May 30, 2024

A Couple of Snapshots From The Farmhouse...

Pheasant Back Mushroom

It was much too nice to spend the entire day indoors. Now that the rains have passed, Handsome and I could finally mow the lawn together. (We nearly needed a baler to pick up the clippings!) I took my cell phone with me so I could take a few photographs while I was in the yard.

I'd noticed this beauty last week, so I was glad that it was still in our yard to be able to share it with you. This is an edible pheasant back mushroom. While it's perfectly edible, I'd much rather enjoy it in the yard. 

I've found others on the property since we moved here. The first time was in 2017, and I wrote about it HERE. There were multiples, they were much larger, and about five feet off the ground in the fence row north of the farmhouse. This singleton is about five inches off the ground, and growing on a tree in our yard. Both trees are dying, but still wearing some leaves. I'm glad we didn't have the heart to take this tree down so it could be the guardian of this beautiful mushroom.

Fence Line Irises

While I like to fancy myself a gardener, I guess my green thumb is limited to the raised gardens. As I'm unable to spend great periods of time on my knees, the idea of weeding is a painful prospect. That means all the gorgeous flowers around the farmhouse thrive in spite of me. These irises were planted by Shelly's family when they still lived here, and they're about three and a half to four feet tall. They're reaching for the sun through all the "weeds" and grass that have encroached on their once-meticulous beds.

I'm still looking for a teenager or two for hire who would like to help me weed the gardens, and hope someone can get here soon. I'll supervise to make sure they don't pull the "good stuff" like the men we had here a couple years ago. Too many of the plants I put in disappeared into the refuse pile when they were here. I won't make that mistake again.

The forecast is for more beautiful weather, so I think it may be time to bring the yard furniture up to the porch. It would be lovely to stitch outdoors when the sun is shining. Maybe I'll be able to do that later today.

I hope the sun shines brightly on your face, and the soft breezes kiss the flowers where you are today. See you again tomorrow.

May 29, 2024

Finally! Back To This Project...

After taking some time off to spend with Handsome, working ten hours on Sunday, and another six yesterday, I'm finally off "work" until Friday evening. That means I can do some needle dancing and homekeeping - my two favorite things - beside spending time with my husband, of course.

I managed to get this far on the frogs before I had to work on Sunday, and you can see I only got half the legs done on the frog in the 3 o'clock position. I'm couching down the gold super pearl purl, and will finish that one first. I'm also going to determine the placement for the crown on one of the frogs before I go further on that one. 

After I've done that much, I'll couch in the details around the eyes and body before getting down to the sparkly bits. Isn't it fun that each one seems to have its own personality? That will become more apparent as I fill in each their unique colors. 

I admit, the last few work days have me a bit tired, but needlework always restores me. I know this will be a great day. I hope for the same for you!

May 28, 2024

Saturday Date Night...

About a month ago, Handsome asked me to reserve May 25th for a special date night. I made sure I wasn't on the schedule at work, and asked him multiple times (mostly in jest) "How should I dress for our date?" or "Where are we going on the 25th again?" or "Are we going somewhere we've gone before?"...all in an effort to get him to spill the beans on what I should expect from this surprise date night. 

He never waivered, just saying "I'm not telling you, so quit asking." I would...until the next time. lol

Finally, on Friday night, he asked me if I really wanted to know what he had planned for our date. I didn't hesitate. "Yes, please." I said. He informed me that we were going to go on a "sunset cruise" on the Road America race track in Elkhart Lake. This world-renowned track is only about twenty minutes from us, and on a good day, when the wind's just right, you can hear the cars racing over there.

What a wonderful idea! I was already looking forward to it.

The event was full, with one hundred fifty cars on the track Saturday night. Drivers got their rules before the cruise began. We had a pace car, and no one under any circumstances should pass the pace car. We'd do three laps around the track, and everyone had to "behave" or everyone would have to come off the track. In the event everyone was on their best behavior, the pace car driver could add one more lap. At no time did anyone drive over forty five miles per hour. We were nearest the end of the line of cars on the track.

Handsome took his driving very seriously. We had decided to take my Explorer, but there were trucks, a Ford Mustang club, a Mini Cooper, and many other makes and models of vehicles. There were even a few motorcycles. 

This was a silly selfie from before the drive began. We did, in fact, drive four laps. It was an absolutely perfect night for a sunset cruise.

Handsome said there are multiple other opportunities to drive the track again throughout the summer. He just may surprise me with another cruise on our calendar. I hope you enjoyed joining us on our Saturday night date!