March 13, 2013

A Gift From Sharon...

I'm sure that if you quilt, you've heard of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine.
I had never seen old copies before, but my generous friend, Sharon of
Corgis In My Garden surprised me in January with four issues that
she found at an estate sale. I couldn't wait to sit down and read them!
 These issues are from four months (July, August, September, October) in 1974.
 Quilting magazines have sure come a long way since the 1970s, and
even though the old copies aren't "flashy" like our contemporary ones,
they're still filled with lots of valuable information, block patterns and quilts.
Although I've gone through each of them multiple times, and I find something new
each time I look at them again. It's amusing to see the older prices on things, too.
 I am so grateful to Sharon for thinking of me when she saw them, and 
then for sending them along for me to enjoy. I know she'll appreciate
that her furry pal, Taggart is always at my side while I read them!

If you don't know "Corgis In My Garden", it's a fun place to visit.
Of course, Sharon has corgis, and her sweet Arabelle spent time with Tag
and me when the four of us spent a day together in Williamsburg, Virginia.
She also has a love of dollhouses and other vintage things, so I hope you'll stop 
and say hello. She's a gracious hostess and there's always a hot cuppa tea for you.

Thank you for these fabulous vintage magazines, Sharon.
I enjoy every second I spend exploring the pages between their covers.
Give the girls a hug from Tag, and don't forget to save a big one for you from me!

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Createology said...

What a wonderful gift. I love seeing years past and how things were made. Many things are old yet new again. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Sharon said...


I am so glad you have enjoyed the newsletters. I immediately thought of you when I found them.

The pictures of Tag with glasses in your earlier post is adorable. He loves to have his pictue taken!

Hugs to you and that handsome little guy.



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