March 24, 2013

New In The Boutique...

 If you're new to Brynwood, perhaps you don't know yet that I was born in
Great Britain. I'm a U.S. citizen by virtue of my father's citizenship, and
actually a British citizen by virtue of my birthplace just southwest of London.
(England recognizes my dual citizenship. Isn't that cool?)

From time to time, I like to give a little nod to my roots, and this is one of
those times. I have created scissors fobs and attached them to some very
special embroidery scissors I found for you. The scissors are 6", made in 
Pakistan. They're high quality and nice and sharp for doing close work.

I've created two felted flags...One for "Stateside" and one for "Across the Pond".
Each flag measures approximately 3" x 2" and is hand assembled and stitched 
using pearl cotton thread. I then attached a split ring and lobster claw so they 
would stay securely attached to your scissors. You can also choose a charm to
embellish your scissors instead of a flag. Either way, you won't have to worry
about losing your scissors in the bottom of your sewing kit, or confusing your
embroidery scissors with those belonging to someone else if you in a class.

Scroll down to see your scissor fob choices...
US Flag - Felt
UK Flag - Felt
Phone Booth Charm
London Charm
Underground Charm
Big Ben Charm
 If you're interesting in purchasing your own, just go to the Boutique under 
the "Other Creations" link to order yours. Some of the charms are limited 
quantities and I won't be able to reorder them, so don't delay if you have a favorite!

You can always go to the Boutique by clicking on the link at the top of my blog.
Once you're there, I have links in the Boutique for different categories.
You can use the direct link below to find the scissors/fob sets.

Why not explore a little while you're there? You might find something you can't resist!
The Raspberry Rabbits Limited Litter
 One more thing before I leave today...
Remember when I shared a selection of beautiful wools and threads with you?
I promised to show you more later.

I have created a Limited Edition Raspberry Rabbits Litter for my blog buddy,
Shell May! Tag is busy working overtime this week over at The Raspberry Rabbits
for his sweet Aunty Shell, so when you're finished here, just hop over to visit!
Tag will tell you all about these little bunns...and you know how chatty he can be! 

7 friends clicked here to leave a note for me:

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Those scissors and fobs are so cool! You never stop amazing me girlfriend.
Tag and the litter are a big hit so far!

Createology said...

Tag and the litter are super adorable and I emailed Shell that I must purchase a Pink Plaid Ireland Bunny for a dear friend. Donna Dear your scissors and fobs are wonderful. All the fiddly work to make them is amazing. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

Minimiss said...

Nice scissor fobs Donna and those bunnies are adorable.

Minimiss said...

Wow, those beautiful bunnies have all been adopted already! So cute.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Cute bunnies!!!! I told Shell you need to get started on another litter!

Judy in OKC said...


Congrats to the winners!

Love the bunnies, the flag fobs, and your heritage story. My best friend was born in England to an English mother and American full blood Norwegian. Her mom is from Cirencester, a lovely Cotswold town.

I have a question. Do I understand that both the flag fob and pair of scissors is $14? If available, I would be interested in 2 British flags with scissors and 2 American flags and scissors. What would the charge be for postage to Oklahoma .

Judy Harris

Tina Eudora said...

Wow Donna I did not realize that you had dual citizenship with England! I am a "dual" with Canada and still retain my Canadian citizenship as Canada recognizes "duals".
I love the little fobs and will check out your boutique later this month and perhaps pick a little something up for myself!
Love Tina xo


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