September 30, 2020

It's That Time Again...

Brynwood Needleworks - Hickory Nuts!

It's my favorite time of year again. Autumn has arrived, and with it, the hickory nuts are starting to ripen and fall. I brought out my favorite English china covered dish to show you what I picked up off our lawn yesterday.

The sun was shining, and as I was bending over to pick up all these hickory nuts, more were dropping out of the tree!! I'll be going out every day now, to pick up the ones I can find. The squirrels will be fine, too, because they're better foragers than I am, and there are still lots of nuts for them in the wild raspberries that grow around the base of the tree. 

I'm going to let these dry for a while before I shell them. I'll be putting them onto baking trays to help them in the process, and will be adding more as I pick them up. I can see what I'll be doing this weekend!

I'm also going to be adding fabric yardage in my Etsy shop this week. It will all be $8/yard. I need to make some room in my fabric studio, as I work toward combining two studios into one. I really want to create a beautiful, restful guest room in my fabric studio, so I'm motivated. I'm going to add lots of fabric, so be sure to check the shop over the next few weeks.
Brynwood Needleworks - Taggart

One more thing...Huge apologies to Tag's friends and fans. It's all my fault. I forgot to let him use my computer to write his usual Tuesday post. 
Truth is, I was in Green Bay at a specialist for a doctor's appointment on Monday. It was a long day, and I came home with new medication that kind of spaced me out. I'm so sorry that I flat forgot about his Tuesday post. So I'm apologizing to you and to Tag. I promise to do better in the future.


September 29, 2020

Three More...

Brynwood Needleworks - Wisconsin Badger Masks

When Handsome asks for new masks, I get out the fabric. He said he would love some with a Wisconsin theme, and you know I'd have just the thing, right?

I figured as long as I was making two for him, I'd make one more for myself. Next time we have to wear them in public, we can be "matchy smatchy". lol So, I updated my mask count again over there --> in my right sidebar. It didn't take me long to make them, and we can have fun wearing these.


September 28, 2020

A Productive Weekend...

Brynwood Needleworks - Dog-Themed Custom Mask Order
It's amazing how much I can accomplish when I'm feeling good. This weekend, I completed a custom mask order for a friend. She ordered all these fabrics from Spoonflower, sent them to me - along with a mask that fits all her family members as a pattern - and asked me to make a batch for her and her kidlets, who all participate in showing dogs.

The mask she sent was made from a knit fabric, so I made my own template to mimic the style and size of her, and made a protoype for size. I tried on her mask, and then tried on the one I'd made. I changed my pattern slightly, added side tucks to each one, and voila! They were a perfect fit. 

I'll be mailing them to my friend, and she, her son and two daughters will all be able to safely attend dog shows. I hope she loves them!
Brynwood Needleworks - Autumn Table Mat

This was something I brought to Wisconsin from my Florida Saturday morning coffee club at Sandy's Quilt Shop. It was packed safely away with other projects I needed to finish. I chose a pretty, coordinating floral fabric for the backing, and then added a light print fabric for the binding.

I sandwiched the fabrics with a central batting, and then machine quilted the layers together. Once that was done, I attached a binding and sat down with a hot cup of tea to finish the hand sewing the binding. I'm glad to add another completed project to my list for 2020. 

Now, the table topper sits on our kitchen table, along with my small acorn cookie jar (filled with candy corn and candy pumpkins. High sugar, I know, but they been a perennial favorite for both Handsome and me, and we don't over do it.)

It's beginning to look a lot like Autumn outside. The leaves are turning color, and most of the birds are on their way South. I saw a flock of bluebirds in our apple tree yesterday. Such a beautiful sight! I was happy and sad at the same time, because they're so beautiful, but I know they're getting ready to leave. 
Most of our hummingbirds are gone, too, but a pretty, green female is still coming to the feeder. Handsome can see that I'm already contemplating knitting a little sweater for her (or even making a home for her inside if she doesn't leave in time)! kidding. not kidding. I'm sure she'll leave soon, but the feeders will stay out until I'm sure she's on her way to warmer climes, too. I'm going to miss those little hummers, and will look forward to them returning next Spring.

September 27, 2020

Sunday Scripture...

Brynwood Needleworks - Proverbs 28:20


September 26, 2020

Friendship Block...

Brynwood Needleworks - Friendship Blocks

Remember when I shared Friendship blocks I'd received from my blog friends? I decided to add them to my Farmer's Wife quilt. Well, someone in my Brynwood Needleworks Facebook group (BTW-Have you joined the group yet?) suggested that they'd like to contribute a block to my quilt. 

I decided to invite anyone who would like to participate, to send a completed and signed Friendship block to be included in my quilt. Of course, I would make and mail a Friendship block in return to everyone who sends one to me.

