July 31, 2019

That'll Do, For Now...

Brynwood Needleworks - Thirteen Pounds of Pickling Cucumbers (Raw)
The day began with thirteen pounds of pickling cucumbers. They were washed, sorted and then processed. Handsome and I did this together. Sharing the load always makes it easier (and more fun).
Brynwood Needleworks - Thirteen Pounds of Pickling Cucumbers (Processed)
By early afternoon, we'd processed everything. We ended up with eight pints of bread & butter pickles; eight pints and one quart of kosher dill spears; and five pints and one quart of kosher dill pickles...and a farmhouse that smelled like a big pickle, too!
These are all the pickles I'll make this year. I also have tomatoes, applesauce, perhaps Concord grapes, crab apples, pears and/or plums, and more strawberry/rhubarb pie filling to can in my/our future. For now, I'm caught up and heading back to the studio...after my morning coffee.


July 30, 2019

Tuesdays With Tag - Something Smells Funny...

Brynwood Needleworks - Taggart

 Hi, Everybody!

What can I say? Sometimes I'm just not in the mood for my weekly closeup. I've got lots on my mind, and Mom's always chasin' me around with what Dad calls her "toy camera". (Did you know he was a professional photographer before he retired? Yep. That means Mom takes all the pictures now.) 

Anyway, she's always got her iPhone somewhere close in case The Black Dog or I do somethin' cute...which is almost always! So, when she chirps, "Look at me, Tag" you know I'm gonna look anywhere but at her. I can be contrary that way. I'm a Corgi, after all.

Brynwood Needleworks - Chasin' Dogs

Boo and I like to engage in a daily game of tag (with a small "t"), and were recently on the hillside above the woodshed. Mom usually keeps us from goin' any further up, because then we'd be in our neighbor's woods. We only go in there once in a while. Mosquitos and other bite-y stuff love chewin' on Mom, so she has to lather up with the bug spray, which she really dislikes. I have to admit it's not one of my favorite smells either.

We do, however love to run around up there just to keep Mom (or Dad) on their toes. The whistles start blowin' and they call us back every time we get close, but then we just stop to take a whiz...you know, like we meant to do that all along. (Yeah. Right.)

When we're done, we go right back to chasin' each other around the yard, unless...

Brynwood Needleworks - What's That Smell?

somethin' catches my olfactory attention. I don't know what it is, but I'm pretty sure I can roll in it! I'm not afraid of the tall grass either. I just jumped right in and went on nose patrol...while Mom freaked.

She isn't afraid that somethin' will hurt me, and she kinda likes it when I disappear in the tall grass. It doesn't scare me a bit. She's freakin' out because she knows if I find somethin' especially nasty, I'll roll in it. It's what I do.

I stopped and came back out without findin' anythin', but Boo had to check it out, too. We were both good dogs and came when we were called, but I'm tellin' ya. I wanted to find somethin' roll-worthy real bad. I mean, I've behaved all summer - so far. I think I need to cut loose pretty soon. I've got a reputation to uphold, after all.

So, I'll behave for now, but you just keep comin' back, because, you know what's bound to happen one of these days. And, when it does, you know Mom's gonna have that toy camera so she can show you. You can count on me to give it my best effort, and hopefully it won't be long.

 I'll see you again in seven, 'til then...
"Live Like Someone Left The Gate Open".

July 29, 2019

Today, I Shall Pickle...

Brynwood Needleworks - Zucchini and Pepper Relish

Shelly and I headed to the Fond du Lac Farmer's Market first thing on Saturday morning. They had nothing in bulk that we could find, and I was in search of green and red peppers to make tasty Zucchini and Pepper Relish.

I bought a few crab rangoons from a street vendor (very tasty) and Shelly bought kettle korn. (Yum!) We left and decided to try our luck at the West Bend market.
Brynwood Needleworks - Pickling Cucumbers

We arrived in plenty of time to shop before they closed up at 11 am. I didn't find any peppers, but I did find a nice assortment of pickling cucumbers, which I'll can up today. 

Yesterday, Handsome and I tackled the zucchini relish. We did buy some peppers, but not at the farmer's market, so I grated and he chopped. In no time, we had the ingredients for two batches of relish, which yielded eleven pints (and that was from just one zucchini! I have three more!).

By the time that was finished (of course, on the hottest day this week), I was too pooped to tackle another thing. I'll do more relish on a cooler day, and today will be my day for making bread & butter pickles with these little beauties. (It's supposed to be cooler today.)

