March 28, 2020

Cookies Delayed Are Not Cookies Denied...

Brynwood Needleworks - Chocolate Chip/Hickory Nut Cookies
I finally got around to making those chocolate chip cookies. Check out my "Recipes" link in the menu bar to find the recipe I used. The only changes I made to the original recipe were to chill the dough for a couple of hours before baking, and I upped the oven temperature to 380ยบ. 

I'm very happy with the results, and they were a definite hit with Handsome. I'm (no-contact) dropping a container for Andy and Shelly today, because it's always good to share cookies! I'm thinking that it's about time to make more hickory syrup, too! I'm going to add that to my list for the next week or two.

Brynwood Needleworks - Tag Fetching
Of course, I'm still stitching on my borders, but Tag's been a little stir crazy as I've been preoccupied with other things. So, first thing yesterday morning, I took him out to stretch his little legs a bit. He was happy to be fetching, but not as enthusiastic as when Bella's around.

We were out for a little while, and then he settled nicely in the house. It was good that I got him out, too, because it started raining last night and is expected to continue all weekend. He's not so thrilled about fetching in the rain. I think it will be just right for him to sleep at my feet while I'm stitching the whole weekend.

I read something yesterday that I really liked. Don't look at staying inside as punishment. Consider it a treat that you're able to take some time for yourself and your family. Slow down. Reflect. Count your blessings. We're all going to come out on the other side. Think of this as a little time out. Not the punishment kind. The kind where you can be the best you when it's all over. 

Stay home. Stay healthy. Stay strong.
I'm praying for all of us.


March 27, 2020

Making Great Progress...

Brynwood Needleworks - Wooly Border Details

Not only did I work on setting up the borders today, I also began stitching on them! These are three of the four flowers located in the center of each side border. In addition to the blanket stitches, I also added Colonial knots and bullion stitches to the centers. I love how they're turning out

Brynwood Needleworks - Setting Up Wooly Critter Borders

The three borders that remained to be fused are complete, except for a single vine at each corner. I can't add those until the seams are all joined to the main quilt. Once that's done, I can fuse those final parts and stitch them, too.

Brynwood Needleworks -  Bottom Border Center

This is the center motif on the bottom border. After I finish one of the side borders (detail in the second photo), I'm going to go to the bottom border and embroider all of this.

Nothing quite calms my nerves like needle dancing, so this is how I intend to spend my weekend. I'm hoping to be able to add the borders to my quilt very soon.


March 26, 2020


Brynwood Needleworks - Wooly Critters Sampler Quilt Pieces
I got all the pieces cut out for the rest of the borders for my quilt. I admit I didn't even start on this until late day. I can explain.
When I'm stressed, I respond by sleeping. I'm not afraid. I'm not worried. I'm just stressed. So, yesterday morning I got up, and had my morning coffee; did a few chores around the house. I spent some time talking with Handsome, and then went upstairs with the intention to shower, make those chocolate chip cookies, and then get in a little studio time.
I got to our bedroom, sat down on the bed, and before long, I was under the blankets. I didn't wake up again until nearly 6 pm. I slept the entire time. Not having dreams. Not tossing and turning. Just a deep, restful sleep that had eluded me the past few nights. I regenerated.
When I got up, I took the shower I meant to take earlier in the day, went downstairs and fed Tag, and then prepared dinner for Handsome and me. We watched a movie together, and then I went upstairs to finish prepping all these pieces.  

I'll make those cookies today, and then see about setting up the other three borders for my quilt. Seems there's no particular rush. I mean, we're not planning to go anywhere. The project will wait for me. In the meantime, I'm going to concentrate a bit more on much-needed self-care. I do not want to get sick. No siree!

How are you spending your days? Working, playing, or resting? Each option is good if it works for you. Whatever you do, try not to stress. I'll try to do better, too.



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