The finished blocks are 6.5" square, and if you look at the photograph (above), you can see where these two blocks were signed using a permanent Pigma™pen. These blocks are assembled using paper piecing templates. If you've never done paper piecing, I'll be doing a video that I'll share on Facebook next week.

Brynwood Needleworks - Farmer's Wife Quilt Layout With Friendship Blocks

I'm sharing my blocks again to show you the colors and prints I've been using. You can tell from the Friendship blocks I've already received that my choices lend themselves to a number of options. See how lovely the Friendship blocks look with mine? So, there are really no restrictions for fabric choices, if you'd like to send one.

Please let me know if you'd like to exchange a Friendship block with me. Of course, be sure to include your return address, so I'll know where to send your block. 

In case you're wondering what you might do with a single block...You could make a mug mat, a pincushion, or add more fabric to turn it into a pillow. You might even frame it on its own for a little conversation piece. Do you have any other ideas? Please share in the comments so others can see.

I've uploaded the pattern and a photo to print out your own paper piecing template to make your block. Once you download the template, be sure to print it out full 100% size onto paper piecing paper (it's a little lighter weight, making it easier to pull off the back of the finished block).

Click THIS LINK to download the Friendship Block.
Of course, please let me know if you have any questions. You can leave a question in the comment section. Come back and check in a day or so, and I'll answer right below your question. You can also feel free to send an email to me through the link in my sidebar (there -->).

September 25, 2020

Linen Strawberry Sachet - Queen Anne's Lace...

Brynwood Needleworks - Linen Strawberry Sachet - Queen Anne's Lace
I completed my prototype linen Strawberry Sachet yesterday. I chose my favorite Queen Anne's Lace as the flower for this one.
I have so little of the original fabric I was using for these strawberries, and I can't get more of it. That's the motivation for me looking to different fabrics to use as an alternative. Linen was my obvious next choice.

Brynwood Needleworks - Linen Strawberry Sachet - Queen Anne's Lace
I'm happy with the way the flowers show on the ground fabric. I also like the organic feel of my blossoms on this color.

Brynwood Needleworks - Linen Strawberry Sachet - Queen Anne's Lace
Now it's your turn. I'd love to know what you think of this fabric as a choice. Do you like the color of the fabric? What about the texture as a base for my thread and silk ribbon creations? Do you think it works, or it's too rustic? If you have a moment to let me know in the comments, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!


September 24, 2020

Back To This Strawberry...

Brynwood Needleworks - Strawberry Sachet - Queen Anne's Lace Detail

I completed my project from yesterday, but I can't show it in full yet. It's part of Primitive Gatherings' latest Wool Box (11), and we agree not to show projects publicly until we know that everyone has received their box. I can share it in about a week, so be sure to check future posts so you don't miss it. (It's very cool!)

After finishing that project, I decided to go back and complete the Queen Anne's Lace Strawberry Sachet I began before my latest surgery.

Brynwood Needleworks - Strawberry Sachet - QAL Flourish Detail

One of the things I know I'm going to need to do is attach a backing to my linen before stuffing it, so the organic wool doesn't show through.
Brynwood Needleworks - Needlework for the Strawberry Sachet - Queen Anne's Lace on Linen
My embroidery is complete now. I'll be putting it all together today, and then finishing it with the leaves and stem. I can't wait to see this one done, and find out what you think about it. Come back tomorrow to see it all done.

September 23, 2020


Brynwood Needleworks - Slow Stitching
There really is no need to hurry. Today's needle dancing was more like a waltz. Slow and steady, and in my case, without any whirling around.

I'm working on a small kit I just received - and of course, I'm giving it my own signature - but I can't show it to you just yet. I'll continue to work on this, and show you as soon as it's allowed. That's all I'll say about it for now.

I have another autumn piece I'll be working on soon, too. That one I'll be able to share as I go, so you'll see more of it soon. For now, I think I'll put on some soothing music, as I work this one to completion. 

Happy "Hump" Day!


September 22, 2020

Tuesdays With Tag - The Times They Are A'Changin...

Brynwood Needleworks - Do You See What I See?
Hi, Everybody!
Mom and I are spendin' time on the porch and outside whenever we can. There's change in the air, and all God's creatures know that change is in the air. The hummin'birds are stuffin' themselves at the feeders, the sandhill cranes have already left to head south, and some of the other migrators are gettin' ready to boogy, too.

