August 8, 2020

Aren't These Cute?...

Brynwood Needleworks via Facebook - Glasses Case Needlework Kit

I found these on Facebook last week. They're all needlework kits created from glasses cases. Aren't they cute? Imaging how portable they'd be, too.

Brynwood Needleworks via Facebook - Glasses Case Sewing KitAdd caption

I may have to try making a few one of these days. They'd make great gifts for holiday gift exchanges for crafty friends.

Brynwood Needleworks via Facebook - Glasses Case Sewing Kit

What do you think? Could you find a use for one of these? Would you make one for a friend or yourself?


August 7, 2020

I'm At That Age...

Gilda Radner Quote

This is definitely how I feel about my wardrobe these days. I'm looking for comfort and style. Something that I can wear home or away. Something that makes me feel good.
Simplicity Pattern S8856
I recently saw this pattern, and it got stuck in my head. I could make it in a comfortable knit, linen, cotton...even fleece! I can shorten it for a nice dress, even make it sleeveless! I can even hand or machine embroider the yoke, if I follow my muse.
I went to Joann's website, and it wasn't in stock online or in the stores. ugh I went to Simplicity's website, only to find it priced somewhere around $20! double ugh So, I went to Etsy and found it at multiple price points...most around $7, plus postage. Bingo! Bought it yesterday, so I'll be watching the mail. I can even start choosing fabric from my studio while I wait. Score!


August 6, 2020

Fabrics Chosen...

Brynwood Needleworks - Fabric Selections For Baby Quilt Project

These are the fabrics I've chosen for the Birthday quilt I'll be making for a certain, little someone. The top row of fabrics are all a soft flannel, and the dots are a smooth, soft quilting cotton. My plan is to make a simple quilt design, possibly a "yellow brick road", or four-patch pattern.

The sweet "Because I love you" label is designed and sold by my friend, Anna Barrow of LillaLotta on Etsy. I frequently use her labels in my projects, and this is one of her latest offerings. I think it will be perfect for this quilt.

I still have a little trouble sitting up straight in my sewing chair, but have no issues while standing, so I'll likely decide which design to use, and then cut out the fabrics today. Perhaps I can sit and sew tomorrow.
I'd like to thank my friend at "Magpie's Mumblings" for her help when I mentioned I was trying to figure out how to be able to reply directly to each of my blog commenters. Her suggestions were spot on, and I now have that capability. So, in the future, if you leave a comment, be sure to either change your settings so you'll get an email with my reply, or stop back to see what I write back to you! Thank you, MM! I really appreciate your help.



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