March 31, 2013

Time Just Flies...

Shadow Play by Elly McKay
 I can't believe that it's already APRIL!!!
I have been working on my list and now, many of the items that were 
weighing on my mind have been finished or resolved. I still have
a list, but it's nowhere near what it was at the beginning of March.

This week holds a celebration and more projects to finish.  I'm optimistic 
that I'll meet my last few deadlines and will enjoy a clean slate in no time.
 I just know there will be a happy dance at Brynwood in the near future! 
I'm looking forward to you joining in the fun.

Happy Spring, my friends.

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Sherri said...

Donna, I can't believe it is April already!! Time flies!! Glad you got the projects done you needed to. I am still working on Baby Jack's baby blanket. I should have it done before he is born on the 19th!!

Createology said...

I adore this image and agree that time is truly flying super fast. Now that Easter has come and gone it will be Christmas in no time at all. With no doubts you will have your list completed and room to breathe and enjoy your days with some relaxation. Happy April Fool's Day...

Laurie said...

It always feels good when your obligations are finally caught up on, doesn't it. Enjoy your upcoming happy dance!


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