April 12, 2015

Debuting The "Coffee Bag"...

I'm sure you remember the "Coffee Clutch" I created that went to my friend, Denise in Vermont. She loved it and carries it all around town. She mentioned to me that she'd love a tote to match, and when her friend, Marybeth, came to Florida we cooked up the idea to put together a gift package for Denise.

Marybeth commissioned me to create the tote and then we each added other special surprises to send off to Vermont. I told you a bit about it in a few earlier posts, and I think this post was the latest one I could share without giving away the surprise.
After realizing my first effort was not going to be sufficiently large to carry both the clutch wallet and extras for Denise,  I decided I needed to make my own design. I created exactly what was needed for Denise's shopping trips or to carry her knitting or crochet. I'm calling this one the "Coffee Bag".

The exterior has a long pocket in front that will carry a clutch wallet without it sticking out. Then, I added a snap-closure pocket in front of that for a small, secure pocket with easy access.
Inside, on the back side of the tote, is another long pocket to hold a clutch. The difference is that this one is secure, closing with a zipper. In front of that is another zippered pocket and two card or cell phone pockets. I also added a "D" ring, where Denise can clip her keys on a coordinating fob, and a long tether with another clasp on the free end.

Denise has received her tote and all the extra surprises Marybeth and I added, so I'm not letting the cat out of the bag here. She's always so generous and thoughtful to both of us, it just seemed perfect that we could cooperate on this project together for our mutual friend.

I'm going to add the "Coffee Bag" to my finished Boutique selections in case anyone else is interested in purchasing one. I'll make them as they're ordered, but I'm also contemplating writing the pattern for it so that all you crafty gals and guys can make your own. What do you think? Should I make a pattern available?

This week, I'll be making three commissioned projects and don't forget tomorrow is the last day to enter my Sixth Blog Anniversary Giveaway. Here's the link to enter to win your own customizable wool book from me. You can only enter in the original giveaway post, so head over if you want to be in the drawing!

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Jacque. said...

PERFECT tote for some many reasons. I definitely think a pattern is needed. Lucky friend, that Denise! Wonderful friends, you and Marybeth.

Createology said...

"Coffee Tote" is perfectly fabulous for shopping and carrying lots of great things. The other day I was in JCPenneys and two separate ladies were paying for their arm loads of clothes. When asked if they wanted a "bag" for 32 cents each said no. Off they went outside the store carrying their armloads of clothes. It was the strangest sight ever! California has banned bags and we must bring our own or pay for one. How will security ever keep up with armloads of merchandise being carried out of a store! I forgot my bag and had to buy a basket to put a bunch of miscellaneous $1 store items in to. So silly!

carolg said...

Love it! Denise is a lucky friend! Your zippers are so perfect. I'm sorting out how to make a re-usable TSA bag. Bought a pattern at the quilt show this weekend that I'm going to modify.

DeeDee said...

such a beautiful bag..and very lovely work.. beautiful fabrics too..

Buttons said...

Well, I am back home in Vermont and catching up on almost 2 weeks of blogs, emails and snail mails. What a nice surprise to read this today. I absolutely love my tote! I certainly put it to the test when I had to suddenly fly out of town. Anyone who knows me, knows I don't ever travel lightly, not even to the grocery store! This is the only thing I took with me. It fit everything I needed and much more. The outside snap pocket was perfect for my cell phone and the pouch behind it was the best place for my travel documents. I took the short brown strap from inside and clipped it to my clutch as a wrist strap which was perfect when I just needed to Cary the wallet. I felt especially safe roaming the streets and waterfront in Boston this past Sunday. Thank you so much to you and Marybeth for all your thoughtfulness and love that went into this creation for me. Xoxox :)


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