January 23, 2022

January 22, 2022

Weekend Update...

Lucky Clover Brooch Goldwork Project In Progress

I'm on a roll now. I only have one more step to do to be finished with this week's lesson. I'll do that over the weekend - or at least by next Wednesday's session. 

My teacher put replacement check purl fiber in the mail to me yesterday, so I'll have it in plenty of time for our next (last) class. I can highly recommend Clara's classes. She's a great instructor, and she's very responsive to questions and/or concerns. The class is well worth the money. I'm learning a lot.

I hope you have a great weekend. We're currently in deep freeze mode, and the wind is beating against the farmhouse as I write this. I'll be attending a birthday party for a little great-niece who's turning one on Sunday. I'll tell you one thing. This girl is going to be bundled up for the drive to her home! 

January 21, 2022

Making Progress...

Lucky Clover Brooch Class Piece In Progress

I would have gotten further along had I not done the outline (the first time) in the wrong metal. sheesh I removed it, and then restitched in the correct purl, so I'll contact Clara today and purchase more of the fiber I ruined. I'll need it for next week's class. facepalm

Even so, I got back on track and now I'll progress to the next steps today. In spite of my error, I'm really enjoying this. More tomorrow.