Brynwood Needleworks - The Sentry Sees Me

Even these guys are gettin' scarce. Usually, they'd be hangin' around longer, but if you look waaaaay in the distance, you'll see lots of construction machinery. Where you see black dirt is actually near a gravel pit that has lots of water in ponds, but the road construction project has kept the pit pretty busy, and it's disturbin' the birds that would usually hang out there. Heck, the construction noise is buggin' us, too! We prefer peace and quiet. Those guys start up around 6 o'clock every mornin'. yuck!

So, it was nice to see a few of the big honkers hangin' around in the field while the weather was still a little nice for them...even if they were lookin' back at us. We liked listenin' to them quietly honk and chatter to each other.

Brynwood Needleworks - The Girls Are In Jail
In case you're wonderin' where The Girls were, they'd been havin' their own version of Girls Gone Wild, so they got kenneled. heehee Both of 'em usually get afternoon naps after their mornin' workouts anyway.
Don't worry. They're not sufferin', no matter what they say. Plus, they're never in there very long. We like havin' them out too much.

Brynwood Needleworks - Hurry Up, Dad!
In fact, shortly (no pun intended) after the kennel pictures...this happened. See how patient we are when it's time to eat? Well, don't let how calm The Kid looks fool you. She actually barks her fool head off the whole time Dad's fixin' our dishes. He's just not fast enough, so she's barkin', "Faster! Faster! Faster!"

Mom said one of these days she's gonna do a video of this. It's actually pretty funny, at least until she decides to jump in my face - like I have anythin' to do with dishin' out the food! 

We've been workin' out almost every day while the weather's nice. Only thing is that we haven't gone swimmin' lately. I'm thinkin' the water's gettin' cold, but that okay. The Kid knows how to swim now - and she's quite enthusiastic, so when it's time for her to go to Uncle Mike's for trainin' in October, she'll be able to show off in the warm water! She'll be a rock star, and I'll get some rest. lol Win/Win!
I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...
"Just Do It...but not on the rug."

September 21, 2020

We Make A Great Team...

Brynwood Needleworks - Smoky Paprika Tomato Jam
My productive weekend never would have happened without the help Handsome gave me. Before my surgery, we went to the Oshkosh area and purchased a bushel of tomatoes at a great price. Nearly fifty pounds of these red beauties yielded half a shelf of crushed tomatoes, many jars of tomato ketchup, and multiple jars of salsa. It was so nice to see all that goodness in our pantry, but only half of the tomato shelf was filled.

Brynwood Needleworks - Crushed Tomatoes In Pantry
One week post-op, I asked Handsome if he would help me with another bushel so that shelf would be full as we head into the cold weather. He agreed, so I contacted the same seller and we went back for another bushel on Friday morning. I need his help whenever anything over five pounds needs to be lifted, as that's my biggest restriction for a month after the surgery.

He lifted every single thing I needed all weekend (and beyond). He brought all the canning supplies I needed upstairs from my storage area in the basement, he measured all the tomatoes (20# per batch), and helped me load and unload my pots and the canner all day.

Brynwood Needleworks - Marisa McClellan's Canning Book

By the end of the day on Saturday, we'd processed just over forty pounds of red goodness, and added fifteen quarts of crushed tomatoes, plus two quarts of "mostly juice" (for soups or to add to roasts). Not only did we fill the rest of that shelf, but I had to move into another shelf space for the rest.

Sunday, I took four pounds and made a recipe I've been thinking about for months. I belong to the "Food In Jars" Facebook group, founded by Marisa McClellan, and they've all be raving about this recipe. I had to try it! I made her Smoky Paprika Tomato Jam (included in Marisa's Preserving By The Pint cookbook).

Now I know what all the other canners who've made this recipe know. It's delicious! Four pounds yielded four half-pints (one jar missing in the photograph, because that one was actually our test jar at dinner time last night) of tasty, smoky/sweet jam.

In case you're wondering, this jam can be used on a charcuterie tray as a condiment, on hamburgers or sausages, and after tasting, I can't wait to use it as a sauce on baby back ribs! Ladies in the group say it makes a great pizza sauce, too. So many applications!

So, we went through all those tomatoes, and I admit I'm tired. But, I can say, I'm not hurting, and Handsome was my hero as we did this project together all weekend. I'm feeling pretty chuffed at our shared accomplishments. We make a great team.

September 20, 2020

Sunday Scripture...

Brynwood Needleworks - Matthew 21:22 via


September 19, 2020

Stumpwork Masterclass Book and Telling The Bees...

Brynwood Needleworks - The Stumpwork Masterclass by Alison Cole
I've stayed in touch with my RSN tutor, Owen Davies through the pandemic, and had a chance to discuss furthering my stumpwork skills until I can take more classes from him. He suggested Alison Cole's The Stumpwork Masterclass book, so I immediately set about procuring a copy.

