October 16, 2021

After The Storm...

After The Storm

We had rain most of the past week, and after the rain rolled through on Thursday, this was our view from our porch. Do you see the double rainbow? It was beautiful - and HUGE!  That's a hickory tree in our front yard (to the left of the image). 

While there are lots of hickory nuts on the tree, this year the leaves turned all blotchy, and the nuts have yet to drop. The trees on our south tree line have been dropping nuts for weeks. Andy picked up ten five-gallon buckets in one day. That means, I'll get lots of shells for syrup if I need them. (I'm planning to make syrup this weekend!)

Sunset After The Storm

As the sun went down behind the woods, the western sky was equally glorious. Days and nights are cooler. Trees are changing color, and daylight is getting shorter. Such is Autumn in Wisconsin. I love this time of year. It's my favorite season.

October 15, 2021

A Productive Thursday...

BW Embroidered Heart

I stitched into the wee hours yesterday morning, because I was so enjoying this process. I just kept threading my needles. This is a closeup to share the detail. 

The heart was machine-embroidered, but all of my embellishments were added by hand. I even added seed beads to this one, to simulate dew on the leaves.

Completed Embroidered Heart

After I completed the embroideries, I mounted the piece into a wooden embroidery frame. I backed it with a beautiful pink felt. I think my friend is going to like my treatment of the embroidered heart she mailed to me. I'm glad I found it so I could finish and return it to her, even being this late.

BW Bryn Retriever Wallet Using Black Cork

I also made another wallet for my BFF, Lee. I made the first wallet for her was when I was just dipping my toe into wallet/bag making. It was long enough ago to have been "B.C." (Before Cork). I learned a lot since making that first one. Even so, she's still using it and I have to admit, I was surprised at how good hers still looked.

Completed Bryn "Retriever" Wallet

By the time I turned off the lights last night, I'd completed everything except the final pressing and thread trimming. She and her husband raise and train retrievers. Their first Golden was one from our Sammy's litter. They continued her bloodline, and her ancestors are now hunting all these years after our sweet girl passed. They also raise and train Labrador retrievers, but her dogs are usually Goldens.

Interior of Brynwood Bryn "Retriever" Wallet

I like using lighter lining to make it easy to see the contents. I used cotton, along with cork fabric for the interior.

I'm having lunch with my BFF on Sunday, so I'll have this wallet wrapped up and ready to gift to her. I can't wait to see her face!

October 14, 2021

Hearts and Flowers...

Colors for Heart and Flower Embroidery

This is a long-overdue project that I'm now finishing. While we were still in Florida, the embroidered heart was sent to me and I was asked to embellish it in some way...my choice. Well, I'm ashamed to say that I promptly misplaced it...until yesterday.

I'm going to complete it now, maybe better than I could have finished it before. You know I'm going to embroider a flower into the design. I'll add a few other embellishments while I'm at it, and I'll share it with you tomorrow.