July 16, 2018

And So It Begins...

My tutor this week - Owen Davies
I left Wisconsin at 7:30 CT yesterday morning, and arrived in Lexington, KY at 5:30 ET (I lost an hour thanks to the change in time zones). Even so, it was a ten hour drive in traffic I'd expect for a Monday, rather than a Sunday! Once I checked into the hotel, I had a half hour to clean up, change clothes and drive to the welcome reception at The Sayre School.

As my tutor is the only male instructor, it wasn't hard to pick him out in the crowd. I walked up, introduced myself and we started chatting. As it turns out, he and I were born in the same hospital in Surrey. He still lives there...nearly within sight of Hampton Court Palace.
I packed and brought my sewing box with things I thought I'd need for the course. Yesterday, Owen told me that everything is supplied for the class! I told him that I brought supplies, finding it hard to believe that scissors and such would already be here. I also brought my prized sewing hoop (which belonged to my mother-in-law), and he suggested that I use it for my sample stitching. (I'll explain that later in the week.) I'd like to do that, so I'll take it to class tomorrow.

One Of The Buildings Of The Sayre School

This is one of the main buildings of The Sayre School. Students move from building to building over about three city blocks via the brick walkways. It really is a beautiful, historic-looking campus.

Chief Executive of The Royal School of Needlework

We were welcomed by the Chief Executive of the RSN, Susan Kay-Williams. The more she spoke, the more enthused I became. I think I'll still be pinching myself on Saturday, finding it hard to believe I was fortunate enough to attend.

My "Welcome" Bag

When we checked in at the registration table, each of us received a tote, filled with some lovely treats. Oh, and while all the name tags were on the table alphabetically, by surname (last name), there was only one tag with "Liljegren" on it, and the first name was Pauline! As I didn't feel like answering to that name all week, I now have a name tag with "Pauline"(crossed out), and my name in handwritten, in black magic marker. bahhh!

The reception was fun, and I've already made a friend. Also, I found out that the man who helped bring this event to Kentucky made sure that each tutor received (to borrow) a proper teapot and cup/saucer for their week here. Unfortunately, they're all drinking American tea...and believe me, it tastes different than British tea. Before I went back to the hotel last night, I found a Meijer store, and purchased three big boxes of PG Tips (my favorite). I'll be gifting all the tutors with the tea bags tomorrow so they can now enjoy proper English tea in their proper tea sets. (I'm working on Teacher's Pet, too, don't you know. lol) 

Tag told me he wanted to write a blog post tomorrow, even though I'm out of state. I can hardly wait to see what he has to say for himself!  I'll be back with a school update on Wednesday.

July 15, 2018

July 14, 2018

Debuting the Brynwood "Encore" Everyday Tote...

"Encore" Everyday Tote, created by Donna Liljegren © Brynwood Needleworks
 Here it is...with a name and everything!
This is my rework of the Corgi Tote I've been making for the past few years. I've added a drop-in, two-way zipper to close the top of the bag, and beautiful metal hardware to attach a new crossbody strap. I've also shortened the other two handles, rather than the previous shoulder straps.

This one was a custom order for a client, who chose navy blue and natural cork fabric. Of course, I can do it in any of a number of cork fabric combinations, or in high quality cottons with cork accents.

I'm getting ready to leave for Kentucky tomorrow, but I'll be adding the Encore listing up in my shop before I leave. You can see all the details at BrynwoodNeedleworks.com once it's live.

I'm so excited about this trip, that I can scarcely contain myself. I've got packing and driving to do, but I'll be there by tomorrow night in time for the welcome reception at the Sayre School in Lexington. Of course, I'll be taking you with me. Wish me luck!



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