September 25, 2017

Enjoying September...

Liljegren's Hickory Hill Farm

It was unseasonably warm this past weekend, and our nearly-100 year old farmhouse doesn't have air conditioning. We have windows, and beautiful breezes that cool our home. Even so, Destiny and Jane generate a little too much heat for me to spend time sewing up in my studio. Instead, we could be found outdoors.

The soybeans in our north field (and beyond) are turning color from green to gold. We're told it should be ready to harvest in October or November. Until then, we enjoy watching them change with the seasons.

Drying Hydrangeas

Our hydrangeas are changing, too. They spent the summer in their creamy, white dresses, and now they're turning from green to linen-brown. They occupy one whole end of our wraparound porch, and they're beautiful every time of year.

Tag and Bella Love The Farm, Too.
So, I took the dogs and my latest read, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard by Rick Riordan (a book loaned to me by our elder granddaughter), and headed outside. Our porch was the perfect place to sit and read, and the dogs made sure I took plenty of breaks to let them run around in the yard. 

Sometimes I tossed a retrieving dummy for them, and sometimes they just ran along with me as I took pictures (or picked up windfall hickory nuts). I didn't play in the studio. I played outdoors. 

This week is supposed to be cooler, I'll be making a new crossbody handbag style, sewing up those aprons I put off last week, and setting up the last three Wooly Critter blocks to finish.
What will you be doing this week?

September 24, 2017

September 23, 2017


Looking forward to a fun weekend with Handsome and the pups.
Enjoy Life, my friends.



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