March 31, 2015

Number Twenty Two...

Finally! I have a finished project to share with you today.
This is a commission for a client. I've called it "Cats Eyes".
It's Number Twenty Two.
  Colorful rascal, don't you think?
It's for a local client, so I'll be delivering it today.
I love the time I spend in the studio. Happy me. 
Next? #23!
Don't forget today is April Fools Day!
Wouldn't want to be caught off-guard, you know. 
(You're welcome!)

March 30, 2015

Tuesdays With Tag - A Video Message...

Hi, Everybody!
I'm not gonna to take up a lot of space here today.
I'm gonna let my little video speak for me!

I was hopin' that the video would show up like it does when I post to YouTube,
but I guess this one is different. You've gotta click on THIS LINK to play it.

This is the direct link:

Anyway, turn up your sound and check out my message. One more thing...
I told Mom that it doesn't sound like me and she said that was true. She said she
thinks that she and Dad should be the only ones who know my real voice, unless
you meet me in person...or I bark in a video. Somethin' about special privileges for
livin' in the same house with me. So, don't be disappointed if I sound a little "off".

I'll be back on Friday. 'til then...
"Keep Your Nose To The Wind 
and The Sunshine On Your Tail."

March 29, 2015

A Little Less Bookish...

I love books. I love magazines. I love patterns. I love crafts. I also like any combination of the above. Because of that, I have too many books, magazines and patterns.
I have books in shelves, on table tops, in baskets, in tote bags. They're everywhere. Did I say, "I have too much many?"
It's time to put this assortment to good use. Now that I've sorted all of these out of my still immense collection, I'll be taking them over to the Suncoast Humane Society. They have a resale shop that raises proceeds to support their shelter facility. It's a worthy cause and I feel like I'm doing some really good when I donate items there.
The Suncoast Humane Society shelter is located in Englewood, Florida, but they have resale shops in Venice and Port Charlotte. I'll be taking these to Port Charlotte. It's the closest to home.
Some lucky crafters will get great deals; we'll get deductions on our tax return; and best of all, shelter pets will reap the benefits in food, medicine and other comforts during their stay. Everybody wins.

Tag can't wait to visit with you tomorrow. He wants to tell you about this very, very special week!

March 28, 2015

March 27, 2015


Posted by a friend on FaceBook
I had every plan to spend the entire day in the studio yesterday. I remember reading this on FaceBook some time ago and I decided to share it with you today because sometimes, playing in the studio should has to take backseat to other things.

I realized that, just last week (the day I made the "I Love Quilting" wallet), I spent the entire day, joyfully sewing away - and never put on my clean dress and lipstick! GASP! What was I thinking?
Web Image
I imagine that it would be wonderful to have a separate, restful area like this to spend those hours catching up on ironing. Yes. I do actually iron Handsome's cotton shirts and a few other garments. I also use homemade cotton napkins every day, and sometimes they need a touch-up, too.
Found on Pinterest
Then I saw this and got all swoony. Imagine how fabulous it would be to have the space in my studio for an ironing center. A place for everything, and everything in its place. I've saved this image because I shall make one of these one day! (One of the comments I saw was that it was assembled using storage cubes (some with drawers, others with dividers like those shown) purchased at Michaels. I filed that information away, too.
Web Image
Well, as it was, I had my board and iron set up in our bedroom so that I could listen to the television as I got those things pressed and put away. I finished half of it before I had to quit to finish dinner prep. I'll do the rest before the weekend is over and start the new week with a slate clean enough to get me back into the studio.

What are you planning for the weekend? Will you be working, playing or creating? I'd love to know!

March 26, 2015

Remains Of The Day...

Web Image
So much for "the best laid plans". I was going to make two wallets yesterday. Instead, I headed out and visited my friends, Rhonda and Marilyn at Crazy Quilters before going to Sarasota for my monthly haircut. 
I timed everything perfectly. I drove to Sarasota from Venice - where I had time to stop and pick up a few things I needed from Joann Fabrics the "J" store; had lunch at the Mediterranean Grill next door to the salon; and arrived to check in at the salon early...only to find out I'd arrived at the wrong location (He co-owns three salons and travels between them each week)!

We called ahead to let my stylist (the owner) know that I'd gone to the wrong shop and was on my way to where he was for Thursday. (In my defense, I thought all of my scheduled appointments had been moved to this location.) 
I learned that I can get from that location to the one where I was supposed to be in 35 minutes, if I push the limits of safe and legal driving. I was frazzled when I got there, but he calmed me down and then finished with me just in time for his next client. I left with a great cut, a better attitude and a printed schedule listing the next three appointments and their locations!

