March 31, 2013

Time Just Flies...

Shadow Play by Elly McKay
 I can't believe that it's already APRIL!!!
I have been working on my list and now, many of the items that were 
weighing on my mind have been finished or resolved. I still have
a list, but it's nowhere near what it was at the beginning of March.

This week holds a celebration and more projects to finish.  I'm optimistic 
that I'll meet my last few deadlines and will enjoy a clean slate in no time.
 I just know there will be a happy dance at Brynwood in the near future! 
I'm looking forward to you joining in the fun.

Happy Spring, my friends.

March 30, 2013

Sunday Scripture - Easter...

 From our home to yours...

March 29, 2013

Bow Tucks Bag Class...

 The gals at Crazy Quilters asked me to teach a handbag class and this is the
one I've chosen. I'll be teaching this class in May, but I'll make the bag in April
 so they'll have it as a model for promoting the class to prospective students.

What do you think of the fabrics I've chosen to make my model?
It's a really nice twill - a little heavier than quilting cotton - and I'll
use the cotton dot in the background as the lining and detail fabric.
I'm going to like carrying this handbag when I'm finished with the class,
too. I think the color will lend itself well to carrying when I wear jeans, 
but it's also got that great "Florida vibe", which I really like. 

I won't work on it for at least another couple of weeks. I'll be 
finishing the guild block first, but once that's complete...

If you live in the area, check out the class schedule at the shop. 
I'd love to have you join me!

March 28, 2013

Observing Good Friday...

Image from
 "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only son,
That whosoever believes in Him shall have eternal life."
                                                                     - John 3:16
Today, our house will contemplate the greatest sacrifice made that we might
be saved by His grace. I'll be back tomorrow with a peek at my next class.

Adele's Hankies...

 My friend, Adele, brought her vintage hankies to Paneras on Tuesday night to 
show me. She is in her late 80s and has been doing needlework since she was 
a wee girl. These hankies are all over fifty years old and were created either by 
her mother or herself. Of course I grabbed my camera to share with you!

All of the centers for her hankies are linen. She said they cost 10¢ each in the day.
I'm especially fond of this first one with the southern belle in her beautiful dress.
 The edge on this one is still bright and vibrant after all these years!
 What respectable young woman didn't have a hankie with her monogram?
One of the girls teased Adele by saying that her initial is "A", too, so perhaps she
should have this one when Adele was finished with it. Yeah. Adele didn't think so.
 This is pretty clever. A row of linen stitched to the linen hankie, then a lace insert, 
with another crocheted finish along the outside edge. She had a couple like these.
 This was the hankie Adele carried the day she was married. Her mother
made it for her. The linen was pastel blue, and then rows and rows of trim.
 I think this is the sweetest one in the whole assortment. It is a linen hankie that
 was signed by all of Adele's school friends. After the signatures were written
 on the linen, Adele's mom backstitched each of the names in a different color.

As I held and examined each handkerchief, I found myself thinking about the hands
that worked each and every stitch. Hours spent laboring on something that has
been cherished and saved for a lifetime...and will be handed down to her daughter
to appreciate long after she's gone. I reflected on the importance of using quality
supplies when you're creating heirloom-quality pieces, and then my final thought...
"Who could possibly blow their nose in these?"
I'd rather think that they were used to wipe away a happy tear or blot a moist upper lip.
You know, something more ladylike.

I have my mother-in-law's and her mother's treasured hankies and I'll share them with
you another time. I keep them in an acid-free box when I'm not carrying one to keep
her memory close. They're reminders of a kinder, gentler time, and for me a reminder
of an elegant and loving woman. I feel good just having Evelyn's hankie in my pocket.
I'm teaching my quilt class today. I got all this month's blocks sewn; paper foundation
created; supplies pulled together and I'm ready for another great day with my students.

Tag always rides along and sleeps at my feet when I teach at the shop. He greets the 
customers, schmoozes for lunch (unsuccessfully, because it's not allowed), and 
he impresses everyone with his cute corgi-ness. I like taking him along, and everyone 
at the shop (including Marilyn, the owner) thinks of him as an honorary mascot.

I also finished editing the video, and burning all the DVDs so that Handsome can 
deliver them at his rehearsal tonight. I'm feeling pretty darn proud of myself today.

