April 22, 2015

#25 "Corgi On"...

I completed "Corgi On" yesterday.
The Corgi is machine embroidered onto the flap.
I chose a heart-shaped paw fabric for the main body exterior of the wallet, as well as for the zippered pocket, divider and security tab. I also used it on the straps and key fob.
Of course, when everything was assembled, I added a "handmade" tag to the zipper pull. I think they're such a nice, finishing touch.
I planned this one to be mine, so I added my Florida Corgi Picnic pin to the exterior above the latch. I removed the pin back and then used a secure adhesive to permanently attach it. I don't want it falling off, and the pin back would have been in the way on the inside of the wallet.
I used two of these three fabrics in my wallet, and now I've got this design uploaded into The Boutique. Clients will have the option of which fabrics they prefer for the exterior and interior. I also added a solid black option for the exterior. 
I also have different embroidery designs, dog breeds, and could even do cats or other animals. I can also change up the flap fabric for different breeds so that the embroidery is showcased. Clients may choose from any of the colors in the paw print fabric for their flap choice. All you have to do is ask - and I can work on your specific request.

If you're interested in your own custom-embroidered wallet, you can click THIS LINK to go to the wallets in The Boutique. (www.BrynwoodNeedleworks.com)

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Createology said...

Your wallets are beautiful and you have truly perfected each detail to make them unique and very special. Corgi On Dear...

Minimiss said...

Too cute.


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