April 19, 2015

Bella's Gotcha Day...

The last time we saw her, Bella was nearly six weeks old. I took this picture shortly before we left to come back home. That leaping Labrador in the image behind her is her high-powered daddy, Goose. We laughed looking at this picture because she looked so serious!
Handsome placed her back in the puppy cage with her sisters and she immediately tried to climb out. We were told that she's the escape artist of the litter. She's managed to get out of there a couple of times, but was unable to completely break out because the gate was in her way. (She's going to be a handful. We can tell already.)
Mike was able to divert her attention away from us by putting dinner down. (She's wearing the red collar.) When last we saw her, she was stuffing her pretty, little face. 
As of yesterday, she's eight weeks old. I'm sure she'll be a bigger girl when we pick her up. Tag will tell you all about it tomorrow. Time to go pick up a puppy to make this Gotcha Day official!

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Jacque. said...

ohboy...I love naughty puppies...they are so darn smart! Escape artist would be in the same category. Little Bella is fortunate to have her new home and Tag will have a sister! YAY! What fun for you all. LOVE puppies and would have one all the time were it possible. xo

carolg said...

So excited for you!!


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