March 22, 2018

Back To The Drawing Board...

iPad Case - Beta Version
As a dearly departed, old friend used to say, "Some days, it just doesn't go by the book". Today was one of those days. 

Handsome asked for a case for his newest (larger) iPad, so I set about making one for him. I chose a beautiful (authentic) Harris tweed fabric, and a coordinating cork fabric. I pulled a beautiful, soft, organic cotton flannel for the lining. Then, I measured the iPad, cut out the fabric components, and began my assembly process. When all was said and done, it fit, but was a tight squeeze, and after all the adjustments I made trying to make it fit, it ended up with more than a few flaws. ugh

What I have to change: 
  1. The strap for tucking in the flap has to be longer. (I made it the same size, and it was holding the body of the case too tight to insert the iPad.)
  2. I need to taper the flap from the fold to the end of the flap so that it properly fits under the strap.
  3. I need to increase the size of the entire case so that it's not so tight. (I didn't account for the lining taking up more of the interior space).
  4. Next time, I'll make it in practice fabric to double check for fit.
It's really beautiful fabric, so it's a good thing I have more. This fabric won't go to waste, though. I'll cut it apart and create a little zip case to hold Handsome's iPad cords and stylus. I'll do that today, along with the new, improved design for his tablet.

If you're wondering where I am, just head into the studio. I'll be sitting at the "drawing board", and then my machine. (I just wanted you to know I'm just like everyone else. Some days, it just doesn't go by the book.) wink


March 21, 2018

The Learned Wife Sampler...

The Learned Wife Sampler

One of the things I did yesterday was to put up a few photos in our master bedroom. I decided that I'd put up on of my all-time favorite samplers between Handsome's and my photo. This is "The Learned Wife" sampler from Kingsland Designs. (I wish it were one of my designs, but it's not.) I'm especially fond of the verse...

"One did commend me to a wife both fair and young,
that had French, Spanish and English tongue.

I thanked him kindly and told him I loved none such,
for I thought one tongue for a wife too much. 

What love ye not the Learned, yet as my life,
A Learned scholar, but not a Learned wife."

This sampler is a reproduction of an original, dated 1740. I only changed one thing from the original design, and that was to change "French, Spanish and Italian tongue" to "French, Spanish and English tongue".

Master Bedroom Vignette
My sampler now hangs between photographs of Handsome and me. I took the image of him while on our honeymoon in Grand Cayman, BWI in 1984. My photo was taken by one of his photo students in a class Handsome was teaching in 1986 (I think).

The bottom photo is of the first litter of yellow Labrador puppies whelped by my first Lab, Bryn. Bannor is the dark yellow pup under the center top dog. This photo always makes me smile, and I love having Ban's picture where I can see it. I still miss that guy. (He was 16 when he passed.) 

And, yes. Bryn was the inspiration for Brynwood Needleworks. She was about four years old when I began my counted thread design business of the same name. That was almost thirty years ago!

So, another area of our farmhouse is just a little more "us". There's no rush. We're having fun and taking our time. Everything about life at the farm is slower paced. This might as well be, too.

March 20, 2018

Tuesdays With Tag - Hangin' Around...

Upside-down Corgi Sloth

 Hi, Everybody!

Today, I'm just gonna share a few photos of me relaxin'. We've been doin' a lot of fetchin' and runnin' outside in the nice weather, but when it's time to rest...I'm a PRO!

Seriously. Can you hang off a slippery sofa like this and not fall on the floor? You could if you were a pro like me! Be jealous. Be very, very jealous. (heee heee)

Snoring Corgi

When I've had enough of the "blood-rushin'-to-my ears" pose, I pull myself up, kick my legs out a bit and get right back to the business of sleepin'. Sometimes I even snore (or so I'm told).

Heaven forbid Mom should sit down in her favorite, comfy chair. Before she knows it, she's got Boo and me sheddin' at the same time all over her! Blonde on one side, black on the other. She's such a lucky girl. Really! Just ask her. 
I've got to get back to it, so I'm not gonna bore you with every, little thing we did last week. You can probably guess anyway, right?
I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".


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