March 26, 2015

Remains Of The Day...

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So much for "the best laid plans". I was going to make two wallets yesterday. Instead, I headed out and visited my friends, Rhonda and Marilyn at Crazy Quilters before going to Sarasota for my monthly haircut. 
I timed everything perfectly. I drove to Sarasota from Venice - where I had time to stop and pick up a few things I needed from Joann Fabrics the "J" store; had lunch at the Mediterranean Grill next door to the salon; and arrived to check in at the salon early...only to find out I'd arrived at the wrong location (He co-owns three salons and travels between them each week)!

We called ahead to let my stylist (the owner) know that I'd gone to the wrong shop and was on my way to where he was for Thursday. (In my defense, I thought all of my scheduled appointments had been moved to this location.) 
I learned that I can get from that location to the one where I was supposed to be in 35 minutes, if I push the limits of safe and legal driving. I was frazzled when I got there, but he calmed me down and then finished with me just in time for his next client. I left with a great cut, a better attitude and a printed schedule listing the next three appointments and their locations!

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home, needing to pick up dishwasher detergent. One hundred seventy five dollars later, I drove home. (I'm not big on grocery shopping, so when I finally go, I pick up enough so I don't have to go back again for a while.) The obligatory carrying in, unpacking and putting away ensued; soon followed by dinner preparations. Handsome and I caught up on what we'd been doing for the past eight hours and by the time dinner was finished, so was I.

The only time I spent in the studio was putting away the few things I picked up while in Venice and Sarasota. Not quite what I'd planned, but still a busy day. 
I'm definitely going to get my creative fix today. I think I'll just put on my blinders and do my best not to get sidetracked again. Wish me luck!

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