November 30, 2021

Tuesdays With Tag - Baby, It's Cold Outside...

Me, In All My Frowsy Glory

 Hi, Everybody!

Did you eat too much turkey and fixin's? We had a real nice Thanksgivin' and even got a little nosh of the cooked bird. Mom and Dad always share just a taste on the holidays. 

So, the big news this week is that we got snow yesterday, and it stuck this time. Every time we looked out the window, there were white flakes flyin' across the landscape. You might understand how that makes me a little apprehensive. I mean, dependin' on how deep it is, it can get "extra chilly" for me.

The Kid's Invadin' My Space

Even though it's cold and snowy outside, we have nice, warm "perches" in the farmhouse. Don't worry about Claudette and Crystal. I've seen their digs, and Mom has set up some comfortable accommodations for them, too. In fact, she's even ordered a dish to keep their food warm until they eat it all. (She got tired of havin' to throw out frozen food that they didn't eat.) They already have a dish that keeps their water from freezin', thanks to Miss Shelly.

Mom covered the new sectional with nice blankets so we can sit on it. She said she doesn't want a scum line from us guys on the sectional fabric, and she can always toss the blankets in the laundry when they look like they need it. (Her comment offended the three of us, but not enough to keep us from sittin' up here.)

I can't jump on this sofa alone like I could on the leather one, so Mom usually helps me up. As soon as I get comfy, The Kid jumps up and curls up on her spot. Boo likes to sit next to Mom on the other end. It's not bad unless Carly starts dreamin'. She yips and spasms until she disrupts the peace and quiet. Nice, huh?

See What I Mean?
So, I enjoy it while I can, and try not to complain. I can always move down toward the corner on the sectional if I want my own space. It works for me.

I've got that groomin' appointment on Thursday afternoon. I'm not lookin' forward to it. I know she's gonna make me look like a dandy. She'll cut off my toes, take off my impressive mane, and put a stoopid bandana that says somethin' like "Ain't I Cute" on it. I won't be able to show my face in public until I can find somethin' nasty to roll in! I hope you're sufficiently sympathetic when you see what I look like next week. 

I think that, between now and then, I'm gonna roll around on the carpets and fur up the place in protest. Maybe someone will get the message. Ya think? Yeah. Me, neither.

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...
"Corgi On, Corgi Strong!" 

November 29, 2021

Cyber Monday-Tuesday...

Shop Savings On All Items

The weekend flew by in a whirlwind of activity. I saw both my eldest nieces; hosted meals on two different days; ran to town (more than once); and washed a lot of dishes. I did manage to set up a Cyber Sale for Monday and Tuesday in my Etsy shop.

Save 20% on all items with a $35 or more purchase. I'll add more listings for handbags and wallets today, so you can still get a gift for yourself or someone special. Check my shop throughout the day to see the newest items.

November 28, 2021

Sunday Scripture...

Psalm 95:2 via

November 27, 2021

A Full and Satisfying Day...

My Beautiful Eldest Nieces

My day began at 6 am. Up early and off to have breakfast with the beauty on the right side of this photograph. Her sister, on the left, is my eldest niece and goddaughter. She hadn't yet arrived in town, so I had a lovely visit with my second eldest niece, who was visiting from out of state. I haven't seen her in at least ten years.

We sat and visited for over two hours. It was much-needed Aunty/Niece time, and it seemed over much too soon. We parted with damp eyes and warm hearts, promising to chat again soon. (Isn't FaceTime a wonderful thing?)

With goodbyes done, I jumped into my Explorer and drove to my girlfriend, Wendi's salon a half hour south for my scheduled hair appointment. More visiting and a few giggles.

Our Elder Son and Daughter-in-law

When I arrived home, not only was Handsome here to greet me, but our son and his wife stopped to visit before heading to a local bed & breakfast for an overnight wedding anniversary getaway. If they're not careful, they'll catch up to Handsome and me! 

I gave my daughter-in-law her belated extended Birthday gift of the quilt I finished yesterday. She was thrilled with it, and couldn't wait to get it home and installed in the room I had in mind when I chose the colors. It warmed my heart to know that she will put it in a place of prominence in their home - also a handy place to use it on a chilly Wisconsin evening. (I forgot to get a photo of the presentation, so I'll ask her to send a picture in their home once they get back.)

I was glad I'd made a quiche last night, so we had a light lunch before sending them off about their celebration. Shortly after they left, I went upstairs, changed my clothes, and settled in on our new sectional. It wasn't long before I dozed off and slumbered while Handsome watched a football game. It was a day filled with love, tears, laughter, gratitude, and a little rest...the best kind of day to have. 