I've already got my orders in the mail from the weekend, and I'll sew again tomorrow. Today, I shall pickle. heehee

July 28, 2019

Sunday Scripture...

Brynwood Needleworks via Facebook Friend
This image was posted on the page of a dear blog friend who is in need of healing prayers.
I'm posting it here, and if you're so inclined, please remember her in your thoughts today.
God will know who you're praying for.
Thank you.

July 27, 2019

Listed And Waiting For New Homes...

Brynwood Needleworks - Bryn Clutch Wallets (SOLD - Thank you!)
I managed to complete an order and get the Bryn wallets listed in my shop today...before my Christmas In July Sale ends. There are three Vintage Hibiscus Bryn clutch wallets available. These can be converted to crossbody wallets if you choose that option in the listings.

Brynwood Needleworks - Bryn "Traveler" Crossbody Wallet
There are two Bryn "Traveler" crossbody wallets available. You may choose either the chain strap or the cork strap. Both look great with this design. 
If you're interested, just click HERE to go to my shop. You might like to browse my other offerings while you're there. Save 10% plus free shipping on orders over $35. Remember to use code: CMASINJULY2019. Sale ends July 31st.
I'm heading to the Farmers Market today. There will certainly be goodies canned in the near future. 


July 26, 2019

Fly Away Home...

Brynwood Needleworks - Kirby Set
This order is complete and ready to ship today. It was a really fun sew, and I hope the new owner will love with it as much as I do.

A quick errand this morning, and then I'll be back in the studio for the rest of the day. It's not always easy. The weather has been gorgeous, and it's really been beckoning me outdoors. It's a good thing I'm committed, because otherwise, you'd find me watching butterflies, for sure!


July 25, 2019

Prepping Again...

Brynwood Needleworks - Kirby Fabric Combination

Brother-in-law left yesterday morning, so I managed to get some fabric cutting and preparation complete between my hair appointment and last night's music concert. This combination will become a Kirby to go with the wallet and key fob I completed on Sunday.

Brynwood Needleworks - Michael Miller Fabric For Custom Kirby
I really love this fabric to be used in a request for a custom Kirby. In addition to the custom bag I'm making, I'll add more (using this fabric) to my online shop when they're finished.

Today is another day of appointments, so while I'll try to get these sewn up today, it will most likely be tomorrow before I can sit at the machines again. We'll see. My first appointment is soon, so I've got to run. See you tomorrow!


July 24, 2019

Recent Finishes...

Brynwood Needleworks - "Minuet" Wallet Combination
This set was completed for a client yesterday. I still have to make her handbag, which is on my agenda for today, and then I'll be able to send everything off to her. I really like the features on this piece, so I've named it, and will be making more in the future for my shop. I may also add a tab with a key ring, as it's small enough to use as its own key fob.
You can see the measurements here, but my future ones will likely be a bit larger when made in cork, just to make them a bit easier to turn. I just took my time, and eventually "persuaded" it to come around.

She also asked for a matching key fob, so I have that ready now, too. It measures 4 3/4" from the fold to where the ring is attached, so it will fit nicely in her hand. It would also fit in the coin compartment of this wallet. 

It's time again for a trip to the hair salon, so that will be right in the middle of my schedule, but I'll have all the outstanding orders for Kirbys prepared before I go, and I'll get them made later today or tomorrow. 
At the very least, I'll show you the fabrics in tomorrow's post - and get my completed Bryn Wallets and Crossbody Wallets listed in my shop today. No slackers here (unless you count Tag. lol) I hope you have a great day!


July 23, 2019

Tuesdays With Tag - My Weekend...

Brynwood Needleworks - Tag In His New Trailer

Hi, Everybody!

Last weekend was the best fun ever! Mom and Dad got a new trailer for our little John Deer tractor, so they can use it for yard cleanup. Bonus is that I can ride around in it when it's not filled with other stuff!

Brynwood Needleworks - Ready To Ride

They finished puttin' it together on an exceptionally lovely day, so we took a little spin around the yard. It was awesome!

Brynwood Needleworks - Two Gingers

Even better was that our girls came for the day on Sunday. I got to spend time with our not-so-little-anymore red-haired granddaughter. We've been best pals since we were both puppies! She was three when we first met, and we've been fast friends ever since I was born and came to live with Mom and Dad. Whenever she comes to visit, you know where to find me!