I waited weeks for it to arrive, but it's finally here, and I'm anxious to really dig into it. Alison begins her nearly 200 page masterclass exploring the history of stumpwork in Australia and the UK, and moves into historical techniques and materials. There are lots of photographs, and great stitch diagrams along with her instruction.

While I'm healing, I think this will be just the resource book to have handy. I may approach this book as a real class, and actually put into practice the lessons as she lays them out in the book. What better way to work on my skills, don't you think?
My Fall Pillow is now assembled and complete. It's sitting in our living room where it will be enjoyed until the snow falls. One can only hope that that is many (many!) weeks off. For now, the chill in the air, along with the leaves already turning color, signals that this summer is drawing to a close. 

I learned that the bees that we help nourish with hollyhocks, lavender, bee balm, and other flowers all summer will soon leave with their hives to live in Florida for the winter. They'll spend their winter pollinating the orange groves. Isn't that wonderful? 

I think they may already know, but I've been telling the bees, the great news as they buzz about in their attempts to wring every last bit of nectar from the blossoms in our garden. I don't want them to be surprised. I want them to know I'll look forward to their return, too. It seems we'll all be preparing for the season's change.


September 18, 2020

"Fall" Embroidery Finished...

Brynwood Needleworks - Primitive Gatherings "Fall Pillow" Design
My needlework on the Fall Pillow design from Primitive Gatherings is finished.
Brynwood Needleworks - Edging Thread Used on "Fall Pillow" Design
You'll notice that I changed the border around the white wool. Rather than using Valdani, I chose a beautiful overdyed thread called "Wildflowers" from The Caron Collection. The color shade is #062 Burnt Toast. I love this thread color. It picked up every color used in the Valdani palette I used in the design, and then added a few lighter versions.

Brynwood Needleworks - "Fall Pillow" Finish

I changed the stitch design for the border, making mine just a little more intricate. I also changed the color for the "Fall" lettering overall , choosing a Valdani (M90) rather than black. I'm very happy with the result.

I'll turn the finished design into a pillow this weekend. I'm going out for a ride with Handsome and the dogs today. I think a little fresh air will do me good.

Happy Friday, friends.


September 17, 2020

So Far, So Good...

Brynwood Needleworks - Fall Pillow Detail

 I embroidered yesterday!!

I have more to do before this is complete, but I got quite a bit finished. Here's what's left for now...I need to stitch down the leaf on the far left end of the vine, and finish the veining on it. I need to finish the added scroll stitching on the "Fall" wording, and then I'll be able to attach it to the checked pillow fabric and sew it all together.

I love the autumnal colors, the checkered pillow fabric, and the entire design. I can't wait to finish stitching the design so I can put it all together. I'll be working on it again today, and hope to finish it by the end of the day. 


September 16, 2020

Ready For A Little Needlework...

Brynwood Needleworks - Primitive Gatherings' Fall Pillow Kit

I think I'm finally feeling like doing a little needlework now. I'm not allowed to lift more than five pounds for the next month, so my activity is quite limited from what I'm used to. I'm pretty sure a little gentle needle dancing will be allowed.

I'll set this up today, and then begin the embroidery portion this afternoon. I'm looking forward to completing the last seasonal cushion design from the Wool Boxes. (I've already finished Spring, Summer and Winter.)

I'll share my progress with you tomorrow. Expect a few changes. You were ready for that already, weren't you? wink

September 15, 2020

Tuesdays With Tag - These Girls...

Brynwood Needleworks - Dad and The Girls

Hi, Everybody!
You know, there used to be a time when I ruled this roost. It was kinda nice.
I could just hang out wherever I wanted. Even lie upside-down if I felt like it. 
Now, if I do that I end up with a snoopy sniffer smellin' my junk! It's embarrassin', I tell you!
Even more, the sofa was my domain.
Not anymore. 

Brynwood Needleworks - Bein' Sweet

 Now, I get to watch Thing One and Thing Two takin' over one of my favorite spots.
I'm relegated to the closet under the stairs (like Harry Potter). I'm seriously in need of some (new) magical powers! Meanwhile, these two are bein' sweet, while they schmooz Dad. Boo puts her head on his hand, and The Kid makes all adorable and calm, while she's quietly wrappin' Dad around her little finger. (Actually, toe but you know what I mean.) 

Brynwood Needleworks - I'm Outa Here!

My bed is actually under the table in the corner, so I go there to get away from it all, but watchin' this nonsense is actually startin' to get to me. I think I'll go find Mom and jump up on the bed with her. 

I'm still busy nursin' her back to health, and she really appreciates it. So, while all this sofa "squatting" is goin' on downstairs, I'll go where I'm wanted.
I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...
"Just Do It...but not on the rug."