Sunday, our younger son and his family will join us for a Thanksgiving lasagna dinner, so today I'll get caught up on a few projects, and then rest up again for tomorrow. 

 I'm planning a Cyber Monday sale for my online shop, so I'm going to be working on that, too. I hope you're enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend, and look forward to our next visit.

November 26, 2021

A Quilty Finish...


A Completed Birthday Quilt

I sent this quilt off to be longarmed by the guys at Primitive Gatherings a few weeks ago when my machines flat refused to lend me a hand. Don't tell Jane and Destiny, but I'm glad I did. I asked for an all-over Baptist fan pattern, and they sure delivered! I love the way it looks on the design I executed in French General fabrics. 

As I write this, I've put the final stitches into the binding, and it's ready to be gifted - an "extended" Birthday gift for a loved one. I'll be presenting it today. Yesterday, I was telling my friend, Kathy D. that I was doing the binding so I could give it to the recipient today. Nothing like last minute. Her reply was, "Isn't the the way binding always happens?" She's right. It seems we're always sewing on the binding at the last minute. 

Well, I'm happy this one is finished and I'm looking forward to the reactions. Thanksgiving was quiet, but busy. I was baking, not just for dinner, but also for lunch today. We'll have company for a few hours, so I wanted to make something special. Quiche and cranberry cake are on the menu. 

I'm starting the day much earlier than usual for me, as I'm meeting one of my nieces for an early breakfast. Then off to Wendi's so she can cut my hair. I'll be home just in time to greet our lunch guests. My plan is to take a nap after they leave. 

No Black Friday shopping for me, but I will be working on getting my Etsy shop reopened over the weekend, with some sale pricing for those looking for gift ideas. I'll also list up some items here on Monday with direct purchase links. I guess I'd better be off about my day. I'll be back tomorrow. If you're braving the stores today, stay safe out there!

November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Best Holiday Wishes from our home to yours.


Donna & Handsome 

Tag, Bella & Carly 

Claudette & Crystal

November 24, 2021

Stitching With The Ladies...

Progress On My Current Embroidery

Tuesday was a lovely day to Sit & Stitch with the ladies at Primitive Gatherings. I continued work on my current embroidery project, so I snapped a photograph with the sun streaming in the windows behind where I was sitting. 

The Gathering retreat house on the new Primitive Gatherings grounds in Larsen, WI is a beautiful place to while away a day of friendship, great food, and creative pursuits. I'm still tired from the lead-up to the show last weekend, but I didn't want to miss the time I'd reserved to join the ladies.

I'll continue to work on this at random moments, but I'm in no hurry to complete it right now. Soon I'll be gearing up for my Christmas sewing, but yesterday I just sat, stitched, and savored the moment. My very own version of "stopping to smell the roses".

November 23, 2021

Tuesdays With Tag - I Got A Reprieve...

Gotta Love That Killer Smile!

Hi, Everybody!

There must have been a call from the Governor. Mom delayed my groomin' appointment to December 4th! I'll be a "smelly, ol' shoe brush" (accordin' to Mom) until then. I'm gonna just enjoy bein' me. I have no idea what the big deal is. 

The Girls don't have a problem with me. Claudette thinks I'm awesome. I mean, I can't smell my own armpits (or butt, for that matter), but I don't think I'm smelly. I just think I have this irresistible aura. muahahaha!

Mom said she's gonna take before and after photos so you can get a flavor of what she's talkin' about. You know I'm gonna differ in my assessment. You'll be the judge...smelly, ol' show brush or handsome ruffian. 

I'm gonna just spend time between now and then enjoyin' my temporary reprieve. Mom said it's cool with her and the rest of the fam, as long as they don't have to stand downwind from me. She's a real hoot.

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...
"Corgi On, Corgi Strong!" 

November 22, 2021

It's A Wrap...

Ready To Roll


Sunday morning began early, with me getting up at an uncharacteristic 6 am. The truck was loaded Saturday evening, with the exception of the hickory syrup, so there wasn't much to do but get showered, dressed and put on my makeup. We picked up Shelly (who was a tremendous help in my booth) at 7 am.

By the time we got this photo of me in my booth, the doors were already open (actually a bit before the published time), so one quick, cheesy smile and we were off to the the races. The show ran from 9 am - 3 pm.