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home, needing to pick up dishwasher detergent. One hundred seventy five dollars later, I drove home. (I'm not big on grocery shopping, so when I finally go, I pick up enough so I don't have to go back again for a while.) The obligatory carrying in, unpacking and putting away ensued; soon followed by dinner preparations. Handsome and I caught up on what we'd been doing for the past eight hours and by the time dinner was finished, so was I.

The only time I spent in the studio was putting away the few things I picked up while in Venice and Sarasota. Not quite what I'd planned, but still a busy day. 
I'm definitely going to get my creative fix today. I think I'll just put on my blinders and do my best not to get sidetracked again. Wish me luck!

March 25, 2015

Corgi Pants...

I had an idea for a new wallet design. Of course, the first one had to be a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. (I know you're not surprised.) I chose the fabric I wanted to use, and then Miss Ellie stitched out the design for me yesterday. Today will be assembly day.
After this one is complete, I'll be listing it up in The Boutique, with a list of other dog breeds that can be custom ordered, too. There will be all the various Corgi color combinations (and Cardigan Corgis, too), as well as an assortment of other breeds. If the client has a breed not listed, all they have to do is ask and I'll see if I can't find what they need.

In addition to the chocolate-colored flap fabric, clients will be able to choose a flap color from the paw print exterior fabric as a substitute. As an example, I think the gold color would better show off a black Labrador than the chocolate color. You get the idea. I'll show you the finished wallet here first, as always.
I'm also stitching on my Wooly Critter piece in the evening, but I won't show that one again until it's done. Those UFOs are at the back of the line (again), as I'm having great fun making the wallets and coordinating handbags, and fulfilling orders. You'll be seeing more of the handbags and totes, too.
Don't forget to enter my Sixth Blog Anniversary Giveaway. I know the drawing isn't until April 14th (Gosh, I'd better get cracking on our tax preparation, too! whew!), but I'll continue to remind you from time to time about the drawing, just in case you didn't know see the original post. Just click on this giveaway button at the top left sidebar to enter at the original post.

March 24, 2015

Childish Things...

One might think that, as I enter my sixth decade, I might be "too old" for some things. To this I say, "Horse pucky!" "Perhaps, but I don't think so."
Before Christmas, I found an adult coloring book that I thought would make a perfect gift for one of our artistic daughters-in-law.
You know how we were taught to choose gifts that we would like to receive ourselves? Well, I loved this so much, I actually got one for me!
I originally thought it would be perfect as a pattern book for embroideries.
But, as I continue to page through it, old ways kept nagging at me.

"You need to play with your colored pens!"
"You're never old unless you start to think you're old."
"Come on, Donna. Come and play with me."
It's important to listen to your little voices. Especially when it's that little voice you had when you were a playful child. I listened...and for a short while, I was lost in coloring. It was pure bliss...and I promised my childish self that I'll be doing exactly this again very soon.

March 23, 2015

Tuesdays With Tag - I Like Mike...

Hi, Everybody!!!
I bet you're wonderin' why I'm in a cage, right?
Well, let me tell you. I was havin' a ball.
First, let me introduce you to Charlie. He's a great, big bundle of sweet Golden retriever. I met him at Uncle Mike's last weekend.

Uncle Mike was doing obedience trainin' with the boy, and his owner came to pick him up on the day we were leavin' from our visit. We got to watch him to see how much he learned while he was away at school.
This is Charlie's dad, Roger. Mr. Roger is a really nice man, and you can tell from this picture just how much Charlie loves him. It's a cool rainbow on the picture, isn't it? Mr. Roger lost his last Golden, Jake, a while ago and he talked about him a lot while he has there. Mom thinks the rainbow was a sign from Jake. It wasn't in any other pictures except those from this series. She likes stuff like that.

Anyway, Uncle Mike ran Charlie through his yard work while we were still at their house, and then we followed them to the Ranch where all the huntin' trainin' takes place. It's about thirty minutes from the house.
Ignore the plants in the truck. Uncle Mike also likes to garden in his down time. He always gives a few plants to Mom and Dad whenever we visit. Mom couldn't wait to get back home to plant a couple of them.

We had a great, shady place to park and there's always a breeze at the ranch, so I was really comfortable waitin' for my chance to get out and run around.

