September 15, 2013

I Couldn't Help Myself...

 I had every intention of doing something else (or nothing at all) this past week-
end. I really did. But that little squirrel kept chittering for my attention. So, on
Saturday afternoon, I pulled out Handsome's light box and traced the design
for "Little Acorns" onto the kit fabric. I've decided that the brown Frixion™
pen is my favorite. (It disappears with an iron after the design is stitched.)
 So, I stitched on Saturday evening and during football on Sunday. By sunset,
all I had left to do was iron the piece flat (face down on the board, so I didn't
 flatten the stitching), and add the three little acorns.  Done! I took these pictures
 to share with you, and then I hung it up with my other two finished blocks.

My plan is to stitch all the blocks first and then I'll finish them according to
the instructions using the fabrics included in the kits. But, really. I can't do 
any more for a while. I have to prepare for my classes on Wednesday and
Thursday...and there's that quilt top to finish in the next week or so. It's a
smaller-sized wall hanging, but it does have hand applique', so I'd better get
crackin' on that. These "Sweet Stitches" are just going to have to wait a while.

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Lesley said...

Wonderful stitchery!

Minimiss said...

I just knew you wouldn't be able to wait to stitch the acorn piece. They are all lovely designs.

Createology said...

Adorable little Squirrels with their acorns can be very persistent! You will need to hide these from yourself dear...Get to cracking those acorns of projects waiting.

Gloria M said...

Good Morning Donna, I don't believe you are going to be able to wait on the three little acorns. They are just too adorable. Enjoy your stitcheries and if I were you, I would go ahead with the acorns.


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