My Checkout And Inanimate Assistant

I always set my checkout stand near the entrance to my booth. My signage is out front, and I set up my packaging supplies on the end of the table closest to me.

We put my dress stand next to it in the little corner, and she was adorned with all my embroidered pendants. A little eye candy for catch the attention of passersby.

Here's My Booth

Here's my humble booth. on the left side (on the table behind my sign and Square terminal) I had all my wallets and Grab & Go Wristlets. Across the back were cork key chains and fobs, the Nocturne bags, a few smalls, and the hickory syrup. On the left side table were the Kirby bags, Bella totes, and Shop Hop crossbody bags. On the acrylic stand at the end of the table were pincushions and my embroidered projects.

I did well today, although we didn't have the traffic as in previous years. My show sales were lower, but I sold three Nocturnes through my Facebook group, so combined sales were close to my sales from the previous year (which was 2019).

Shelly's assistance was invaluable, and I really couldn't have done it without her. I'm very grateful that she was willing and able to help me.

Handsome drove us (and the booth contents) to and from the show venue, so I didn't have to worry about sitting behind the wheel, too. I've already signed up for next year, and as a nice side note, I was approached about vending at another show a little further south in September of next year. I said I was interested, so I'll be hearing from the organizers of that group with more information.

Today, I'm going to rest a bit before my younger sister arrives with her future daughter-in-law. Sis is making quilts for her granddaughters this winter from some Cicely Mary Barker fairy panels and coordinating yardage. I was raving about how much I loved them when she and I were texting back and forth, and she finally called me to say, "Um. They came from you. You gave them to me." Had my own little senior moment there. We laughed. But I digress.

They'll be here this afternoon, and I'll help her with all the calculations and cutting. I'm sure I'll send more fabric home with her, too, but before she leaves, she and DIL are going to help me move a few furniture pieces out of the master bedroom, and then help move the acorn bed set I painted this fall in. (A method to my madness).

Tag will be back tomorrow with a perspective only he could have from his 12" point of view. I'll be back on Wednesday.

Thanks to everyone who was my cheerleader as I raced to the finish line. You kept me motivated and energized. I couldn't have done it without all of you who left comments for me. I'm so grateful for each and every one of you.

November 21, 2021

November 20, 2021

I Did It!...

Finished Kirby Crossbody Bags
I finished everything last night, and really kicked out of gear when I was done. I fell asleep early, before I ever put up my midnight post. Sorry this one is so late.

Today I'll be cleaning up and organizing my display pieces, making sure everything is priced and packaged, and getting ready for the show tomorrow. No last minute panic. No rush. I'm very happy with my show inventory, and can't wait to take pictures of my setup to share with you.

Have a great weekend, and I'll be back on Monday with photographs for you. Of course, you can read a little Sunday inspiration and blessing with my scripture choice for you. Thanks for following my creative endeavors as I've prepared for the show...and mostly, thanks for cheering me on to the finish line. Big hugs from me to you!

November 19, 2021

Working On Kirby Bags...

Brynwood Kirby Bags - Nearly Finished

I got so close! I started the day with rolls and bolts of fabrics, zipper yardage, and other hardware. I cut out the fabrics, pulled the hardware, and got to sewing. One bag is complete (minus the shoulder strap, which I'll do all at one time), and the other four regular size are almost done. I've also cut out three Kirby bags in a larger version. It's 2" wider. I'll complete those today, too. 

Between the bags and wallets I'll have created, the needlework jewelery, pincushions, key fobs, and hickory syrup, I think my booth will be nicely populated - and customers will have a nice selection to choose from.

I'll complete these bags so I'll be able to concentrate on uploading my inventory list to my Square checkout station, pricing, and cleaning up my display pieces on Saturday. Tomorrow, I'll share daylight photos of my most recent bags so you can see their colors more accurately. 

I'll put up my feet tonight, enjoy a lovely Wisconsin fish fry and a nice, hot cuppa tea with Handsome, knowing that I've done my best to prepare for the show.

November 18, 2021

Well, That's More Like It!...

Feeling Better, Thanks!

The first thing I did yesterday morning was call my machine tech and ask if he had any insight into why my Jane might be giving me grief (without having to drive an hour away for him to look at her). After running through a short list - and me offering to text a few photos of the offending section of her undercarriage - he asked me if I had more than one bobbin for this machine. When I told him I did, he suggested I rethread the machine, insert a different bobbin, and see if that took care of the issue.

