September 17, 2013

Pure Fun...

 Last weekend, friends joined us for a homemade pizza/salad party at our house.
When I prepared our table, I kept the Moda "Pure" tablecloth that I made in 
2011 on our antique oak table. I used store-bought napkins and decided that
I really needed to make napkins from that same fabric line in the near future.
I wanted to have a coordinated look for the next time we had company.
Yesterday, I decided to take the time to make a set of matching napkins.
 It didn't take very long. I cut the fabrics (for two-sided napkins), stitched my 
BW acorn onto a corner of the darker fabric, sewed the fabrics together. All 
that was left to do was turn them inside-out, press and topstitch them and I 
was finished. Fast finish. Six new 12" square napkins in less than 2 hours!
 Now I have matching, reversible napkins to use for just us, and when we
have guests. The only thing is that, last weekend, my girlfriend really
wanted to take the tablecloth home with her. Handsome said next time, she'll
have a whole set to walk off with!  The good thing is that she told me that 
she'd like to hire me to make a circular tablecloth for her table instead!
I'm looking forward to creating something customized to her decor.
 The rest of my daytime was spent preparing my teaching materials for
the Classmate™ class at Crazy Quilters today. I'm looking forward
to helping my students create their own organizers to take home.

My day ended with our monthly guild meeting. It was great to see
my quilting girlfriends, and to also meet our newest members. 
All in all, it was a really productive and great day.

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Createology said...

I cherish my set of napkins you created. They really do add such a touch of class and comfort. Your table is lovely. No worries about you being prepared for class dear...


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