**Our older granddaughter took our picture, and then they sent it off to me so I could show you. Aren't we cute?

Bella and I are so glad the really hot weather passed. I'm okay with it because I have a thick undercoat that insulates me from hot and cold, but poor Boo. That black fur just solar loads when we're outside, and she doesn't have the extra coat I have. She spends a lot of time pantin' and hangin' around near the water dish.

We're really likin' the 70-80º days, and mid-60º nights. It makes for some great sleepin' weather. We saw some pictures of horrible storm damage from over the weekend, and we're hopin' all our friends are okay. We were lucky and only lost a few branches off the big, old maple in the front yard, so you don't have to worry about us. Everybody, be careful out there! We think about all of you.

Well, that's about all the news that's fit to print this week. I'll see what I can get up to this week, 'cuz you know I'll be anxious to tell you all about it.
 I'll see you again in seven, 'til then...
"Live Like Someone Left The Gate Open".

July 22, 2019

Family Funday...

Brynwood Needleworks - Family

Handsome's brother arrived yesterday to spend a few days with us. Our younger son wanted to bring our granddaughters to visit with us and his uncle, so we made an afternoon of it.

We all had fun catching up, and the girls enjoyed the stories the men had to tell. I could sit back and smile, feeling great contentment at the small reunion. This is most likely the last (partial) family photo we'll take on this porch before it comes down.

Brynwood Needleworks - Our Granddaughters
I had help from these two beauties to make dinner for all of us, and I couldn't have been happier chatting with them as we worked. 

We visited, feasted, and then said our goodbyes. Son #2 and our girls gave big, wonderful hugs and then turned for home. We cleaned up the dinner dishes, made coffee (half-caff), and sat down to continue visiting with Brother. Sleep came easy last night.

Today, I'll work on my orders while the guys decide what kinds of guy things they'll be doing. I'll also be shipping out some orders that came in over the weekend. I'm figuring to have a fun and busy week, so I'd better get to the studio. Tag can't wait to visit with you again tomorrow, and as usual, I'll be back on Wednesday. Toodles for now!

July 21, 2019

Sunday Scripture...

Psalm 118:24 via alittleperspective.com

July 20, 2019

The Latest From My Studio...

Brynwood Needleworks - Vinage Hibiscus/Natural & Vintage Hibiscus "Bryn" Wallets

It was a day of accomplishment. I completed two new Bryn Wallets for my shop, and I'm loving this style. The top one is Vintage Hibiscus/Natural cork fabric, and the bottom one is all Vintage Hibiscus.

This fabric is no longer available, so when I use up the last of my stock of this fabric, it will be gone for good. I can't get any more of it, so my current stock is precious to me.

I like the flip locks on these wallets. They're sleek and low profile. I'll be using more of these in the future.

Brynwood Needleworks - "Bryn" Wallet Interiors

Inside you'll find twelve credit card slots; a zippered coin section; two interior pockets; and a compartment, held closed by a snap-closure security tab. These are currently wallets, but I can make them crossbody bags if the customer prefers that. You can choose from a cork or chain crossbody strap for an additional cost.

These will be listed in my online shop (along with the three I completed earlier in the week) tomorrow. You may use the Christmas In July discount to purchase them, too!

Brynwood Needleworks - BW Shop Hop Crossbody Bag - Royal Purple Cork Fabric - Front

I also created this luscious royal purple cork fabric Shop Hop Crossbody Bag. It'll be on its way to its new owner today.

Brynwood Needleworks - BW Shop Hop Crossbody Bag - Royal Purple Cork Fabric - Back
I've added a slip pocket to the back of this one, and will probably be adding it to each one I create in the future.

There is also a pattern available for this bag, should you wish to make your own. That's already listed up and available in my shop.

It's been really hot here, and it's currently raining and blowing outside. I think I'll stay indoors today. I always have studio projects, and when I tire of sitting at the machines, I can always put my feet up and stitch. Either way, it's going to be a lovely day - indoors.

July 19, 2019

Loving "Summer"...

Brynwood Needleworks - Primitive Gatherings "Summer" Pillow My Way
I've completed my "Summer" pillow for the farmhouse. The design is based on a pillow pattern from Wool Box 3 from Primitive Gatherings. Lisa designed the pillow with two large, beautiful sunflowers, but I love changing up any and every design to reflect my own interests. This project was no exception, and I'm tickled with the results.

