July 12, 2019

Call Me A Prepper...

Brynwood Needleworks - New Bryn Crossbody Wallets Preparation
Just sharing a peek of things to come. I've been a busy bee, setting up all the components to make all new Bryn Crossbody Wallets for the shop.
Brynwood Needleworks - Just a Sample of Wallets To Come
I've got these five ready to sew, with at least five others on deck. The most difficult part for me is the cutting out, stabilizing, and preparing all the components, so when it's time, all I have to do is grab everything for each wallet and sew it together. 
Even when I regularly sewed new garments for myself every week, I really disliked the pattern cutting. I guess some things never change. I love choosing the fabric colors for the exteriors and linings, and I have great fun sewing it all together, but man, how I dislike cutting out the fabrics. Measure twice, cut once - over and over and over. I'm always happy when that part is done.

Sewing today, but I won't show these again until they're finished and ready to list. Might be tomorrow. Might be Monday. (I still have cutting to do.) I promise, they'll be cool when they're done...and I've got some new colors to share, too! 
I hope you have a great weekend. We've got a Birthday party at the lake on Sunday. I can't wait!


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Createology said...

Being a “Prepper” in this case is very good. Your wallets will be perfect when you sew and finish them.


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