April 30, 2015

Live Like You Mean It...

Art by Mary Engelbreit
After finding I had a dead, dead, dead battery in my car yesterday morning, I was extremely fortunate that Handsome hadn't left for his appointment yet. He gave me a ride up to Carol's and then went on his way.

Carol and I visited for a while (joined by her sweet husband, Jack) and then we left for lunch at Cosimo's. (She drove.) We caught up on the last few months and we discussed Handsome's and my moving plans. After a delicious meal, we headed back to Carol's home to head to her studio.

Carol already has a new Babylock Destiny, so I wanted to sit down and see what it will do. It's just as fabulous as I remembered...and I'm not quite sure I can wait until our move to get one. Carol has really settled into her new home, and the space upstairs that is her "playroom" has me looking at our perspective homes in a new light. It's really perfect for sewing, storing, sitting and stitching. 

Handsome came to pick me up, so I hugged my host and hostess and headed home. We had so much fun together, I never took out my camera. (Next time!)

Handsome picked up a new battery for my Explorer before he came to get me, so we installed it when we got back home and I'm back in business.

I'm going to be in the studio today after I head over to meet up with my friend, Rhonda at Crazy Quilters. Whatever you have planned for today, think about Mary Engelbreit's poster and "Live Like You Mean It".
  Happy May Day!

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Jacque. said...

A good way to live. Glad you got to go visit your friend and that everything is okay.

Jacque. said...
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