March 31, 2015

Number Twenty Two...

Finally! I have a finished project to share with you today.
This is a commission for a client. I've called it "Cats Eyes".
It's Number Twenty Two.
  Colorful rascal, don't you think?
It's for a local client, so I'll be delivering it today.
I love the time I spend in the studio. Happy me. 
Next? #23!
Don't forget today is April Fools Day!
Wouldn't want to be caught off-guard, you know. 
(You're welcome!)

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Jacque. said...

WOW! That is a fun wallet! Love the bright colors. 22? That's amazing.

Createology said...

Colorful and Clever. You are really rocking these wallets. Happy April Fool's Day Dear...

Loddelina said...

An explosion of colour - I love this purse!


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