Brynwood Needleworks - Summer Pillow Closeup

My bumblebee is embroidered using two color threads (yellow and black) and bullion knots. I used a satin stitch for his head, and lazy daisy stitches for his wings.
Brynwood Needleworks - Hollyhock Detail

As we also have light, creamy white hollyhocks, I decided to put that color in each corner. I sewed the pillow together yesterday, and it's now sitting in our living room where it will continue to make me smile whenever I look at it.
Brynwood Needleworks - Our Bountiful Hollyhocks
Before I close today, I thought I'd show you another view of my kitchen garden this year. Hollyhocks tower in the back, along with delphiniums and Mom's daisies. Lavender covers the center of the garden, and imparts its heavenly fragrance throughout the day and night. Hostas, creeping phlox and dianthus take their places in the front row. 
After our porch project is complete, I'll add a few more things for this year, along with a layer of mulch. It won't be long now, but I have to remind myself that patience is a virtue. I guess I'll wait things out in the studio, planning my next project.

July 18, 2019

A Needlework Peek...

Brynwood Needleworks - Detail of "Summer" Pillow
First, let me apologize for the lateness of yesterday's post. I apparently selected the wrong time for it to go live, and it delayed all day. It's finally up, so if you're getting this via email, you'll get two updates for today.

I've been working on wallets and crossbody bags the past few days, and will have three new items listed today. When I'm finished in the studio for the day, I like to sit and do needlework projects in the evening.

I'm nearly finished with the embroidery on the "Summer" pillow from the third Wool Box from Primitive Gatherings, but of course, I've added my own twist. Our hollyhocks are so incredible this year that I decided to change out Lisa's original design in favor of one of my favorite summer blossoms. All I have left to complete is the embroidery around the outside of the block, and then assemble everything into a new cushion cover. 

I'll show it to you tomorrow, along with whatever is under my needle today. (Babylock) Jane is busy helping me restock my shop, and complete clients' custom orders. (I, gratefully, have a stack of them right now.)
Just like the little bee above, I'm flitting around the studio...busy, busy, busy!


July 17, 2019

I'm Not Telling...

Brynwood Needleworks - Kathy D and her Vintage finds

NOTE: This entry is late posting. I apparently selected the wrong time for it to go live. Apologies.

Yesterday was our monthly Sit & Sew at Primitive Gatherings with owner and friend, Lisa Bongean. We always have a grand time, and yesterday was no exception. Our group has an official name now, too. We're henceforth the "Sewcial Sisters". Catchy, eh?

My favorite time (aside from lunch) was when the ladies all brought out their projects, and other items they wanted to share.

My pal, Kathy D. found these two beautiful, hand-embroidered table covers. There was so much needlework (and I suspect, dedication and love) sewn into each one. Now all Kathy has to decide is how she wants to utilize them into something larger. She also brought out some of her projects, but she was up first, and I was slow picking up my camera phone.

Brynwood Needleworks - Finished Yoko Saito Design Quilt

I'm still working on names, so please forgive me that I'm not adding names of these exceptional quilters under each of their photos.

This quilt was stitched with Japanese fabrics, and the design is Yoko Saito. Don't you love the color palette? I sure do!

Brynwood Needleworks - A Sweet Wall Hanging

This was a sweet wallhanging, I think it's titled, "There! Another one is done!" (Not really, but she said she finally finished this one. Great colors!

Brynwood Needleworks - Completed Previous Block of the Week

I guess I have a thing for houses these days. I loved the Yoko Saito with the more neutral color scheme, but I love this one, too. I believe this design is called "Happy Home" by Lisa Bongean for Primitive Gatherings.

Brynwood Needleworks - Beautiful Quilt With Simple Quilting

I showed off my latest pincushions, my "Old Glory" tablemat, and then this quilt was next up. I love the pattern, and especially the understated quilting on it. It will be pretty and practical because it's so darn soft!

Brynwood Needleworks - Primitive Gatherings Wool Box
Last, but not least, we got to see all the models/projects for the next Wool Box! We were sworn to secrecy, so don't even try bending my arm! Let's suffice it to say, if you're currently receiving the Wool Boxes, you're going to love everything in this month's box. They won't be ready to ship until some time next week, but now we have something new to dream on.

I'll be listing up new wallets today, along with making new ones. I also have packages to mail out, and Handsome needs a haircut (which I do for him). My morning will be almost gone after I've worked through this list. Oh, well...at least I'm not spilling the beans on the Wool Box contents!