April 2, 2015

Taggart Celebrates Four...

 Hi, Everybody!
I'm back just like I promised.

I'm FOUR...and man, am I stoked! 
(You can tell just by lookin' at me, right?)
 What was that?
Oh, yeah. That's THREE headin' down the road.
hee hee
Mom, Dad and I had a long talk about stuff like me wearin' a stoopid Birthday hat or a Birthday "outfit" and we all decided that it was not appropriate now that I'm four. So this year, we decided to just play this celebration straight up...like a big boy.

Mom actually put together a little cheese platter just for me for my Birthday. She gave me a nice, aged cheddar and one thin, crispy cracker. You can see from the look on my face that I was pleasantly surprised!
But, hey! It's my Birthday and I'm never gonna turn down a favorite snack...cheese! Of course, now that I'm FOUR, I need to be a little more mature. No more gulpin' for me...or at least keep it to a minimum.
What? It's all gone already? I expected it would have lasted a little bit longer.
 'scuse me. Missed a crumb.
Oh, yeah, babe! That was a tasty little snack, then. Mom said that I'll get more treats today. I'm hopin' for BACON next...and maybe a little ice cream. We're also gonna see Uncle Mike again. Mom said I'll see part of my BIG surprise when we see him! She said it's tiny, wiggly and black.

Do you think Mom and Dad are givin' me a snake for my present? I'm always curious, but I'm over the top intrigued about this one. I'm just glad they're not sendin' me back to charm school!
I'll be back next Tuesday...already a year older when I see you again. 'til then...

You know the rest!

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Stitching Noni said...

Happy birthday beautiful boy :)
Hugs xx

Lesley UK said...

Happy Birthday to the sweetest corgi in the world. Love from Auntie Lesley in the UK

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Four!! I can't believe it. I lost my Jack just about the time you got this guy. Time flies so so fast.

Happy Birthday handsome dude!
xx, Carol

Jacque. said...

Happy Birthday from one Tag to another. Hope you get lots of treats and have a fun day! xo

Eleanor Mefford said...

Happy Birthday, Tag!!! You still are the cutest!!!

Love, Eleanor Mefford

Createology said...

Happy Birthday Tag Corgi Cutie! I didn't know you like cheese so much...well it may be the Wisconsin thing? Enjoy your day and I do hope you LOVE your new tiny, wiggly, black surprise. Safe Travels and Celebrate MORE...

sunny said...

Happy Birthday Tag! I can't believe you're 4 already. Enjoy all your little treats and surprises.

carolg said...

Tag! I'm waggin' like I mean it 'cause it's your barkday!!! Now that you are four, are you going to go by Taggart? XXOO your GFF Quinn

Kris said...

Happy Birthday to the coolest and cutest Corgi on the planet!! ♥ I have loved watching you grow up and I can hardly beleive you are already 4 years old!! Wow!!


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