March 20, 2013

Some Days...

 Our dear, old dog trainer friend, Ray Sommers used to say, "Some days it just
 don't go by the book." Truer words were never spoken! Just when you think 
it's safe to start a new project, something happens and changes your focus again.

I found out on Monday, that the ladies working on our last guild quilt block hit the 
wall and weren't able to finish it. I really appreciate that they gave it their best effort,
but, it's a really good thing that I started that "extra" block all those weeks ago.

I resurrected the block yesterday and made good progress toward completing the
setup. The first photograph shows how far I got by dinner time, and the copy of
what the block is supposed to look like is next to it. By the end of the evening,
I had finished all the oak leaves and gone back to concentrating on the "bugs".
 There are two praying mantis on this block and I'm nearly finished
with the first one. All those teeny, tiny parts are falling into place!
 Who knew making bugs could be so much fun? 

I'm hoping to have the block all set up by Friday, and three of my 
friends have already volunteered to help if I need it. I'll start the
stitching myself, but I'll probably hand it off next week so that I 
don't develop that nice "needle catcher" callous again. Ouchie!

This is going faster than I thought, which is good. I hope we can stay on 
schedule, and perhaps this can still go to the long-arm in a couple short weeks!
 Only two more days until the drawing for my Fourth Blog Birthday Giveaway.

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The quilt will be spectacular! This little critters are so comical and this one adds so much to the design! Enjoy your day!

Deb said...

That block is going to be beautiful when you finish it!! But so many pieces in it!!!

laurajane said...

It's going to be gorgeous ,your work is always perfect.

Minimiss said...

That praying mantis is fabulous as is the rest of the block. Nothing like being prepared for unexpected events. The quilt is going to be spectacular.

Createology said...

Wow! Thank goodness for you my dear. Your Praying Mantis is so fabulous. I am quite intrigued with them but I don't want to touch one in real life. We get them in the summer and I know they are important to have. This quilt will be so worth all the work. Happy Prepping...

Karen Gass said...

The praying mantis is amazing! All those marvelous curves that do not have a corner to be seen! So jealous.... :)


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