June 26, 2022

June 24, 2022

It's Blooming Time Again...

The flowers are beginning to bloom again here at the farmhouse. English and French lavender...

and hollyhocks!

 Lots of hollyhocks.

I need to take a better photograph of these magnificent honeysuckle blooms. Now that the weather is hot, their fragrance permeates the air. The hummingbirds appreciate their nectar, and we appreciate their colorful, heady blooms. These are the honeysuckle that survived being transplanted away from the house. 

It probably wasn't my first choice for replanting them, as I just wanted to protect them from demo, but now that they're reestablished here, I'm happy with their placement. When my garden setup is complete, this location will place them at the entrance to the gate opening to all the flowers and vegetables. I suspect this will be a two year setup, but I'm looking forward to the process.

Today is Craft Day again in Portage. Adrienne asked that we not cancel, so we'll all gather together with our dear girl to create something beautiful with her. I'll share our project and group photos with you on Monday. I'm finished with my breakfast, grabbing a morning coffee, and heading out the door. I don't want to be late!

Well, Hello, There...

I now have the start of a compost pile in our backyard. Two evenings ago, I was taking some kitchen vegetable scraps out to add to the pile. I was slightly turned to the west (and I have excellent peripheral vision), so when I saw movement in the tall grass, it got my attention.

I very slowly turned to face the movement, and lifted my cell phone/camera to chronicle what I saw with you. If you go through the photographs as you would read (top row l-r, second row l-4, etc), you'll discover what I saw.

I held my breath, and steadied my phone, watched and waited as this beautiful, young buck made its way down the hill. He stopped more than once to process my scent. The wind was at my back, so I fully expected him to "high tail" it at any moment. The Barn Cats had followed me to the compost bin, and they were completely visible to the buck, so I'm thinking that's part of what baffled him.

Nevertheless, that silly boy came within 15 feet of me at one point. That's the second to last photo above. Then, he slowly sauntered past the north end of the pole barn, and slowly made his way across the north field to the "Habitat" tree line. That's where I could finally take a deep breath and a few more photos.

Again, the farm reveals its blessings, and again, I'm reminded I'm one lucky girl to be in the right place at the right time. God is good.