March 23, 2015

Tuesdays With Tag - I Like Mike...

Hi, Everybody!!!
I bet you're wonderin' why I'm in a cage, right?
Well, let me tell you. I was havin' a ball.
First, let me introduce you to Charlie. He's a great, big bundle of sweet Golden retriever. I met him at Uncle Mike's last weekend.

Uncle Mike was doing obedience trainin' with the boy, and his owner came to pick him up on the day we were leavin' from our visit. We got to watch him to see how much he learned while he was away at school.
This is Charlie's dad, Roger. Mr. Roger is a really nice man, and you can tell from this picture just how much Charlie loves him. It's a cool rainbow on the picture, isn't it? Mr. Roger lost his last Golden, Jake, a while ago and he talked about him a lot while he has there. Mom thinks the rainbow was a sign from Jake. It wasn't in any other pictures except those from this series. She likes stuff like that.

Anyway, Uncle Mike ran Charlie through his yard work while we were still at their house, and then we followed them to the Ranch where all the huntin' trainin' takes place. It's about thirty minutes from the house.
Ignore the plants in the truck. Uncle Mike also likes to garden in his down time. He always gives a few plants to Mom and Dad whenever we visit. Mom couldn't wait to get back home to plant a couple of them.

We had a great, shady place to park and there's always a breeze at the ranch, so I was really comfortable waitin' for my chance to get out and run around.

I don't ride in the crate when we're drivin', but I slept in the crate with Mom and Dad when we stayed overnight this trip. Usually, I'd be havin' a sleepover with the kennel dogs but remember, I was healin' from my dental surgery this time.

When it was my turn to play. Uncle Mike gave Mom a little quail for me to fetch. I handled it like a veteran huntin' dog! Mom didn't take pictures 'cuz she was busy handlin' me. It was fun.

We headed home right after that so Uncle Mike could spend the rest of the day trainin' all the dogs he had on the big truck. He probably didn't get home until after dark because we got a late start from visitin' with us. He's always so gracious with his time.
We got back home and I headed right for my stuffie from my GFF, Quinn. I love this toy! I don't even want to chew it, but I love chasin', tossin', and cuddlin' it. Thanks again, Quinnie. You're so good to me. (smooches!)

In case you're wonderin', I'm healin' up real good from my dental surgery. I have one more week of canned food (Dad can't wait for me to get back to the regular stuff!)...and a couple more days of antibionics. You can't even tell I had anythin' done! Mom's very, very glad!

We had a great week last week, and Mom and Dad are tellin' me that there's a surprise in my future. They also said all of you know what it is. Anybody care to share? I'm gettin' curious, for real! I'm gonna go see if I can get them to tell me more about this surprise thing. Of course, you know I'll be back to see you again...

Before I go, Mom said to remind all y'all that we're having a Sixth Blog Anniversary Giveaway. Click on the giveaway button under "Celebrations" at the top of the left sidebar to enter. I gotta run now.

I'll see you in seven. 'til then...
"Keep Your Nose To The Wind 
and The Sunshine On Your Tail."

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sunny said...

Tag, you have such lovely outtings! I do happen to know what your surprise is, and I think you're going to be one very happy Corgi when you find out!

Pat said...

Tag, I am so happy that you are doing well after your surgery. It was certainly nice of Quinn to give you a gift. She really sounds like a nice girl. I do know what the surprise is but I promised I would not tell.

carolg said...

Tag! My mom was gone for eleventy-six days and I had to stay at Miss Eleanor's and I cried and cried! It's almost April! You know what that means!!!!!! XO Quinn


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