April 1, 2015


tongue lock
I can't make up my mind on a clasp for my Corgi wallet design. I tried to work on this one yesterday, but got stalled trying to decide which closure to use. So, I folded and tucked parts that can't be sewn until I decide on the closure. I just placed my choices on top of the folded fabrics to help me envision the finished piece.
turn lock (partial)
The first photograph would use the tongue lock, and this one would have the turn lock when finished. I think taking pictures always helps me to decide, because I can see things in the photo that I sometimes can't see on the table. (It works when choosing fabrics, too!) 
What I now see is that the hardware for the turn lock, at least in this case, will have to partially lay over the lower portion of the embroidery. Would that matter to the overall design of the finished piece?
Until I decide, I'm stalled. What do you think? Tongue lock or turn lock? Your input is welcomed and appreciated. I'll figure it out today so I can finish this one. I already have the next one in my head!

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Createology said...

Oh Dear that cute little Corgi cannot have his leg chopped off and therefore I say tongue lock. Like you say visualizing and seeing it in photo really is "a good thing". Creative Wallet Bliss...

carolg said...

Not to add fuel to the fire, but magnetic closure?

Sewing In CT said...

I don't like the turn lock over the embroidery. It's too beautiful!

tja said...

Happy Easter Week to each of you.
Neither - both compete with the embroidery design. The turn lock actually cuts off the foot of the Corgi.

Is there anyway to do a magnetic closure at this point that cant be seen??

You make such lovely wallets and in this case since Corgi's are near and dear to your heart imo it would be a shame for anything to compete with or overpower the design.

Many blessings for a wonderful Easter

Mandy said...

Hello there. I must admit to agreeing with those saying that neither closure works with this piece of embroidery. Both closures shown detract from the beautiful corgi design. If possible, a magnetic closure would probably be best especially since it would not be obvious.


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