July 22, 2019

Family Funday...

Brynwood Needleworks - Family

Handsome's brother arrived yesterday to spend a few days with us. Our younger son wanted to bring our granddaughters to visit with us and his uncle, so we made an afternoon of it.

We all had fun catching up, and the girls enjoyed the stories the men had to tell. I could sit back and smile, feeling great contentment at the small reunion. This is most likely the last (partial) family photo we'll take on this porch before it comes down.

Brynwood Needleworks - Our Granddaughters
I had help from these two beauties to make dinner for all of us, and I couldn't have been happier chatting with them as we worked. 

We visited, feasted, and then said our goodbyes. Son #2 and our girls gave big, wonderful hugs and then turned for home. We cleaned up the dinner dishes, made coffee (half-caff), and sat down to continue visiting with Brother. Sleep came easy last night.

Today, I'll work on my orders while the guys decide what kinds of guy things they'll be doing. I'll also be shipping out some orders that came in over the weekend. I'm figuring to have a fun and busy week, so I'd better get to the studio. Tag can't wait to visit with you again tomorrow, and as usual, I'll be back on Wednesday. Toodles for now!

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Robin in Virginia said...

It looks like family funday was full of memories to cherish! Your granddaughters are beautiful.


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