April 6, 2015

Tuesdays With Tag - Birthday Presents...

Hi, Everybody!
I'm so happy that you came back to visit with me this week.
I just have to tell you about the Birthday box I got from my GFF, Quinn. Let me tell you, I was happy with everythin' in the box!
Just look at all the great stuff she gave me! I have Kong tennis balls, a corgi-shaped unstuffed stuffie that has bunch of squeakers in 'em. I've already pulled two out of it. Mom was so proud...not!!! Quinn and Miss Carol also gave me a new scarf with Corgis on it!
But, there was one thing I could smell through all the packagin', and I was anxious to get at 'em. They are peanut butter pupcakes just for me! I licked 'em during the photo shoot to make sure nobody else could have any. That's how you do it, right? You lick 'em!
Quinn also sent me a framed picture of herself. It's already hangin' in my crate above the water dish. That way I'm sure to see it
Well, I'm gonna go now. Mom has a muffin waitin' for me and I don't want to miss a single crumb. Thank you Aunt Carol and Quinn for the wonderful, fabulous, perfect and tasty gifts for my Birthday. I am really happy that you thought of me. 

Thank you to everyone who sent Birthday wishes through the blogosphere, too. I read and appreciate every single one! I've got to go now. 

I'll see you again in 7! 'til then...
"Keep Your Nose To The Wind 
and The Sunshine On Your Tail."

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carolg said...

Tag! You look so handsome! Pupcakes are the best, right? I'm glad you had a happy barkday! I can't wait for mine! We have a party at our work AND with my friends at Miss Eleanor's. XO Quinn

Eleanor Mefford said...

Happy Birthday, Tag!!! I hope I have a little corgi to send you good wishes very shortly. Love, Eleanor Mefford

Createology said...

Tag your GFF Quinn is very special and it is easy to see how much she spoils you. Peanut Butter Pupcakes...YUM!!! Definitely licking them assures no one else will take or eat them. Happy Birthday Bliss...

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Happy birthday boy! You are just the cutest. Time is flying by.
Love auntie Shell

Tins and Treasures said...

Hi, Donna,
I have loved watching Tag grow up into the handsome boy he is today!
Take care ~Natalie


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