Guess what? It did! I admit, it never occurred to me that the bobbin might be the issue. With that being said, we were back off to the races. All the Nocturnes were finished by mid-afternoon. I spent the rest of the day cleaning up the studio and working on my list (which I admit has been shortened).

I'm so glad I had Kenny to help out in the meantime. It's amazing how a person can get so used to small a knee lift and "reverse" bar on a machine. I kept trying to lift Kenny's presser foot with a non-existent knee lift. I giggled every time. Even so, if it weren't for Kenny, I would have lost a lot of time and sewing would have come to a halt.

I'll be making Kirby Crossbody and a few Ensemble Bags today. We'll see how much I'm able to accomplish. I need to get creative, as I'm running short on a few hardware pieces I use. What next?!

I think those who've suggested I need a spa day when this is all done might be right. I can tell you I'm sleeping like a log at night. I'm out nearly as soon as my head hits the pillow. 

Sooooo, coffee first. Studio for the rest of the day. It's a good thing I have a comfy sewing chair! Photos tomorrow. Have a great day!

November 17, 2021

It Was Just One Of Those Days...

Kenny To The Rescue

I hit a wall. It was bound to happen. My Babylock "Jane" decided to be a diva. Things were going along nicely, when she just "bound up". I did the cursory "rethread", check the bobbin, all that, but the problem is in the basic mechanics of the machine, not the removable parts. So, with 3/4 of each bag finished, she decided to go on walkabout. 

Destiny is not the machine to use for these projects, so I went to my vintage machines. I have the beautiful Kenmore Model 54 that my dear Florida friend, Ellen gave me. That machine worked great, until I needed to refill the bobbin. The fly wheel that I need to loosen to allow the machine to do that function was frozen solid. I couldn't loosen it, no matter how hard I tried. "54" obviously needs a spa day. With no other viable way to reload a bobbin, I had to set her aside.

I pulled out Kenny, and without complaining that I'd ignored him for too long, he rose to the occasion and did everything I asked. I got as far as sewing on the swivel clamp tabs, and decided I was done for the day. Too much drama for this old girl. I was gassed.

So Close...

So, this is what I have to show you today. I'll finish the side tabs, add the handles and make the shoulder straps today. Then, these will be done.  Obviously, I'm going to have to revisit my "To Do" list. Thanks, Jane. I've learned my lesson. From now on, Jane will go to the spa before a marathon production session. Next time.

November 16, 2021

Tuesdays With Tag - Oh, No She Didn't...

Do You Miss Me Yet?

Hi Everybody!

I'm sharin' a cute little dachshund picture with you today because Mom said I'm too scruffy to look at. In fact, I've been informed that I have an appointment for a "buff and puff" with a local groomer she knows really well. I've been there once before, but it was years ago. Mom usually does this job herself.

Mom said I look like an unloved teddy bear, and because she doesn't have time for all the brushin', bathin', and dryin' herself, she's farmin' the job out to someone she trusts. I'll be headin' to the spa in time to get the job done and have photos for you next week.

Mom's pretty busy this week, so we're gonna keep this short and sweet (like me. lol). So, wish me luck and hope this groomer doesn't do a number on me.

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...
"Corgi On, Corgi Strong!" 

November 15, 2021

I Really Need An Elf…

Nocturnes, Waiting For Assembly

Best laid plans. I’d hoped to share five completed Nocturne Overnighters today. Instead, I can show you all the parts and pieces, waiting for me this morning. 

I spent 9 hours each day last weekend cutting cork and cotton fabrics, stabilizers, zippers, and pulling hardware. Then, I fused stabilizers to the required fabrics. I finished all of that at 6 pm yesterday, and didn’t have the gas to keep going. Handsome and I ate dinner and I punched out for the rest of the night. 

I’ll be back at it today, and hope to have all of these sewn today. Tag will be back tomorrow, and I’ll spend Tuesday cutting the next batch of bags. I’ll show you what I accomplish on Wednesday. I’d love to stay and chat, but I’ve gotta run. I know you’ll understand. 

November 14, 2021

November 13, 2021

Nocturne Overnight Bag(s)...

Brynwood "Nocturne" Overnight Bag - Traveler Fabric

This one is finished, and I can't wait to show you the fabrics I've chosen for the others I'll be offering next weekend. I'm not sure which one I'll love the most! Photos on Monday.

Have a great weekend. I'll be one busy bee!

November 12, 2021


Brynwood "Bryn" Wallets For The Show

Well, these are all finished and ready to go to my booth at the show next weekend. Today, I'll be working on Nocturne Overnight Bags. 

