March 18, 2013

Tuesdays With Tag - Hydroponically Speakin'...

 Hi, Everybody!
It seems like just yesterday we spent the day together, doesn't it?
I had a lot of fun decidin' what I wanted to share with you today.

At the end of our block is a really weird-looking yard. Mom told me that
Fezzik showed you our neighbor's yard when they used to have GOATS!
Now, that's somethin' I think I could have been interested in.
However, now that same yard looks like it's full of aliens.
 There are all kinds of white pipes stickin' out of the ground and pots of all
sizes stuck on those pipes. They used to be empty, but almost overnight
they all have green leaves tumblin' out of 'em. Mom says it's a farm.

They grow all of their vegetables "hydroponically", and that means 
everythin' is growing out of pots full of water! Mom said they also
grow 'lobstahs" in their back yard, and that the waste water is what
fertilizes the plants growin' in the front and side yards. We were impressed.
 Mom likes visitin' Pinterest from time to time and she read on there
that when you cut the bottoms off celery and lettuce, you can stick it
in a dish of water and it will grow another plant. To tell the truth, I 
wasn't really buyin' that. It just seemed like all kinds of voodoo to me!
 But Mom said, "Tag, honey. If it works for the people down the block
I just bet it will work for us, too. After all, what will it hurt to try?

So now, as soon as Mom cuts the bottoms off our lettuce and celery
she sticks 'em with toothpicks and puts 'em in a dish of water.
Less than a week later...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???
We're farmers, too!!!
I'm the official "Root Inspector"! 
Every day, Mom pours out the old water and adds clean fresh water,
and we make sure our plants are continuing to get big and healthy.
 Before long, we're gonna have our own home-grown salads!

Mom has done this with pineapples before, but we're really on a 
roll now! I love an occasional carrot, so I'm gonna see if we can
try that, too. What else, you might ask?
(I can make the request, can't I?)

I can't wait to see what's gonna be next. I promise I'll keep ya posted.
'til then,
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"

P.S. Mom asked me to remind everybody about our  
Fourth Blog Birthday Giveaway.

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Sharon said...

You are just so darn cute, Tag, and we love your posts!
Hanna and Heidi

Kris said...

Yes, Tag, we do love your posts and I'll bet your'e a darn good "Root Inspector!!"

Deb said...

Tag, if you're ever in Seattle please pay me a visit. I want to pat your adorable little head. I had a kitty cat named Spazz for 16 wonderful years. He went to heaven last Christmas. We all miss him very, very much. Please keep me posted on the veggies. I would seriously like to give that a try. I had heard of the pineapple thing but never the celery & lettuce. We did plant some snap peas in the backyard a couple of weeks ago. They usually do pretty good & they sure are yummy in stir-fries. I hope you get a carrot as a reward for sharing this interesting info.!! Take care & God bless.
P.S. I think I'm in for the giveaway, wish me luck!

Tina Eudora said...

Wow Tag I had never heard of that trick with celery and lettuce either but I am sure going to give it a try this year and see what "sprouts"..:)
Hope you are doing well little fella, and may I say you look fabulous! Oh and say hi to mom for me too!
Tina xo

Createology said...

Tag Dear I don't really see you as a celery or lettuce farmer. Isn't there something you like to eat that you can grow? No...not cannabis...which is really popular here in my neck of the woods. I think all the marijuana growers are what is keeping California "green". Can you grow biscuits? Thanks for sharing your tail waggin.

Tina Lou said...

Haha! Farmer Tag! Adorable.
I wondered if that worked!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Wow, Tag! You taught me something today! I didn't know you could grow your own veggies this way! You can be sure I will give this a try! Have a nice day! Twyla


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