November 27, 2021

A Full and Satisfying Day...

My Beautiful Eldest Nieces

My day began at 6 am. Up early and off to have breakfast with the beauty on the right side of this photograph. Her sister, on the left, is my eldest niece and goddaughter. She hadn't yet arrived in town, so I had a lovely visit with my second eldest niece, who was visiting from out of state. I haven't seen her in at least ten years.

We sat and visited for over two hours. It was much-needed Aunty/Niece time, and it seemed over much too soon. We parted with damp eyes and warm hearts, promising to chat again soon. (Isn't FaceTime a wonderful thing?)

With goodbyes done, I jumped into my Explorer and drove to my girlfriend, Wendi's salon a half hour south for my scheduled hair appointment. More visiting and a few giggles.

Our Elder Son and Daughter-in-law

When I arrived home, not only was Handsome here to greet me, but our son and his wife stopped to visit before heading to a local bed & breakfast for an overnight wedding anniversary getaway. If they're not careful, they'll catch up to Handsome and me! 

I gave my daughter-in-law her belated extended Birthday gift of the quilt I finished yesterday. She was thrilled with it, and couldn't wait to get it home and installed in the room I had in mind when I chose the colors. It warmed my heart to know that she will put it in a place of prominence in their home - also a handy place to use it on a chilly Wisconsin evening. (I forgot to get a photo of the presentation, so I'll ask her to send a picture in their home once they get back.)

I was glad I'd made a quiche last night, so we had a light lunch before sending them off about their celebration. Shortly after they left, I went upstairs, changed my clothes, and settled in on our new sectional. It wasn't long before I dozed off and slumbered while Handsome watched a football game. It was a day filled with love, tears, laughter, gratitude, and a little rest...the best kind of day to have. 

Sunday, our younger son and his family will join us for a Thanksgiving lasagna dinner, so today I'll get caught up on a few projects, and then rest up again for tomorrow. 

 I'm planning a Cyber Monday sale for my online shop, so I'm going to be working on that, too. I hope you're enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend, and look forward to our next visit.


  1. Your nieces are beautiful.
    Sounds like you had a fun-filled day!

  2. Sounds like lovely family time - something we all treasure much more these days. Glad you had fun!


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