Here's what I'm planning to have for the show:

  • "Bryn" Wallets - done
  • "Bella" Tote Bags - partial stock
  •  "Shop Hop" Crossbody Bags - done
  • "Grab & Go" Clutch Bags - done
  • "Nocturne" Overnight Bags
  • "Ensemble" Hobo Bags
  • "Kirby" Crossbody Bags
  •  Cork Fabric Coin Keyrings
  •  Embroidered Floral Pendants - done
  •  Embroidered Possibles Bags - done
  •  Hickory Syrup - partial stock

I think that will be enough to adequately populate my booth, and give shoppers a nice selection. The hickory syrup should be a nice add-on sale, too. I expect I'll sell out of that, for sure. Some of these will be pulled from my Etsy shop (which I'll close for the weekend).

Well, friend. I know you know the drill. Feed the dogs and cats (Handsome had an appointment first thing this morning.) Morning coffee. Then, hi ho, hi ho. It's off to the studio I go! (I'll keep working this weekend.)

November 11, 2021

Making More Wallets...

BW "Bryn" Wallets - Nature Girl Series
I'm making a few more wallets for the show before turning my attention to handbags and overnighters. These are all-cork exteriors with field and woodland animals on the flaps. Featured are deer, rabbits, pheasants, and foxes. I love this print.

I have most of the wallet parts finished, but I still need to assemble the credit card sections. I'll do that this morning, and then I'll do the setting up for a few Nocturne overnight bags. 

I'm trucking right along, friends. I'll keep my head down and maybe even finish the production part ahead of schedule. (laughing a little maniacly) Yeah, right.

November 10, 2021

It Was A Very Good Day...

Working On A Heart
I drove up to Primitive Gatherings yesterday for Sit and Stitch. It was my first peek at the new Retreat Center, and I was impressed. The common areas were bright and inviting, and there was plenty of room for sewing machines, pressing stations, cutting stations, sitting, eating and (although I haven't seen them yet) sleeping quarters for overnight guests.

Not only was there a coffee and muffin to greet me when I arrived, we were also served a lunch of chili or veggie beef soup, a large and fully stocked salad bar, homemade potato chips/dips, and ice cream sundaes for dessert.

Stitching With My Girlfriends, Kathy D. and Jean
Of course, I sat with Kathy and our Sewcial Sister, Jean. I started and got this far on a new piece that will be in my booth at the Craft and Vendor Show in a short ten days, and made lots of mental notes about what I have yet to create in the upcoming days. This isn't finished yet, but I'll finish it in the evenings, as I'm choosing to sew during the day.

The next Sit & Stitch will be on November 23rd (after the show), and I'm looking forward to going again. It's well worth the $25/date. If you're in Wisconsin and would like to attend, you can contact Jenny S. at the Retreat Center - (920) 778-8031 - to reserve your spot or get more information.

I'm in the studio today. You know the drill. I thrive under pressure. (I'm going to just keep repeating that as I work toward my deadline.)

November 9, 2021

Tuesdays With Tag - The Girl Is Here To Stay...

Brynwood's Taggart

Hi, Everybody!

Well, I'm sure you're waitin' for an update, so here it is. Crystal's stayin'. Mom figures that if she was willin' to trek twelve miles through construction, traffic, farm machinery, and coyotes, she gets to stay here where she'll be safe.

She's settlin' right in, too. Claudette slapped her around a little bit, but they sleep together at night now, so I guess she's earned her mama's stamp of approval. Mom makes sure they both get attention, so Claudette doesn't get jealous. Mom's makin' sure I don't feel jealous either. She just opened up a little compartment in her heart for Crystal, and we all have a special place that's just ours. Mom has a huge heart. There's always room for one more.

Dad loves Mom, so we'll just leave our comments about how he feels about another cat around here with that. As long as they don't poop on his tractors, take a swipe at the black dogs, or spend the night in the garage, he's not gonna say much more about it.

Where's Crystal?

I thought you might like to play a little "Where's Crystal" today, so here's a picture we took of herself last week. Sheltered from the cold wind, and sittin' in full sun, it's the perfect place to hang. She's not afraid of Bella and Carly either. She likes me 'cuz Claudette likes me. I've got an "in" that way. 

So, see if you can find our other her natural habitat. She's never far from the house now. She wants to make up for lost time. Me? It's just one more thing to bark at. I need a nap.

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...
"Corgi On, Corgi Strong!"