April 5, 2015


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We shared a perfect holiday weekend with friends on both coasts. There was no studio time, only family, dogs and friends...the best diversions. (shhhhhh...Let's not even mention the puppies!)
Today will be spent in the studio - on my computer - immersed in book work. It's a job I really enjoy, but tend to put off. It's time to catch up and put myself on a regular bookwork schedule, so that I do it a little at a time, rather than in marathon sessions. Really, the only marathon sessions I want to do are creating beautiful things, not "cyphering".

There are exciting things in our future, not just Bella, which is pretty darn exciting. Those other things will wait a while until plans are more settled, but I promise I'll tell you as soon as I can.
While I'm busy "hittin' the books", I want to remind you about my Six Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway.
If you haven't entered yet, CLICK HERE to learn more. There's still time to enter and I'll draw a winner on April 14th. 

Tag will be here tomorrow and I'll be back on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to playing after my work is done.

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Createology said...

Time spent with family and friends and puppies and fur-children is the very best time. Hitting the "books" is never as fun as it should be. You truly have my curiosity peeked now! Beautiful Spring Day Dear...


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