Have a great day and do something creative...even if it's only something small.
If you don't do it for yourself, do it for someone you love. They'll appreciate it, too!

March 26, 2013

On Being Organized...

 If I gave you a list of all the things I need to accomplish this week, you might
just gasp. I know I did! I keep a daily notebook with my tasks outlined page-
by-page, and when I accomplish items on my list, I check them off. It helps me
to see what I'm able to get done each day. My daily pages also have lists of calls
 I need to make, things I need to pop in the mail, incoming calls, appointments
and anything else I want to commit to long-term memory, like family stuff.

This week has a lot of entries, but I've also managed to tick a number off my lists
already! On Thursday, I'll be teaching Session Two of the "Over The River" class,
so I'm busy creating the block for that class and working on the embroidery, too.

First thing yesterday, we had a service tech appointment so that took up part of
my morning. Even so, I cut all the components for the "Block-in-Block"...uhhh...
block. (lol) I only need six to go into this quilt, so I was happy to have five of them 
finished mid-afternoon. They're lookin' good but, because the designer didn't
specify the finished size of the blocks, I needed to make at least one to know the size
 to create a paper piecing foundation for my students who'd rather use that method.

Mid-afternoon I began editing my recording of Handsome's North Port Concert 
Band concert last week. (It's due to the band members on Thursday night this week.) 
I managed to nearly get to "Intermission" before I needed to leave to meet the girls 
at Paneras for our weekly gathering. I was a little tired, but I went anyway.
Another item on the list is to do the stitching on the last applique' block for the
guild quilt. I took that with me to Paneras and stitched away while my friends
and I chatted and caught up on all the news since we last met together. It was nice
and I was really glad that I didn't decide to stay home. There were over a dozen
gals there, and my sweet friend, Margaret is heading back to Canada on Friday,
 so I got a chance to say "toodles" to her before she and her hubby pack to leave.

Today, I'll prepare my orders to ship, along with some Easter gifts to send North to
Mom Grace, my sister and our grandchildren. Next, I'll finish editing the recording   
for the Concert Band, and burn the DVDs. They'll be ready for delivery on Thursday.

I'll also make that last block and the paper foundation for my students this week.
Once that's finished, I'll do more embroidery on the panel and I'll be ready for class.
This is when FOCUS really comes in handy!

One more thing...
(click on the "Happy Birthday" link to write a message on Shell's blog)

March 25, 2013

Tuesdays With Tag - I'm Exhausted...

 Hi, Everybody!
I'd love to show you some pictures of me being energetic and intelligent,
but to tell the truth...I'm exhausted! I spent yesterday helpin' my Auntie Shell
at the Raspberry Rabbits adopt out all her wooly rabbit pincushions.
 Every single little bunn is on its way to a new home! How excitin' is that?
Mom sold some of her scissors and fobs, too, so that was BONUS!

Important Announcement: Mom asked me to write a note to Miss JUDY IN OKC 
for her...Mom would like to reply to your email, but you're a "No Comment Blogger"
and you didn't share your email address with her. She'd love to write back to you,
so pleeze write to her again and give her your email address. 
I will now return you to the rest of MY post!!! (Geez, Mom!) ****
 So, anyway...I'm takin' the day off and snugglin' up to my favorite Handsome Dad.
Dad had FOUR concerts since last Thursday (TWO on Sunday!) and he's a little
gassed, too, so we're gonna rest and recuperate. I know you all understand.

I'll be back next week - bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! (Well. "Bushy-nubbed" anyway.)
Have a great week and take time to do something fun.
Mom and I are gonna be busy in the studio doin' fun stuff, so I'll see you again soon. 
'til then...
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"

March 24, 2013

New In The Boutique...

 If you're new to Brynwood, perhaps you don't know yet that I was born in
Great Britain. I'm a U.S. citizen by virtue of my father's citizenship, and
actually a British citizen by virtue of my birthplace just southwest of London.
(England recognizes my dual citizenship. Isn't that cool?)

From time to time, I like to give a little nod to my roots, and this is one of
those times. I have created scissors fobs and attached them to some very
special embroidery scissors I found for you. The scissors are 6", made in 
Pakistan. They're high quality and nice and sharp for doing close work.

