March 4, 2015

Something To Do Is A Good Thing...

It's been a while, so I don't know whether or not you'll remember the Wooly Critters Sampler project I began last year.

This was Block One...a cute, little chickadee in the sunflowers. I chose a soft, creamy flannel for the background of each of my blocks. Corgi hair will stick to it like nobody's business. What was I thinking?
I was having so much fun that I promptly completed Block Two! This tiny turtle and a flower wreath of pansies was so sweet, I was tickled when it was finished.

The Coffee Club girls had chosen this as our annual project last year, but I lost interest in finishing all my blocks after the shop (Sandy's Quilt Shop, owned by two of our club members) closed. I guess I was in "mourning" for the shop.
Now that I'm sitting around, resting, the project came to mind. It's something I can work on without overexerting myself.

The next block is "Butterfly & Roses" and I'd already pulled the wools and threads. So last night, I traced the pattern pieces onto Heat & Bond Lite.

Today, I'll be able to fuse the pieces, cut them out and prepare the piece for stitching. YAY!!! Something to create!
In case you're not familiar with my project, here's a photo of the front of my pattern. It's called  "Wooly Critter Sampler" by Brandywine Design. 
I'm sooooo looking forward to putting needle, thread and fabric together again! Something to do is a good thing.

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Patchworker said...

Well I love the Woolly Critters Sampler - it is so sweet! I think your needlework skills are superb and not sure I could attempt anything quite like this Donna but I agree with you that it's important to do something!! I had to laugh about Tag's hairs taking pride of place on your work!

Jacque. said...

Reading and stitching are good things to do while needing to rest...but the stitching is more satisfying because you can see that you're accomplishing something. Hope you're kicking this pneumonia!

The Farmer's Attic said...

Just beautiful! I love working with wool. Hopefully you're on the mend my friend!


carolg said...

So cute. Love wool, but yes, the hair. My last project was BLACK flannel! Especially love that chickadee. State bird of MA! Sounds like you're on the mend!

Kris said...

Great sick time project!! Hope you are getting better!!


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