March 22, 2015

Studio Time...

I completed another clutch wallet last weekend 
(and another project I can't show to you quite yet).
This one has a quilting theme that I really like, and although I'm keeping this one
for myself, I'll be listing the fabric choice in The Boutique for special orders.
I like the images and messages in the fabric.
  I can certainly relate to them!

Of course, each wallet is unique, so the fabric may not lay out exactly like this. It
will have its own unique message in each completed wallet even if it's not the same.
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Createology said...

When I first saw this on FB I did not realize what the fabric says. Perfect for you dear! We should always remember to "gift" ourselves with something we have created. Blissful Week Ahead...

laurajane said...

Another beautiful purse.xx


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