June 13, 2021

Sunday Scripture...

James 1:17 - Farmhouse First Hollyhocks


June 12, 2021

I Don't Know How It Happens...

Brynwood Needleworks - Upcoming Fabric Listings

Well, actually I have a pretty good idea. I was pulling fabrics to list for sale in my Etsy shop when I realized I didn't have a clear surface for photographing them. My studio is a sty again! Don't worry. I'm not going to show photos. Just suffice it to say that chaos reigned supreme.
So, even though it was in the 90s yesterday, none of the air conditioners are installed yet (I'm resisting as long as I can), and it was dog-kicking hot upstairs, I set about cleaning my creative spaces. One down. One to go.
In the meantime, I almost have a clean counter for photography, and I'll be listing these fabrics in my shop over the weekend. I also have some finished projects to list, and more in my head. 
What's on your agenda today?


June 11, 2021

Drawing "Everlasting" Border Ideas...

Brynwood Needleworks - Border Ideas

Let me begin today by stating that my artistic talents definitely lie with needle and threads, not in drawing. That being said, I'm doing rough drawings of a couple ideas I have for stitching the borders on "Everlasting". 
Another option might be a wandering vine-type configuration with sprays of lavender sprinkled about. The thing is, I'm really trying to avoid a directional design that would look odd on the top and bottom. I'll continue thinking and drawing, but I'd love to know what you think.