I've created two felted flags...One for "Stateside" and one for "Across the Pond".
Each flag measures approximately 3" x 2" and is hand assembled and stitched 
using pearl cotton thread. I then attached a split ring and lobster claw so they 
would stay securely attached to your scissors. You can also choose a charm to
embellish your scissors instead of a flag. Either way, you won't have to worry
about losing your scissors in the bottom of your sewing kit, or confusing your
embroidery scissors with those belonging to someone else if you in a class.

Scroll down to see your scissor fob choices...
US Flag - Felt
UK Flag - Felt
Phone Booth Charm
London Charm
Underground Charm
Big Ben Charm
 If you're interesting in purchasing your own, just go to the Boutique under 
the "Other Creations" link to order yours. Some of the charms are limited 
quantities and I won't be able to reorder them, so don't delay if you have a favorite!

You can always go to the Boutique by clicking on the link at the top of my blog.
Once you're there, I have links in the Boutique for different categories.
You can use the direct link below to find the scissors/fob sets.

Why not explore a little while you're there? You might find something you can't resist!
The Raspberry Rabbits Limited Litter
 One more thing before I leave today...
Remember when I shared a selection of beautiful wools and threads with you?
I promised to show you more later.

I have created a Limited Edition Raspberry Rabbits Litter for my blog buddy,
Shell May! Tag is busy working overtime this week over at The Raspberry Rabbits
for his sweet Aunty Shell, so when you're finished here, just hop over to visit!
Tag will tell you all about these little bunns...and you know how chatty he can be! 

March 23, 2013

March 22, 2013

Pretty Bugs and Giveaway Winners...

 By dinner time Friday night, I finished all the setup for the CT block!
Woot! Woot!
Time for the stitching to commence.
Where to begin?

I bet you're dying to know who the winners of Brynwood's
Fourth Birthday Party Giveaway 
are, aren't you?

Time to announce the winners...
 First Choice - VINTAGE PACKAGE - goes to:

 Second Choice - CRAFTER'S PACKAGE - goes to:

 Third Choice - LET ME KNOW YOUR CHOICE - goes to:
 and last, but not least...
The Final Choice - LET ME KNOW YOUR CHOICE - will go to:
#43 - Lesley UK

Congratulations, everyone
Thank you to everyone who entered.

Please contact me with your full name, address and email so that I can
send your choice to you. Tina, please let me know your choice. Lesley, I'll 
contact you to let you know your choices after Tina makes her selection. 

March 21, 2013

Red, White and Blue-ness...

 I'm nearly finished with the set-up for the applique' block I'm working on,
but my mind is already moving on to another project. This has been in the 
works for a while. I thought I might show you a peek at what's on deck.
 All the components are right here...everything I need to do this project.
I'm planning to debut it on Monday the 25th, so I hope you're curious
enough to come back to see what this all becomes when I'm finished.
 Today is the last day to enter my giveaway.
I'll choose the winners tonight and announce them tomorrow.
and for those of you who have...
Good Luck!!!
It won't be long now.

March 20, 2013

Some Days...

 Our dear, old dog trainer friend, Ray Sommers used to say, "Some days it just
 don't go by the book." Truer words were never spoken! Just when you think 
it's safe to start a new project, something happens and changes your focus again.

I found out on Monday, that the ladies working on our last guild quilt block hit the 
wall and weren't able to finish it. I really appreciate that they gave it their best effort,
but, it's a really good thing that I started that "extra" block all those weeks ago.

I resurrected the block yesterday and made good progress toward completing the
setup. The first photograph shows how far I got by dinner time, and the copy of
what the block is supposed to look like is next to it. By the end of the evening,
I had finished all the oak leaves and gone back to concentrating on the "bugs".
 There are two praying mantis on this block and I'm nearly finished
with the first one. All those teeny, tiny parts are falling into place!
 Who knew making bugs could be so much fun? 

I'm hoping to have the block all set up by Friday, and three of my 
friends have already volunteered to help if I need it. I'll start the
stitching myself, but I'll probably hand it off next week so that I 
don't develop that nice "needle catcher" callous again. Ouchie!

This is going faster than I thought, which is good. I hope we can stay on 
schedule, and perhaps this can still go to the long-arm in a couple short weeks!
 Only two more days until the drawing for my Fourth Blog Birthday Giveaway.