag you are such a cutie. I too love PB. I'll let you have all the Science Diet though. You are very fortunate to have your own pool and lounge. I have a pond for critters but not for me to swim in. I don't think I could lay quite so flat on the cool floor as you are able to do but it does look interesting. Thanks for sharing some of your favorites. You are my favorite Corgi!!! Happy Tail Waggin Smooches...

Kris said...

Tag, m'boy, you qwack me up and so does your Mom!! Tell her thanks for me for helping you write your posts!! :-))

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Tag, I enjoyed seeing a few of your favorite things! You are a boy after my own heart! I already feel like I know you and you're such a sweetheart! Love, Twyla

TerriSue said...

Tag, you are so funny. I enjoyed your favorites. We've never had a pool so I wouldn't know what it feels like to walk out the back door and be right at one, but I suspect it is pretty nice. I've never known a dog who didn't like peanut butter! Bacon I don't know about as we have been vegetarians for 32 years, but I'm guessing Bitabit would love it. She'll eat anything including bird food that falls to the floor when the birds get messy. Silly girl.


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