March 7, 2015

Blue And White Stars...

This is what happens when I'm laid up with a laptop and Corgi for company. I graze on the Internet and find lovely things. Now, before you ask...No. I do not iron my pillowcases. (I know it doesn't look like it either.)
I found a lady on eBay who sells beautiful quilts that are hand quilted. You know how much I adore blue and white! This star-patterned quilt measures 70" x 84", and is as soft and clean as it appears.
The creator chose to echo a star pattern in her hand quilting. Every single stitch is perfect and the piecing is immaculate, too.
It was finished with points along the border, creating a frame around all the stars. I think this was the best possible choice. 
This is the photograph from the listing. It better shows the border than my photographs. I've sent a message to the seller to see if I can find out more about the seamstress who created this quilt. I want to make a label for it that will give it provenance for the future.

If you're interested in checking out some of the other gorgeous quilts she's listed in her eBay shop, you can either search for "textileanne" on Ebay, or CLICK THIS LINK. You may be surprised when you see her prices. This one was extremely reasonable, especially since I was the only bidder!

I'm back in the studio today. (I'm so HAPPY!) I have orders for four Brynwood Clutch Wallets and I want to get them made and on their way. Don't forget my readers will receive a $10 discount on wallet purchases until March 17th. (

Happy Weekend, my friends!
(Can you tell I'm feeling better?)

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Thistle Cove Farm said...

Good news! you're feeling better...YAY! now if spring would hurry would be grand. the quilt is beautiful, so lovingly made and looks old. when I first saw the little photo on my side bar I thought COOKIES! maybe I better go eat breakfast instead of playing on the computer...ya think? GGG

Kris said...

Good to hear you are feeling better!! Fabulous quilt and boy, she does have great prices!! Enjoy your day!!

Createology said...

Oh Dear I have been without computer or access and I am so very thankful that you are feeling better! I did keep lifting Prayers and Healing Energy for you the entire time I was gone. Your soft new quilt is amazing. Blissful Health and Studio Time...

Patchworker said...

Well what a great relief Donna that you are feeling much better as have been a little concerned for you! Am sure you have lots of work to catch up on now and the blue and white quilt is very pretty! I really like blue and white quilts too as they always look very fresh!


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