October 18, 2019

Great News - Bella Update...

Brynwood Needleworks - Resting Bella
We spent more of the afternoon at the specialty clinic than we planned yesterday, but it was so worth it. Bella went to an orthopedic vet (Dr. Ryan Demianiuk) yesterday, who gave her a thorough checkup, including x-rays. We learned quite a bit about the status of her leg, and came away very optimistic.
First, the splint came off, and it's staying off! (YAY!!!) She had a fractured toe at the top of her left foot, and it's healing very well. She also doesn't appear to have any ligament damage, which is the very best news. So, she can continue to heal without the splint confining her movement.
She'll be on limited, but increasing, mobility for the next 2-4 weeks, but she definitely won't be allowed to run until after the Dr. Ryan sees her again. 

Bella was sedated for the x-rays and leg manipulation, so she was groggy for the next few hours. She ate a light dinner, and then we bedded down in the living room for the evening. We think she's happier without the hardware, too. We're elated.

Thanks to everyone who cared enough to lift Bella in their thoughts yesterday. We now know that, although she's got some careful recuperation ahead of her, we can be confident she'll heal back to the silly, athletic jock she was before this all happened. We're looking forward to keeping you updated, in the coming weeks and months. Thanks again.

October 17, 2019

In The Near Future...

Brynwood Needleworks - Shop Hop Custom Insignia
If you're a fan, you know what this is. This one is a special request, and this badge will be machine embroidered onto a black cork Shop Hop Crossbody bag. I'm making a second custom in another fabric at the same time. First up though, I've got two crossbody packs. 
My day will be divided in half today, because we're taking Bella to a specialist. They're going to do x-rays so they can have a good look at her leg and foot to see if she's ready to shed her splint. We're praying that she can ditch the hardware, and also not need surgery of any kind. That's best case scenario.

If she needs a further procedure, they can get her in as early as tomorrow. I'll update her condition tomorrow. If you're so inclined, your best wishes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.


October 16, 2019

Wednesday With Tag - It's Me Again!...

Brynwood Needleworks - Kathy, Douwe, Mom and Me
I bet you're surprised to see me again today, aren't you? I just had to introduce you to my new, little buddy, Douwe (pronounced "Dewey"). His mom, Miss Kathy and he came with Douwe's mom, Selkie to see us yesterday. 

Douwe is a little man after my own heart. He speaks his mind when he wants attention, and he loves givin' kisses! (Me, not so much.) He never went up stairs until he saw our porch steps, but after checkin' them out, he ran right up (and back down, later). That makes him "Corgi smart", too.

Mom and Dad went to lunch with Miss Kathy, leaving Bella and me to entertain Selkie and Douwe. It's a good thing we were all in our kennels, 'cuz, I'm tellin' ya...we would have had a paarrrteeeee! As it was, we all looked like little darlin's when they got back.

I hope next time we all get together, we'll be able to romp around outside. Wouldn't that be a blast? I'm pretty sure the answer is "yes"!

I'd love to stay and visit with you longer, but I'm lucky Mom let me come back again today. So, I'm gonna close and think about our friends. They're all back home again, and I hope they'll be thinkin' about us, too.
 I'll see you again in seven six. 'til then...
"Live Like Someone Left The Gate Open".


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