March 25, 2015

Corgi Pants...

I had an idea for a new wallet design. Of course, the first one had to be a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. (I know you're not surprised.) I chose the fabric I wanted to use, and then Miss Ellie stitched out the design for me yesterday. Today will be assembly day.
After this one is complete, I'll be listing it up in The Boutique, with a list of other dog breeds that can be custom ordered, too. There will be all the various Corgi color combinations (and Cardigan Corgis, too), as well as an assortment of other breeds. If the client has a breed not listed, all they have to do is ask and I'll see if I can't find what they need.

In addition to the chocolate-colored flap fabric, clients will be able to choose a flap color from the paw print exterior fabric as a substitute. As an example, I think the gold color would better show off a black Labrador than the chocolate color. You get the idea. I'll show you the finished wallet here first, as always.
I'm also stitching on my Wooly Critter piece in the evening, but I won't show that one again until it's done. Those UFOs are at the back of the line (again), as I'm having great fun making the wallets and coordinating handbags, and fulfilling orders. You'll be seeing more of the handbags and totes, too.
Don't forget to enter my Sixth Blog Anniversary Giveaway. I know the drawing isn't until April 14th (Gosh, I'd better get cracking on our tax preparation, too! whew!), but I'll continue to remind you from time to time about the drawing, just in case you didn't know see the original post. Just click on this giveaway button at the top left sidebar to enter at the original post.


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