April 20, 2015

Tuesdays With Tag - She's Here...

Hi, Everybody!
You aren't gonna believe how my life changed in the blink of an eye.
There I was, just mindin' my own business and WHAM! 

Yesterday, Mom, Dad and I headed to Sarasota so that Dad could go to his music rehearsal. I always enjoy a good ride in the truck! Anyway, after rehearsal, I thought we were just gonna head home, but we took off on the highway and we rode for a couple of hours. 

All of a sudden, I started to smell some familiar territory. Before I knew it, I realized that we were on Uncle Mike's land. I got all excited until I saw that I wasn't gonna be gettin' out and runnin' around. Heck, after about 20 minutes, we were on the road again! We didn't stop until we got to Uncle Mike's house!

That's when it got a little weird. Remember that little black dog that I told you about a while back? Well, I found out that we were there to pick her up and bring her HOME with us!

Seriously? I thought all that chatter about me gettin' a puppy was a joke! You know... "Hey, Tag! APRIL FOOLS!" Wrong!
Get this...Mom...MY Mom, put that little girl on her lap and she cuddled that black puppy all the way back home while I had to ride in the back seat and Dad drove. Man! That really rubbed my fur backwards! (Nice selfie, right? She's gonna have to work on her technique. "Hey, Bella. Why the long face?!" snort)
When we drove in my driveway, Dad and The Girl headed to the back yard to show her around. I walked along behind with Mom holdin' my leash to keep me from getting too rambunctious.

I thought I give her one of my special welcomes, ya know. I wanted to run around and wrastle with her, but Mom said I had to be gentle 'cuz the puppy's still little. Maybe we can do that tomorrow?
She was curious about me, though. She sat down and looked me right in the eyes. I can tell that we're gonna get along just fine, but I'm gonna have to get used to sharin' my space with her. (Now I know how my brother, Trip feels about Nicky.) It's gonna be hard actin' like the big brother when all I wanna do is show her the ropes...and run!!!
This is what I saw when I looked in her kennel after dinner. She ate in there, and I ate where I usually eat. Dad said we're gonna have our own dinner corners to avoid any dust-ups. They've also given me a little heads-up that Bella is gonna get a little bigger than me. To that I say, "Big Deal! I'll still run circles around the kid!"

So, it's settled. I have a new puppy. She's not goin' anywhere, so I guess we just better make the most of it. Believe me. I'm committed to that program! I'm officially "Bella's Big Brother" (by another mother).

I bet this week is gonna be interestin'. I'll tell you all about it next week. 
'til then...
"Keep Your Nose To The Wind 
and The Sunshine On Your Tail."

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Jacque. said...

oh poor Tag...quite the shocker, hey? I am sure that you will be able to show Bella many things - good and bad - as the days go by. Have fun!

Createology said...

Good Morning Tag. It is quite the honor to be a big brother and you will be the best ever! Bella might be cute now but you are CUTE everyday and you are a Royal Corgi! Smooches to you...

Kris said...

Ha! Ha! Tag, m'dear!! You may be Bella's BIG brother now but wait a few months and then you gonna be her LITTLE bro!! But you'll alway be MY favorite!! :-))

Michelle Palmer said...

ADORABLE! Congratulations on your little sister, Tag!

Chris said...

Aw Tag....you'll love Bella. Just give her a few days to feel comfortable in her new home. She.s gonna need her big brother!


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