April 21, 2015

Bella's Big Day...

There was a hurdle to overcome yesterday. Taggart. Little Man of the House. The canine in charge. She needed to win him over. Once that happened, she'd be in like Flynn.
She had no problem looking like Her Royal Highness as she watched Taggart from a distance. Better safe than sorry.
She just stayed on the rug for the longest time. She was in no hurry, and she became fond of this particular rug!
Then, without warning, it was Game On! She and Taggart ran through the house while I reminded him to be gentle with the puppy.

Most times, little dogs can get away from bigger dogs by going under things. Unfortunately for Bella, most places she could go, so could Tag. Except one place. She could scoot under the sofa and Tag couldn't follow.
All she had to do was lick Tag's face and he was ready to go another round. They played for quite a while.
They played until both their tongues were hanging out. They shared a bowl of water - at the same time! (That's actually great, because it shows Tag is accepting her.) Bella was also pool-proofed today, but we're saving that video for later.
I didn't get photographic proof of just how much Bella likes this table. Each time I got down to take her picture, her head popped up.

She positions herself in just the right place and rests her head on the table. She's knocked the magazines off multiple times, but Handsome just puts them back in place (to set her up for next time).
By the end of the day, we had two tired dogs - who decided to accept each other - and were exhausted from assessing each other and all that play. All in all, it was a very great day. We're looking forward to what today will bring. We're off to a great start.

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Kris said...

Oh, yay!! :-))

deb said...

Great news!

Jacque. said...

What fun!!

Createology said...

Oh the joys of raising fur-children. :o)
So rewarding even though exhausting...

tja said...

she is just gorgeous and stunning especially in her Cleopatra Queen of the Nile pose!!!! Glad that Tagg is such a good natured boy - he sure looked like he was having a ball with her. Many congrats

Patchworker said...

Well this is just wonderful with Tag being such a lovely boy accepting little Bella after a play and kiss! Lovely life ahead for the two of them! Bella is such a cutie!

Mandy said...

How lovely that Tag is so accepting of Bella.


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