March 10, 2015

Time To Tackle Some UFOs...

Waiting to become a table runner.
I have a list of UFOs just waiting for my attention. Some have been waiting months, and I don't usually have lists of projects stacked up. I've let my "start-itis" get the best of me, I guess.
 Some are newer to the stack than others, but they're still counted among the "unfinished".
Cut and ready-to-assemble Classic Organizers
I'm not quite sure how these things got away from me, but I know I need to turn them into "finished objects" soon.
Yes. More Brynwood Wallets!
They need to be finished so I can have a clear conscience when I start new ones. I have a whole list of new projects filling my head, but they'll just have to wait a little longer. My short term goal is to have all these UFOs finished by the end of next week. I'll let you know how it goes.

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The Farmer's Attic said...

I always love your fabric choices. I am head over heels with your table runner!!! Glad you're feeling better!


Jacque. said...

Good luck with that! It's more fun to start new projects sometimes...I am all over that! ~grin~ But, yeah...finishing up those UFO's must make it to the top of my list. One day.

Createology said...

It is actually refreshing to see that you have UFO's. Love the table runner in traditional Christmas colors. Keep feeling better dear and don't rush yourself in your healing. Blessings...


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