December 14, 2019

Corgi On Tote Set Finished...

Brynwood Needleworks - Custom "Corgi On" Set
I finished my last custom order, for this season, late yesterday. This tote is my own design, and the wallet is my Bryn style. It's already packaged, and will go out with today's post.

Today, I'm baking cookies for the Cookie Exchange at my niece's tomorrow. (I know. Nothing like last minute.) I'm going to keep it simple this year. I'll show you photos of the cookies on Monday. 

Next week is time to make Grammie's Jammies. I bought beautiful organic cotton flannel from my favorite online source for this year's sets. I think they'll be warm and lovely for our grandkids.

Off to make cookies. I need six dozen for the exchange. No time to waste. I can get started and have my morning coffee. Have a great day!


December 13, 2019

Almost Caught Up...

Brynwood Needleworks - Embroideries For Corgi On Wallet and Tote Set

This is part of the last project I have to complete before I can work on Christmas gifts. I'm making a matching set of a Bryn wallet, and my own tote design. (I've called them the "Corgi On" Wallet and Tote Set. The embroideries are complete, so now I'll cut out all the components, and sit down to assemble them.

Brynwood Needleworks - Doxie Bella Tote
I did complete the Doxie Bella Tote, and it's on its way to a new home (and a matching Bryn wallet already there) today. 
Well...I'm off to the studio, even though I really (already) need a nap. I'll be back tomorrow to show you what I've managed to get done. 


December 12, 2019

My Girls Are Busy...

Brynwood Needleworks - Doxie Bella Tote
I would have completed this bag today, but I'm waiting to hear back from my client about a fabric preference for the back of her tote. She purchased one of my Bryn Clutch Wallets featuring the dachshund, and decided she wanted a tote to match. I've got two doxies featured on the front, and will finish this up as soon as I hear from her.
I'm also working on a Corgi tote and wallet set, and that will be my last commission for pre-Christmas. I'm running the machine embroideries on Destiny, while Jane does all the sewing. We're three busy bees.
Our new range arrived on Tuesday afternoon, and I'm just itching to get back in the kitchen, too! I'll be baking bread, and six dozen cookies for this year's Cookie Exchange that my niece hosts every year. This year, it's on Sunday, along with another open house about two hours away. I'll be on the road to make both events!
All this to say, I'm going to keep my eyes on my goals for this week. I have lots to do, and it all has deadlines. Photos to follow... 


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