I don't ride in the crate when we're drivin', but I slept in the crate with Mom and Dad when we stayed overnight this trip. Usually, I'd be havin' a sleepover with the kennel dogs but remember, I was healin' from my dental surgery this time.

When it was my turn to play. Uncle Mike gave Mom a little quail for me to fetch. I handled it like a veteran huntin' dog! Mom didn't take pictures 'cuz she was busy handlin' me. It was fun.

We headed home right after that so Uncle Mike could spend the rest of the day trainin' all the dogs he had on the big truck. He probably didn't get home until after dark because we got a late start from visitin' with us. He's always so gracious with his time.
We got back home and I headed right for my stuffie from my GFF, Quinn. I love this toy! I don't even want to chew it, but I love chasin', tossin', and cuddlin' it. Thanks again, Quinnie. You're so good to me. (smooches!)

In case you're wonderin', I'm healin' up real good from my dental surgery. I have one more week of canned food (Dad can't wait for me to get back to the regular stuff!)...and a couple more days of antibionics. You can't even tell I had anythin' done! Mom's very, very glad!

We had a great week last week, and Mom and Dad are tellin' me that there's a surprise in my future. They also said all of you know what it is. Anybody care to share? I'm gettin' curious, for real! I'm gonna go see if I can get them to tell me more about this surprise thing. Of course, you know I'll be back to see you again...

Before I go, Mom said to remind all y'all that we're having a Sixth Blog Anniversary Giveaway. Click on the giveaway button under "Celebrations" at the top of the left sidebar to enter. I gotta run now.

I'll see you in seven. 'til then...
"Keep Your Nose To The Wind 
and The Sunshine On Your Tail."

March 22, 2015

Studio Time...

I completed another clutch wallet last weekend 
(and another project I can't show to you quite yet).
This one has a quilting theme that I really like, and although I'm keeping this one
for myself, I'll be listing the fabric choice in The Boutique for special orders.
I like the images and messages in the fabric.
  I can certainly relate to them!

Of course, each wallet is unique, so the fabric may not lay out exactly like this. It
will have its own unique message in each completed wallet even if it's not the same.
If you haven't been around to visit lately, you'll want to go to THIS POST
to enter my Sixth Blog Anniversary Giveaway. Comments here won't count.
(There's also a link in my left sidebar, right under my "Celebrations" announcements.)

March 20, 2015

Sixth Blog Anniversary Giveaway...

 It's time for a giveaway!!

I'm celebrating my Sixth Blog Anniversary this month and I've decided 
what I'm going to create to mark the occasion for one lucky blog friend.
Do you remember when I made my Wisconsin Memories wool book?
(You can read about it HERE if you missed that blog post.)

So, I've decided to create one special wool book for my giveaway.
It will be on the order of the one in my blog post, but it will be completely unique.

Here's what you do to enter:
1) Leave a comment here that you'd like to win the book for one chance to win. (Make sure that I am able to contact you if you win. If I can't reach you by email, I will draw another name.)
2) Head over to Facebook and request to join my Brynwood Needleworks group and then come back here and leave another comment that you've joined the group for another chance to win. (Click HERE to go to my Brynwood group page.)
It's that's easy to enter!

You must be a follower/friend in order to enter the drawing. (Perks for putting up with me!) Only comments left on this post will count toward the drawing. The contest is open to all followers. If you live outside the US and win, the wool book will be sent via the least expensive method.
The giveaway will run from today until April 14th at 11:00 pm. 
I'll announce the winner on April 15th. 
Good Luck!

March 19, 2015

Celebrating Six Years of Blogging...

Web Image

While I was busy doing other exciting things the middle of this month, I completely missed my Blog Anniversary!!! It sneaked right up on me this year.

I wrote my very first post on March 15, 2009 so that makes this my SIXTH year of writing my posts, sharing my creative and sometimes personal life with you. I have written 2146 posts, and have had over 556,507 page views from readers around the world. That alone humbles and amazes me. Thank you, always, for stopping by to visit with me. I really am grateful.

I think I should do something to celebrate these past six years. Perhaps a giveaway would be in order. I'm going to decide today just how I want to mark this auspicious occasion and will post all the details tomorrow. 

The giveaway will only be open to my followers, and I'll do something for a person who might win in the US and something different if they reside outside the U.S. (due to high shipping costs). As I said, I'll give you details tomorrow, so don't forget to come back to find out all about it!